English common names of reptiles
Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes or Colubrids)
Names of genera and species are listed alphabetically under their current scientific (Latin) name under Genus / Species. The recommended common name is listed under English common name. Alternative and previously used names are listed under Other common names. Some names are given in parentheses. The use of these should be avoided, either because the may lead to confusion with other species or because they are patronyms, matronyms, or eponyms (see explanatory note).


Genus / Species
English common name
Other common names
Achalinus East Asian Burrowing Snakes
Achalinus ater Chinese Black Burrowing Snake
(Bourret's Odd-scaled Snake)
Achalinus formosanus Taiwanese Burrowing Snake
Achalinus hainanus Hainan Burrowing Snake
Achalinus jinggangensis Jiangxi Burrowing Snake
Achalinus meiguensis Sichuan Burrowing Snake
Achalinus niger Taiwanese Black Burrowing Snake
Achalinus rufescens Rufous Burrowing Snake
(Boulenger's Odd-scaled Snake)
Achalinus spinalis Grey Burrowing Snake
Japanese Ground Snake
Achalinus werneri Amami Burrowing Snake
Amami Ground Snake
Adelophis Mountain Meadow Snakes
Adelophis copei Guanajuato Mountain Meadow Snake
(Cope's Mountain Meadow Snake)
Adelophis foxi Durango Mountain Meadow Snake
(Fox's Mountain Meadow Snake)
Adelphicos Central American Burrowing Snakes
Middle American Burrowing Snakes, (Middle American Earth Snakes)
Adelphicos daryi Guatemalan Brown Burrowing Snake
Adelphicos ibarrorum Quiché Burrowing Snake
Adelphicos latifasciatum Oaxacan Burrowing Snake
Adelphicos newmanorum Nuevo Leon Burrowing Snake
(Newman's Burrowing Snake)
Adelphicos nigrilatum Chiapan Burrowing Snake
Adelphicos quadrivirgatum Mexican Four-lined Burrowing Snake
Middle American Burrowing Snake, (Jan's Burrowing Snake)
Adelphicos sargii Guatemalan Four-lined Burrowing Snake
(Sargi's Burrowing Snake)
Adelphicos veraepacis Alta Verapaz Burrowing Snake
Adelphicos visoninum Honduran Four-lined Burrowing Snake
(Cope's Burrowing Snake)
Aeluroglena Somali Hooded Snake
Aeluroglena cucullata Somali Hooded Snake
(Somali Snake)
Afronatrix West African Brown Water Snake
Afronatrix anoscopus West African Brown Water Snake
Ahaetulla Oriental Whip Snakes
Oriental Vine Snakes, Asian Long-nosed Tree Snakes
Ahaetulla dispar South Indian Whip Snake
(Günther's Whip Snake)
Ahaetulla fasciolata Speckle-headed Whip Snake
Speckle-headed Vine Snake
Ahaetulla fronticincta Burmese Whip Snake
River Whip Snake, River Vine Snake, Burmese Vine Snake, (Common Green Whip Snake)
Ahaetulla mycterizans Big-eyed Green Whip Snake
Malayan Green Whip Snake, Malayan Vine Snake, (Common Green Whip Snake)
Ahaetulla nasuta Long-nosed Green Whip Snake
Long-nosed Whip Snake, Indian Vine Snake, (Common Green Whip Snake, Green Vine Snake)
Ahaetulla perroteti Bronze-headed Whip Snake
Ahaetulla prasina Short-nosed Whip Snake
Yellow-green Whip Snake, Oriental Whip Snake, Oriental Vine Snake, Jade Vine Snake, Asian Vine Snake
Ahaetulla pulverulenta Brown Speckled Whip Snake
Brown Whip Snake, Thunderbolt Snake
Alluaudina Madagascar Keeled Snakes
Alluaudina bellyi Yellow-flanked Keeled Snake
Alluaudina mocquardi Ankarana Keeled Snake
Alsophis Eastern Caribbean Racers
Alsophis antiguae Antigua Racer
Alsophis antillensis Leeward Racer
Antillean Racer
Alsophis manselli Montserrat Racer
Alsophis rijgersmaei Anguilla Bank Racer
(Leeward Islands Racer)
Alsophis rufiventris Orange-bellied Racer
Red-bellied Racer
Alsophis sanctonum Guadeloupe Racer
Alsophis sibonius Dominica Racer
Amastridium Rusty-headed Snakes
Amastridium veliferum Southern Rusty-headed Snake
Rufous-headed Snake, Ridge-nosed Snake
Amblyodipsas Purple-glossed Snakes
Amblyodipsas concolor Natal Purple-glossed Snake
Amblyodipsas dimidiata Mpwapwa Purple-glossed Snake
Amblyodipsas katangensis Wedge-snouted Purple-glossed Snake
Amblyodipsas microphthalma Eastern Purple-glossed Snake
White-lipped Snake
Amblyodipsas polylepis Common Purple-glossed Snake
Angolan Purple-glossed Snake, Twenty-one-scaled Purple-glossed Snake
Amblyodipsas rodhaini Congo Purple-glossed Snake
Amblyodipsas teitana Taita Hills Purple-glossed Snake
Amblyodipsas unicolor Equatorial Purple-glossed Snake
Western Purple-glossed Snake, Seventeen-scaled Purple-glossed Snake, False Burrowing Viper
Amblyodipsas ventrimaculata Kalahari Purple-glossed Snake
Spotted Purple-glossed Snake
Amnesteophis Bahia Black-naped Snake
Amnesteophis melanauchen Bahia Black-naped Snake
Amphiesma Oriental Equatorial Keelbacks
Oriental Water Snakes
Amphiesma andreae Quang Binh Keelback
(Andrea's Keelback)
Amphiesma arquus Bornean Keelback
Amphiesma atemporale Tonkin Keelback
(Mountain Keelback)
Amphiesma beddomei Nilgiri Keelback
(Beddome's Keelback)
Amphiesma bitaeniatum Two-striped Keelback
Kutkai Keelback
Amphiesma boulengeri White-browed Keelback
Tai-yong Keelback, (Boulenger's Keelback)
Amphiesma celebicum Sulawesi Keelback
Amphiesma concelarum Miyako Islands Keelback
