English common names of reptiles
A working checklist


Lizards (Sauria)
Snakes (Serpentes)
Turtles (Testudines)
Worm Lizards (Amphisbaenia)
Crocodilians (Crocodylia)
Tuataras (Rhynchocephalia)
This is an index of English common names of reptiles. It includes all the world's approximately 10,000 currently known species. Apart from a few exceptions, all of them have been provided with an English common name. Although many of these names have been used consistently in the literature, the list has no official status. It is to be considered as a personal contribution to the process of providing all reptile species in the world with English common names.

Providing reptile species with common names has not received much attention from scientists, although there is a tendency now that this is slowly changing. Whereas many scientists are quite comfortable using only scientific (Latin) names, many non-scientists prefer (English) common names. Indeed, all species deserve a common name.

The intention has been to include most published names, however, the list is undoubtedly incomplete. Some degree of harmonization (see explanatory note) has been employed. In the case of species which have had no English common names so far, new names (see explanatory note) have been proposed.

Common names of genera and species are listed by family (choose from the left menu), sorted alphabetically under their current scientific (Latin) name. For the time being, common names of subspecies are not included, but those that exist are expected to appear in a future update of the list.

Some names are given in parentheses. The use of these should be avoided, either because they may lead to confusion with other species or because they are patronyms, matronyms, or eponyms (see explanatory note).

The index is a working checklist. Changes will appear. New names will be added as new species are discovered or as species groups or genera are revised and old synonyms are revived and become valid species. Some of the recommended English common names may be changed if required in order to maintain the uniqueness of each name.

If you have any constructive suggestions why some names should be changed, you are welcome to send a message. Depending on the amount of feedback, however, I cannot promise an answer or a guarantee that your suggestions will affect the list.