Amphiesma craspedogaster Kuatun Keelback
Amphiesma deschauenseei Northern Keelback
(Deschauensee's Keelback)
Amphiesma flavifrons White-fronted Keelback
White-fronted Water Snake, Sabah Keelback
Amphiesma frenatum Bridled Keelback
Amphiesma groundwateri Ranong Keelback
(Groundwater’s Keelback)
Amphiesma inas Malayan Mountain Keelback
Mount Inas Keelback, Gunung Inas Keelback
Amphiesma ishigakiense Yaeyama Water Snake
Amphiesma johannis South Chinese Keelback
Amphiesma kerinciense Mount Kerinchi Keelback
Gunung Kerinchi Keelback
Amphiesma khasiense Khasi Hills Keelback
Amphiesma leucomystax White-lipped Keelback
Amphiesma metusium Sichuan Keelback
Wa Shan Keelback
Amphiesma miyajimae Taiwanese Striped Keelback
(Maki's Keelback)
Amphiesma modestum Modest Keelback
(Günther's Keelback)
Amphiesma monticola Yellow-collared Forest Keelback
Hill Keelback, Green Western Keelback
Amphiesma nicobarense Nicobar Keelback
Amphiesma octolineatum Eight-striped Keelback
Amphiesma optatum Mount Omei Keelback
Mount Emei Keelback
Amphiesma parallelum Indo-Chinese Striped Keelback
(Boulenger's Striped Keelback, Boulenger's Keelback, Yunnan Keelback)
Amphiesma pealii Assam Keelback
(Peal's Keelback)
Amphiesma petersii Sarawak Spotted Keelback
(Peter's Keelback)
Amphiesma platyceps Himalayan Mountain Keelback
Eastern Keelback, Spotted Keelback
Amphiesma popei Chinese Mountain Keelback
(Pope's Mountain Keelback, Pope's Keelback)
Amphiesma pryeri Ryukyu Keelback
Ryukyu Water Snake
Amphiesma sanguineum Red Mountain Keelback
(Smedley's Keelback)
Amphiesma sarasinorum Mount Bonthain Keelback
(Sarasin's Keelback)
Amphiesma sarawacense Sarawak Mountain Keelback
Sarawak Grass Snake, (Sarawak Keelback)
Amphiesma sauteri Kosempo Keelback
(Sauter's Keelback)
Amphiesma sieboldi Sikkim Keelback
(Siebold's Keelback)
Amphiesma stolatum Buff-striped Keelback
Indian Striped Keelback, Yellow-banded Keelback, Yellow-necked Keelback, White-striped Keelback
Amphiesma taronense Taron Keelback
Amphiesma venningi Chin Hills Keelback
(Venning's Keelback)
Amphiesma vibakari Forest Keelback
Hibakari, Vibakari Snake
Amphiesma viperinum Viperine Keelback
Viper-like Keelback
Amphiesma xenura Cherrapunji Keelback
Strange-tailed Keelback, (Wall's Keelback)
Amphiesmoides White-eyed Keelback
Amphiesmoides ornaticeps White-eyed Keelback
Amplorhinus Many-spotted Snake
Amplorhinus multimaculatus Many-spotted Snake
Cape Many-spotted Snake
Anoplohydrus Sumatran Keelback
Anoplohydrus aemulans Sumatran Keelback
Antillophis Hispaniolan Lesser Racer
Antillophis parvifrons Hispaniolan Lesser Racer
Aparallactus African Centipede Eaters
Aparallactus capensis Cape Centipede Eater
Black-headed Snake
Aparallactus guentheri East African Black Centipede Eater
Zanzibar Centipede Eater
Aparallactus jacksonii Sudanese Centipede Eater
Kilimajaro Centipede Eater, (Jackson's Centipede Eater)
Aparallactus lineatus Lined Centipede Eater
Aparallactus lunulatus Reticulated Centipede Eater
Plumbeous Centipede Eater, Blotched-back Centipede Eater
Aparallactus modestus Western Forest Centipede Eater
Forest Centipede Eater, Western Centipede Eater, Common Centipede Eater, Grey Forest Snake, Blue-grey Forest Snake
Aparallactus moeruensis Congo Centipede Eater
Aparallactus niger West African Black Centipede Eater
Aparallactus nigriceps Mozambique Centipede Eater
Aparallactus turneri Malindi Centipede Eater
Aparallactus werneri Usambara Centipede Eater
(Werner's Centipede Eater)
Aplopeltura Blunt-headed Slug Snake
Aplopeltura boa Blunt-headed Slug Snake
Blunt-headed Slug-eating Snake, Blunt-headed Tree Snake, Boa Blunthead
Apostolepis Black-tailed Blackheads
Apostolepis albicollaris White-collared Blackhead
Apostolepis ambiniger Paraguayan Blackhead
Apostolepis ammodites Tocantins Blackhead
Apostolepis arenarius Sand Dunes Blackhead
Apostolepis assimilis Common Red Blackhead
Apostolepis breviceps Chaco Blackhead
Apostolepis cearensis Caatinga Blackhead
Apostolepis cerradoensis Cerrado Blackhead
Apostolepis dimidiata Common Bilineate Blackhead
Apostolepis dorbignyi Western Blackhead
(D'Orbigny's Blackhead)
Apostolepis flavotorquata Yellow-collared Blackhead
(Cerrado Blackhead)
Apostolepis gaboi Oueimadas Blackhead
(Sand Dunes Blackhead)
Apostolepis goiasensis Goias Blackhead
(Prado's Blackhead)
Apostolepis intermedia Mato Grosso Blackhead
(Koslowsky's Blackhead)
Apostolepis lineata Hognose Lined Blackhead
Apostolepis longicaudata Piaui Blackhead
Apostolepis multicincta Many-banded Blackhead
(Harvey's Blackhead)
Apostolepis nelsonjorgei Minacu Blackhead
Apostolepis niceforoi Colombian Blackhead
(Amazon Burrowing Snake)
Apostolepis nigrolineata Para Blackhead
Apostolepis nigroterminata Peruvian Blackhead
Apostolepis parassimilis Uberlândia Blackhead
Apostolepis phillipsae Velasco Blackhead
(Phillips' Blackhead)
Apostolepis polylepis Hawkbeak Blackhead
Apostolepis quinquelineata Five-lined Blackhead
Western Amazonian Blackhead
Apostolepis quirogai Missiones Blackhead
Apostolepis striata Rondonian Blackhead
Apostolepis tenuis Bolivian Blackhead
Apostolepis vittata Beaked Blackhead
Aprosdoketophis Addur Woodland Snake
Aprosdoketophis andreonei Addur Woodland Snake
Argyrogena Banded Whip Snake
Argyrogena fasciolatus Banded Whip Snake
Banded Racer, Fasciolated Rat Snake, Banded Dhaman
Arizona Glossy Snakes
Arizona elegans Eastern Glossy Snake
Faded Snake
Arizona occidentalis Western Glossy Snake
Arizona pacata Peninsular Glossy Snake
Arrhyton Cuban Ground Snakes
Arrhyton ainictum Las Tunas Ground Snake
Puerto Rican Garden Snake
Arrhyton dolichura Havana Ground Snake
Arrhyton procerum Zapata Long-tailed Ground Snake
Arrhyton redimitum Oriente Brown-capped Ground Snake
Arrhyton supernum Oriente Black Ground Snake
Arrhyton taeniatum Broad-striped Ground Snake
Arrhyton tanyplectum Guaniguanico Ground Snake
Arrhyton vittatum Cuban Short-tailed Ground Snake
Aspidura Roughsides
Rough-sided Snake
Aspidura brachyorrhus Hill Roughside
(Boie's Roughside)
Aspidura ceylonensis Black Spined Snake
Mould Snake
Aspidura copii Speckle-bellied Roughside
(Cope's Roughside)
Aspidura deraniyagalae Mountain Roughside
(Deraniyagala's Roughside)
Aspidura drummondhayi Balangoda Roughside
(Drummond-Hay's Roughside)
Aspidura guentheri West Coast Roughside
(Günther's Roughside)
Aspidura trachyprocta Common Roughside
Asthenodipsas Malayan Slug Snakes
Malayan Slug-eating Snakes
Asthenodipsas laevis Smooth Slug Snake
Striped Slug Snake
Asthenodipsas malaccana Malayan Slug Snake
Malaccan Slug Snake
Asthenodipsas vertebralis Mountain Slug Snake
Mountain Slug Eater
Atractaspis Stiletto Snakes
(Stiletto Vipers, Burrowing Asps, Burrowing Vipers, African Mole Vipers)
Atractaspis andersonii Arabian Stiletto Snake
(Anderson's Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis aterrima Western Forest Stiletto Snake
(Slender Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis bibronii Southern Stiletto Snake
(Bibron's Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis boulengeri Central African Stiletto Snake
(Boulenger's Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis congica Congo Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis corpulenta Fat Stiletto Snake
(Hallowell's Stiletto Snake, Corpulent Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis dahomeyensis Dahomey Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis duerdeni Beaked Stiletto Snake
(Duerden's Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis engaddensis Palestinian Stiletto Snake
Black Mole Viper, Israeli Mole Viper, (Ein Gaddi's Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis engdahli Kismayu Stiletto Snake
(Engdahls' Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis fallax False Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis irregularis Variable Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis leleupi Kundelungu Stiletto Snake
(Leleup's Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis leucomelas Ogaden Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis magretti Mandafena Stiletto Snake
(Magretti's Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis microlepidota Small-scaled Stiletto Snake
(Black Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis micropholis Sahel Stiletto Snake
Common Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis phillipsi Sudanese Stiletto Snake
(Phillips' Stiletto Snake)
Atractaspis reticulata Reticulated Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis scorteccii Somali Stiletto Snake
Atractaspis watsoni Sokoto Stiletto Snake
(Watson's Stiletto Snake)
Atractus Spindle Snakes
(Earth Snakes, Ground Snakes)
Atractus acheronius Rio Negro Spindle Snake
Atractus albuquerquei Guamá River Spindle Snake
Atractus alphonsehogei Bela Vista Spindle Snake
Atractus altagratiae Cururú River Spindle Snake
Atractus andinus Andean Spindle Snake
Atractus apophis Huila Spindle Snake
Atractus arangoi Putumayo Spindle Snake
(Colombian Ground Snake)
Atractus atratus Dark-bellied Spindle Snake
Atractus attenuatus Rio Cauca Spindle Snake
Atractus avernus Caquetá Spindle Snake
Atractus ayeush Lara-Falcón Spindle Snake
Atractus badius Guianan Spindle Snake
Atractus balzani Bolivian Spindle Snake
Atractus biseriatus Two-lined Spindle Snake
Atractus bocki Cochabamba Spindle Snake
Atractus bocourti Huanuco Spindle Snake
Atractus boettgeri Santa Cruz Spindle Snake
Atractus boulengeri Colombian Spindle Snake
Atractus carrioni Loja Spindle Snake
Atractus caxiuana Para Spindle Snake
Atractus charitoae Vaupés Spindle Snake
Atractus chthonius Finca Meremburg Spindle Snake
Atractus clarki Santa Cruz de Cana Spindle Snake
Atractus collaris Collared Spindle Snake
Atractus crassicaudatus Rough-tailed Spindle Snake
Atractus darienensis Darien Spindle Snake
Atractus depressiocellus Small-eyed Spindle Snake
Atractus duboisi Napo Spindle Snake
Atractus duidensis Mount Duida Spindle Snake
Atractus dunni North Ecuadorian Spindle Snake
Atractus echidna Nariño Spindle Snake
Atractus ecuadorensis Ecuadorian Spindle Snake
Atractus edioi Minacu Spindle Snake
Atractus elaps Black Spindle Snake
Atractus emigdioi Trujillo Spindle Snake
Atractus emmeli La Paz Spindle Snake
Atractus eriki Escuque Spindle Snake
Atractus erythromelas Red-and-Black Spindle Snake
Atractus favae Guyana Spindle Snake
Atractus flammigerus Flaming Spindle Snake
Atractus franciscopaivai La Pedrera Spindle Snake
Atractus fuliginosus Sooty Spindle Snake
Atractus gaigeae Southeast Ecuadorian Spindle Snake
(Gaige's Spindle Snake, Gaige's Ground Snake)
Atractus gigas Giant Spindle Snake
Atractus guentheri Cañavieras Spindle Snake
Atractus guerreroi Auyántepui Spindle Snake
Atractus heliobelluomini La Chorrera Spindle Snake
Atractus hoogmoedi Santa Luzia Spindle Snake
Atractus hostilitractus Mortí River Spindle Snake
Atractus imperfectus Piedras-Pacora Spindle Snake
Atractus indistinctus Ocaña Spindle Snake
(Indistinct Spindle Snak)
Atractus insipidus Uraricapará River Spindle Snake
Atractus iridescens Iridescent Spindle Snake
Atractus lancinii El Junquito Spindle Snake
Atractus lasallei Yellow-spotted Spindle Snake
Atractus latifrons Wedge-tailed Spindle Snake
Broad-headed Spindle Snake
Atractus lehmanni Azuay Spindle Snake
Atractus limitaneus Limitan Spindle Snake
Atractus loveridgei Jericó Spindle Snake
Atractus macondo Macondo Spindle Snake
Atractus maculatus Spotted Spindle Snake
Atractus major Brown Spindle Snake
Atractus manizalesensis Villmaria Spindle Snake
Atractus mariselae Boconó Spindle Snake
Atractus matthewi Anzoátegui Spindle Snake
Atractus medusa Gorgona Spindle Snake
Atractus melanogaster Tolima Black-bellied Spindle Snake
Atractus melas Dark Spindle Snake
Atractus meridensis Mérida Spindle Snake
Atractus micheleae Canaguá Spindle Snake
Atractus microrhynchus Guayaquil Spindle Snake
Atractus mijaresi Mucurubá Spindle Snake
Atractus modestus West Ecuadorian Spindle Snake
Atractus multicinctus Many-banded Spindle Snake
Atractus multidentatus Many-toothed Spindle Snake
Atractus nasutus Sharp-nosed Spindle Snake
Atractus natans Mamirauá Spindle Snake
Atractus nicefori North Colombian Spindle Snake
Atractus nigricaudus Black-tailed Spindle Snake
Atractus nigriventris Santander Black-bellied Spindle Snake
Atractus obesus Fat Spindle Snake
Atractus obtusirostris Big-nosed Spindle Snake
Atractus occidentalis Mindo Spindle Snake
Atractus occipitoalbus Grey Spindle Snake
Atractus ochrosetrus Ochre-bellied Spindle Snake
Atractus oculotemporalis Hispanic Spindle Snake
Atractus orcesi Orellana Spindle Snake
Atractus paisa Sonsón Spindle Snake
Atractus pamplonensis Pamplona Spindle Snake
Atractus pantostictus Sao Paulo Spindle Snake
Atractus paraguayensis Paraguayan Spindle Snake
Atractus paravertebralis Madre de Dios Spindle Snake
Atractus paucidens Pichincha Spindle Snake
Atractus pauciscutatus Small-scaled Spindle Snake
Atractus peruvianus Peruvian Spindle Snake
Atractus poeppigi Amazon Basin Spindle Snake
Basin Spindle Snake
Atractus potschi Alagoas Spindle Snake
Atractus punctiventris Colombian Spot-bellied Spindle Snake
Pointed Spindle Snake
Atractus resplendens Resplendent Spindle Snake
Atractus reticulatus Reticulated Spindle Snake
Atractus riveroi Tepui Spindle Snake
Atractus ronnie Baturité Spindle Snake
Atractus roulei Alausi Spindle Snake
Atractus sanctaemartae Santa Marta Spindle Snake
Atractus sanguineus Blood Spindle Snake
Atractus schach Surinam Spindle Snake
Atractus serranus Paranapiacaba Montains Spindle Snake
Atractus snethlageae Gurupi River Spindle Snake
Atractus steyermarki Chimantá Tepui Spindle Snake
Atractus surucucu Surucucu Spindle Snake
Atractus taeniatus Bolivian Striped Spindle Snake
Atractus tamaensis Tamá Spindle Snake
Atractus tamessari Kaieteur Spindle Snake
Atractus taphorni La Carbonera Spindle Snake
Atractus thalesdelemai Passo Fundo Spindle Snake
Atractus titanicus Titan Spindle Snake
Atractus torquatus Rusty Spindle Snake
Neck-banded Spindle Snake
Atractus trihedrurus South Brazilian Spindle Snake
Atractus trilineatus Venezuelan Three-lined Spindle Snake
Atractus trivittatus Colombian Three-lined Spindle Snake
(Three-banded Spindle Snake)
Atractus turikensis Turik Mesa Spindle Snake
Atractus typhon Typhon Spindle Snake
Atractus univittatus One-striped Spindle Snake
Atractus variegatus Variegated Spindle Snake
Atractus ventrimaculatus Venezuelan Spot-bellied Spindle Snake
Atractus vertebralis Puno Spindle Snake
Atractus vertebrolineatus Midline Spindle Snake
Atractus vittatus Venezuelan Striped Spindle Snake
Atractus wagleri Boyacá Spindle Snake
Atractus werneri Argélia Spindle Snake
Atractus zebrinus Zebra Spindle Snake
Atractus zidoki Haut Oyapock Spindle Snake
Atretium Olive Keelbacks
Atretium schistosum South Asian Olive Keelback
Olive Keelback Water Snake, Olivaceous Keelback
Atretium yunnanensis Yunnan Olive Keelback
Balanophis Sri Lankan Keelback
Balanophis ceylonensis Sri Lankan Keelback
(Sri Lankan Blossom Krait)
Bamanophis West African Whip Snake
Bamanophis dorri West African Whip Snake
(Dorr's Whip Snake, Dorr's Racer)
Bitia Keel-bellied Estuarine Snake
Bitia hydroides Keel-bellied Estuarine Snake
Keel-bellied Water Snake
Blythia Iridescent Snake
Blythia reticulata Iridescent Snake
Boaedon Afro-Arabian House Snakes
Boaedon fuliginosus Common African House Snake
Brown House Snake, Sooty House Snake, (Black House Snake, Olive House Snake)
Boaedon lineatus Lined House Snake
Striped House Snake
Boaedon maculatus Somali House Snake
Boaedon olivaceus Olive House Snake
Grey House Snake, (Gaboon Water Snake, Olive Water Snake)
Boaedon virgatus West African House Snake
Masked House Snake, Orange-bellied Lined House Snake, Dark-bellied House Snake
Bogertophis Desert Rat Snakes
Bogertophis rosaliae Baja California Rat Snake
Santa Rosalia Ratsnake, Santa Rosalia Snake
Bogertophis subocularis Trans-Pecos Rat Snake
(Desert Rat Snake)
Boiga Australasian Cat Snakes
Boiga andamanensis Andaman Cat Snake
Boiga angulata Leyte Cat Snake
Philippine Blunt-headed Cat Snake
Boiga barnesi Sri Lankan White-bellied Cat Snake
(Barnes' Cat Snake)
Boiga beddomei Sri Lankan Yellow-bellied Cat Snake
(Beddome's Cat Snake)
Boiga bengkuluensis Bengkulu Cat Snake
Boiga bourreti Quang Binh Cat Snake
(Bourret's Cat Snake)
Boiga ceylonensis Southern White-bellied Cat Snake
(Sri Lankan Cat Snake)
Boiga cyanea Green Cat Snake
Boiga cynodon Dog-toothed Cat Snake
Large Blunt-headed Tree Snake, Bengal Cat Snake
Boiga dendrophila Mangrove Cat Snake
Mangrove Tree Snake, Yellow-ringed Cat Snake, Gold-ringed Cat Snake, Black and Gold Tree Snake, (Mangrove Snake)
Boiga dightoni Travancore Cat Snake
Pinnad Cat Snake
Boiga drapiezii White-spotted Cat Snake
(Drapiez' Cat Snake)
Boiga flaviviridis Yellow-Green Cat Snake
Boiga forsteni Speckled Cat Snake
(Forsten's Cat Snake)
Boiga gokool Eastern Gamma Cat Snake
Eastern Cat Snake, Arrowback Tree Snake
Boiga guangxiensis Guangxi Cat Snake
Boiga hoeseli Lesser Sundas Cat Snake
Boiga irregularis Brown Cat Snake
Brown Tree Snake, ´Night Tiger”
Boiga jaspidea Jasper Cat Snake
Mottled Cat Snake
Boiga kraepelini Kelung Cat Snake
Square-headed Cat Snake, (Kraepelin's Cat Snake)
Boiga multifasciata Many-banded Cat Snake
Himalayan Cat Snake
Boiga multomaculata Marbled Cat Snake
Large-spotted Cat Snake, Many-spotted Cat Snake, Spotted Cat Snake
Boiga nigriceps Dark-headed Cat Snake
Black-headed Cat Snake, Red Cat Snake
Boiga nuchalis Collared Cat Snake
Boiga ochracea Tawny Cat Snake
Ochraceous Cat Snake
Boiga philippina Philippine Cat Snake
Boiga quincunciata Assam Cat Snake
Boiga saengsomi Banded Green Cat Snake
Banded Cat Snake
Boiga schultzei Palawan Cat Snake
Boiga siamensis Grey Cat Snake
Siamese Cat Snake, Thai Cat Snake, Eyed Cat Snake, Ocellated Cat Snake
Boiga tanahjampeana Tanahjampea Cat Snake
Boiga trigonata Gamma Cat Snake
Indian Gamma Snake, Common Indian Cat Snake, Common Cat Snake, Common Brown Tree Snake, Indian Tree Snake
Boiga wallachi Nicobar Cat Snake
Boiruna Southern Snake Eaters
Southern Mussuranas
Boiruna maculata South American Spotted Snake Eater
Boiruna sertaneja Sertao Snake Eater
Borikenophis Puerto Rican Bank Racers
Borikenophis portoricensis Puerto Rican Racer
Borikenophis sanctaecrucis Saint Croix Racer
Borikenophis variegatus Mona Island Racer
Bothrolycus Black Loreal-pitted Snake
Bothrolycus ater Black Loreal-pitted Snake
Bothrophthalmus Red-and-Black Striped Snakes
Bothrophthalmus brunneus Brown-bellied Snake
Brown Loreal-pitted Wolf Snake
Bothrophthalmus lineatus Red-and-Black Striped Snake
Red-lined Snake, Striped Ground Snake
Brachyophis Somali Short Snake
Brachyophis revoili Somali Short Snake
(Revoil's Short Snake)
Brachyorrhos Moluccan Short-tailed Snakes
Brachyorrhos albus Ambon Short-tailed Snake
(Moluccan Short-tailed Snake)
Brachyorrhos gastrotaenius Buru Short-tailed Snake
Brachyorrhos raffrayi Ternate Short-tailed Snake
Brachyorrhos wallacei Halmahera Short-tailed Snake
Brygophis Fiherenana White-spotted Snake
Brygophis coulangesi Fiherenana White-spotted Snake
Buhoma African Forest Snakes
Buhoma depressiceps Pale-headed Forest Snake
Cameroon Dwarf Snake
Buhoma procterae Uluguru Forest Snake
Buhoma vauerocegae Usambara Forest Snake
Calamaria Oriental Reed Snakes
Calamaria abramovi Mang Xang Reed Snake
Calamaria abstrusa Padang Reed Snake
Calamaria acutirostris Point-snouted Reed Snake
Calamaria albiventer White-bellied Reed Snake
Red-bellied Reed Snake
Calamaria alidae Bengkulu Reed Snake
Calamaria apraeocularis Apreocular Reed Snake
Calamaria banggaiensis Banggai Reed Snake
Calamaria battersbyi Southeast Bornean Slender Reed Snake
(Battersby's Reed Snake)
Calamaria bicolor Bicoloured Reed Snake
Calamaria bitorques Banded Reed Snake
Calamaria boesemani Pinapuan Reed Snake
(Boeseman's Reed Snake)
Calamaria borneensis Sintang Reed Snake
(Bornean Reed Snake)
Calamaria brongersmai Sulawesi Spotted Reed Snake
(Brongersma's Reed Snake)
Calamaria buchi Dalat Reed Snake
Dalat Dwarf Snake, (Buch's Reed Snake)
Calamaria butonensis Buton Reed Snake
Calamaria ceramensis Seram Reed Snake
Calamaria concolor Bach Ma Reed Snake
Calamaria crassa Thick Reed Snake
Calamaria curta Dark-bellied Reed Snake
Calamaria doederleini Langkat Reed Snake
(Döderlein's Reed Snake)
Calamaria eiselti West Sumatran Reed Snake
(Eiselt's Reed Snake)
Calamaria elegans Simeulue Reed Snake
Calamaria everetti Sarawak Reed Snake
(Everett's Reed Snake)
Calamaria forcarti Deli Reed Snake
(Forcart's Reed Snake)
Calamaria gervaisi Philippine Reed Snake
(Gervais' Reed Snake)
Calamaria gialaiensis Gia Lai Reed Snake
Calamaria grabowskyi Kalimantan Spotted Reed Snake
(Grabowsky's Reed Snake)
Calamaria gracillima Slender Reed Snake
Calamaria griswoldi Lined Reed Snake
Calamaria hilleniusi Samarinda Reed Snake
(Hillenius' Reed Snake)
Calamaria ingeri Tioman Reed Snake
(Inger's Reed Snake)
Calamaria javanica Javanese Reed Snake
Calamaria joloensis Jolo Reed Snake
Calamaria lateralis White-striped Reed Snake
Calamaria lautensis Cocos Island Reed Snake
Calamaria leucogaster Collared Reed Snake
(White-bellied Reed Snake)
Calamaria linnaei Tjiloewar Reed Snake
(Linné's Reed Snake)
Calamaria longirostris Long-snouted Reed Snake
Calamaria lovi Rejang River Reed Snake
(Lowe's Reed Snake)
Calamaria lumbricoidea Variable Reed Snake
Calamaria lumholtzi Kalimantan Leaf-litter Reed Snake
(Lumholtz's Reed Snake)
Calamaria margaritophora Stripe-necked Reed Snake
Calamaria mecheli Riau Lowland Reed Snake
(Mechel's Reed Snake)
Calamaria melanota Kapuas Reed Snake
Calamaria modesta Yellow-spotted Reed Snake
Calamaria muelleri Sulawesi Dark Reed Snake
(Müller's Reed Snake)
Calamaria nuchalis Narrow-headed Reed Snake
Calamaria palavanensis Palawan Reed Snake
Calamaria pavimentata Brown Reed Snake
Indian Reed Snake, (Collared Reed Snake)
Calamaria pfefferi Ryukyu Reed Snake
(Pfeffer's Reed Snake)
Calamaria prakkei Sandakan Reed Snake
(Prakke's Reed Snake)
Calamaria rebentischi Sinkawang Reed Snake
(Rebentisch's Reed Snake)
Calamaria sangi Mang Kanh Reed Snake
(Sang's Reed Snake)
Calamaria schlegeli Red-headed Reed Snake
Calamaria schmidti Kinabalu Reed Snake
(Schmidt's Reed Snake)
Calamaria septentrionalis Northern Reed Snake
Hong Kong Dwarf Snake
Calamaria suluensis Yellow-bellied Reed Snake
Calamaria sumatrana Sumatran Reed Snake
Calamaria thanhi Quang Binh Reed Snake
(Thanh's Reed Snake)
Calamaria ulmeri North Sumatra Reed Snake
(Ulmer's Reed Snake)
Calamaria virgulata Blunt-tailed Reed Snake
Short-tailed Reed Snake
Calamaria yunnanensis Yunnan Reed Snake
Calamodontophis Southeastern Tropical Forest Snakes
Calamodontophis paucidens Southern Forest Snake
Calamodontophis ronaldoi Parana Forest Snake
Calamophis Doberai Stout-tailed Snakes
Calamophis jobiensis Yapen Stout-tailed Snake
Calamophis katesandersae Andai Stout-tailed Snake
Calamophis ruuddelangi Ambuaki Stout-tailed Snake
Calamophis sharonbrooksae Mount Arfak Stout-tailed Snake
Calamorhabdium Iridescent Snakes
Calamorhabdium acuticeps Sulawesi Iridescent Snake
Calamorhabdium kuekenthali Bacan Iridescent Snake
Cantoria Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake
Cantoria violacea Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake
Yellow-banded Swamp Snake, (Cantor's Mangrove Snake, Cantor's Water Snake)
Caraiba Cuban Lesser Racer
Caraiba andreae Cuban Lesser Racer
Carphophis North American Worm Snake
Carphophis amoenus North American Worm Snake
Cemophora North American Scarlet Snake
Cemophora coccinea Scarlet Snake
Cerberus Dog-faced Water Snakes
Cerberus australis Australian Dog-faced Water Snake
Australian Bockadam
Cerberus dunsoni Palau Dog-faced Water Snake
Cerberus microlepis Lake Buhi Dog-faced Water Snake
Lake Buhi Bockadam
Cerberus rynchops South Asian Dog-faced Water Snake
Asian Bockadam
Cerberus schneiderii South East Asian Dog-faced Water Snake
Cercophis Surinam Golden Tree Snake
Cercophis auratus Surinam Golden Tree Snake
(Schlegel's Golden Snake)
Chamaelycus Banded Snakes
Chamaelycus christyi Congo Banded Snake
Chamaelycus fasciatus Ituri Banded Snake
Banded Dwarf Wolf Snake
Chamaelycus parkeri Kivu Banded Snake
Chapinophis Guatemalan Yellow-lipped Snake
Chapinophis xanthocheilus Guatemalan Yellow-lipped Snake
Chersodromus Earth Runners
Chersodromus liebmanni Southern Earth Runner
(Liebmann's Earth Runner)
Chersodromus rubriventris Red-bellied Earth Runner
Chilomeniscus North American Sand Snakes
(Banded Sand Snakes)
Chilomeniscus savagei Cerralvo Island Sand Snake
Chilomeniscus stramineus Variable Sand Snake
Spotted Sand Snake
Chilorhinophis Black and Yellow Burrowing Snakes
Two-headed Snakes
Chilorhinophis butleri Sudanese Black-and-Yellow Burrowing Snake
(Butler's Black-and-Yellow Burrowing Snake)
Chilorhinophis carpenteri Mozambique Black and Yellow Burrowing Snake
Mozambique Two-headed Snake
Chilorhinophis gerardi Katanga Black and Yellow Burrowing Snake
(Gerard's Black and Yellow Burrowing Snake)
Chionactis North American Shovel-nosed Snakes
Chionactis occipitalis Western Shovel-nosed Snake
Chionactis palarostris Sonoran Shovel-nosed Snake
Chironius Sipos
Neotropical Whip Snakes
Chironius barrioi Bolivian Sipo
Chironius bicarinatus Eastern Sipo
Chironius carinatus Yellow-lipped Sipo
Yellow-lipped Tree Snake, Machete Savane, (Golden Tree Snake)
Chironius challenger Maringma Tepui Sipo
Chironius exoletus Common Sipo
Chironius flavolineatus Yellow-striped Sipo
Chironius flavopictus Yellow-spotted Sipo
Chironius foveatus Bahia Sipo
Chironius fuscus Brown Sipo
Olive Whip Snake, Red-fronted Tree Snake, Green Tree Snake
Chironius grandisquamis Large-scaled Sipo
Ebony Keelback, Ecuadorian Sipo
Chironius laevicollis Smooth-necked Sipo
Chironius laurenti Beni Sipo
Chironius leucometapus White-fronted Sipo
Chironius maculoventris Spot-bellied Sipo
Chironius monticola Mountain Sipo
Chironius multiventris Peruvian Sipo
(South American Sipo)
Chironius quadricarinatus Paraguayan Sipo
Central Sipo
Chironius scurrulus Rusty Sipo
Rusty Whip Snake, Green-headed Tree Snake
Chironius septentrionalis Northern Sipo
Chironius spixii Venezuelan Sipo
Chironius vincenti Saint Vincent Sipo
Saint Vincent Racer
Chrysopelea Flying Tree Snakes
Asian Parrot Snakes
Chrysopelea ornata Ornate Flying Tree Snake
Gold and Black Tree Snake, (Golden Tree Snake, Golden Flying Snake)
Chrysopelea paradisi Paradise Flying Tree Snake
Paradise Tree Snake, Garden Flying Snake, (Andaman Golden Tree Snake)
Chrysopelea pelias Twin-barred Flying Snake
Twin-barred Tree Snake, Red Tree Snake
Chrysopelea rhodopleuron Moluccan Flying Tree Snake
Chrysopelea taprobanica Sri Lankan Flying Tree Snake
Clelia Northern Snake Eaters
Northern Mussuranas
Clelia clelia Common Snake Eater
Black Mussurana, Cribo, Windward Clelia
Clelia equatoriana Equatorial Snake Eater
Clelia errabunda Saint Lucia Snake Eater
Clelia hussami Parana Snake Eater
Clelia langeri Bolivian Snake Eater
Clelia plumbea Plumbeous Snake Eater
Clelia scytalina Mexican Snake Eater
Highland Snake Eater
Clonophis Ohio Valley Water Snake
Clonophis kirtlandi Ohio Valley Water Snake
(Kirtland's Snake)
Coelognathus Oriental Rat Snakes
Coelognathus enganensis Enggano Rat Snake
Coelognathus erythrura Philippine Rat Snake
Philippine Trinket Snake, Reddish Rat Snake, Red-fronted Racer
Coelognathus flavolineatus Yellow-striped Rat Snake
Yellow-striped Trinket Snake, Black-tailed Trinket Snake, Common Malayan Racer, Black Copper Rat Snake
Coelognathus helena Indian Trinket Snake
Common Trinket Snake
Coelognathus radiatus Copper-headed Rat Snake
Radiated Rat Snake, Copper-headed Trinket Snake, Copperhead Racer
Coelognathus subradiatus Lesser Sundas Rat Snake
Indonesian Rat Snake, Indonesian Trinket Snake, Timor Rat Snake
Collorhabdium Mountain Dwarf Snake
Collorhabdium williamsoni Mountain Dwarf Snake
(Williamson's Reed Snake)
Coluber Holarctic Whip Snakes
Holarctic Racers
Coluber bholanathi Nagarjunasagar Whip Snake
Coluber caudaelineatus Iranian Stripe-tailed Whip Snake
Coluber constrictor North American Racer
Eastern Racer
Coluber gracilis Indian Slender Whip Snake
Graceful Rat Snake, Graceful Dhaman
Coluber scorteccii Dura Mareb Whip Snake
Coluber vittacaudatus Darjeeling Whip Snake
Colubroelaps Lam Dong Snake
Colubroelaps nguyenvangsangi Lam Dong Snake
(Nguyen Vang Sang's Snake)
Compsophis Madagascar Big-headed Snakes
Compsophis albiventris White-bellied Big-headed Snake
Compsophis boulengeri Andrangoloaka Big-headed Snake
Compsophis fatsibe Mahajanga Big-headed Snake
Compsophis infralineatus Striped Big-headed Snake
Compsophis laphystius Ranomafana Big-headed Snake
Compsophis vinckei Andasibe Big-headed Snake
Compsophis zeny Fianarantsoa Big-headed Snake
Coniophanes Black-striped Snakes
Coniophanes alvarezi Chiapan Stripeless Snake
Coniophanes andresensis San Andres Yellow-bellied Snake
Coniophanes bipunctatus Two-spotted Snake
Mottled-jaw Spot-bellied Snake
Coniophanes dromiciformis Ecuadorian Black-striped Snake
Coniophanes fissidens Yellow-bellied Spot-bellied Snake
Brown Debris Snake, Brown Spotbelly
Coniophanes imperialis Regal Black-striped Snake
Black-banded Snake
Coniophanes joanae Panamanian Black-striped Snake
Coniophanes lateritius West Mexican Stripeless Snake
(Cope's Stripeless Snake)
Coniophanes longinquus Peruvian Black-striped Snake
Coniophanes melanocephalus Black-headed Stripeless Snake
Coniophanes meridanus Peninsular Stripeless Snake
Coniophanes michoacanensis Michoacan Black-striped Snake
Coniophanes piceivittis Oaxacan Black-striped Snake
(Cope's Black-striped Snake)
Coniophanes quinquevittatus Five-striped Snake
Striped Spot-bellied Snake
Coniophanes sarae Michoacan Stripeless Snake
(Sara's Stripeless Snake)
Coniophanes schmidti Faded Black-striped Snake
(Schmidt's Black-striped Snake)
Coniophanes taylori Guerrero Black-striped Snake
(Taylor's Black-striped Snake)
Conophis Road Guarders
Conophis concolor Peninsular Road Guarder
Conophis lineatus Central American Road Guarder
Many-lined Snake, Lizard Killer
Conophis morai Veracruz Road Guarder
(Mora's Road Guarder)
Conophis pulcher Beautiful Road Guarder
Conophis vittatus Striped Road Guarder
Conopsis Mexican Earth Snakes
Conopsis acuta Spotted Tolucan Earth Snake
Conopsis amphistica Twin-spotted Tolucan Earth Snake
Conopsis biserialis Two-lined Mexican Earth Snake
Conopsis lineata Lined Tolucan Earth Snake
Conopsis megalodon San Felipe Earth Snake
Conopsis nasus Large-nosed Earth Snake
Cone-nosed Snake
Contia Sharp-tailed Snakes
Contia longicaudae Forest Sharp-tailed Snake
Contia tenuis Common Sharp-tailed Snake
Coronelaps Minas Gerais Lizard Eater
Coronelaps lepidus Minas Gerais Lizard Eater
Minas Gerais Snake
Coronella Palearctic-Oriental Smooth Snakes
Coronella austriaca Common Smooth Snake
Coronella brachyura Indian Smooth Snake
Coronella girondica Southern Smooth Snake
Bordeaux Snake, Gironde Smooth Snake, Spanish Smooth Snake
Crisantophis Costa Rican Road Guarder
Crisantophis nevermanni Costa Rican Road Guarder
Crotaphopeltis Herald Snakes
Crotaphopeltis barotseensis Zambian Herald Snake
Barotse Water Snake, Barotse Cat Snake
Crotaphopeltis braestrupi Tana Herald Snake
Crotaphopeltis degeni Yellow-flanked Herald Snake
Yellow-flanked Snake, (Degen's Herald Snake, Degen's Water Snake)
Crotaphopeltis hippocrepis West African Herald Snake
Western Herald Snake
Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia Common Herald Snake
Red-lipped Snake, Black-templed Cat Snake, Savanna White-lipped Snake, White-lipped Herald Snake, White-lipped Snake, White-lip
Crotaphopeltis tornieri Forest White-lipped Snake
Sylvicoline White-lipped Snake, (Tornier's Cat Snake)
Cryophis Cloud Forest Snake
Cryophis hallbergi Cloud Forest Snake
(Hallberg's Cloud Forest Snake)
Cubophis Western Caribbean Racers
Cubophis brooksi Little Swan Island Racer
Cubophis cantherigerus Cuban Racer
Cubophis caymanus Grand Cayman Racer
Cubophis fuscicauda Cayman Brac Racer
Cubophis ruttyi Little Cayman Racer
Cubophis vudii Bahamas Racer
Brown Runner
Cyclocorus Triangle-spotted Snakes
Cyclocorus lineatus Northern Triangle-spotted Snake
(Reinhardt's Lined Snake)
Cyclocorus nuchalis Southern Triangle-spotted Snake
Cyclophiops Oriental Green Snakes
Cyclophiops doriae Kachin Hills Green Snake
Green Grass Snake, (Doria's Green Snake)
Cyclophiops hamptoni Burmese Green Snake
(Hampton's Green Snake)
Cyclophiops herminae Sakishima Green Snake
Japanese Green Snake
Cyclophiops major Greater Green Snake
Chinese Green Snake, Oriental Smooth Green Snake
Cyclophiops multicinctus Many-banded Green Snake
Northern Chinese Green Snake
Cyclophiops semicarinatus Ryukyu Green Snake
Caaeteboia Minas Gerais Ground Snake
Caaeteboia amarali Minas Gerais Ground Snake
(Amaral's Ground Snake)
Darlingtonia Hispaniolan Montane Ground Snake
Darlingtonia haetianus Hispaniolan Montane Ground Snake
Dasypeltis African Egg Eaters
African Egg-eating Snakes
Dasypeltis abyssina Ethiopian Egg Eater
Dasypeltis atra Forest Egg Eater
Black Forest Egg Eater, Black Montane Egg Eater, Brown Forest Egg Eater, Brown Montane Egg Eater, (Rufous Forest Egg Eater, Rufous Montane Egg Eater)
Dasypeltis confusa Ibel Egg Eater
Confusing Egg Eater
Dasypeltis fasciata Central African Egg Eater
(Western Forest Egg Eater)
Dasypeltis gansi Savanna Egg Eater
(Gans' Egg Eater)
Dasypeltis inornata Southern Brown Egg Eater
Dasypeltis latericia Senegal Egg Eater
Dasypeltis medici East African Egg Eater
(Rufous Egg Eater)
Dasypeltis palmarum Angolan Egg Eater
(Forest Egg Eater)
Dasypeltis parascabra Guinean Egg Eater
Dasypeltis sahelensis Sahel Egg Eater
Dasypeltis scabra Common African Egg Eater
Rhombic Egg Eater, Savanna Egg Eater, African Egg Eater, Rough-keeled Snake, Rough-skinned Snake
Dendrelaphis Bronzebacks
Bronzeback Tree Snakes, Bronzy Tree Snakes
Dendrelaphis andamanensis Andaman Painted Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis ashoki Anamalai Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis bifrenalis Black-striped Bronzeback
(Boulenger's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis biloreatus Himalayan Bronzeback
(Gore's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis calligaster Northern Australian Bronzeback
Northern Tree Snake, (Green Tree Snake)
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus Malayan Stripe-tailed Bronzeback
(Stripe-tailed Bronzeback, Striped Bronzeback, Günther's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis caudolineolatus Sri Lankan Stripe-tailed Bronzeback
(Stripe-tailed Bronzeback, Striped Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis chairecacos Karnataka Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis cyanochloris Green Bronzeback
Blue Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis flavescens Yellow-banded Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis formosus Elegant Bronzeback
Malayan Bronzeback, Beautiful Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis fuliginosus Negros Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis gastrostictus Papuan Montane Bronzeback
Montane Tree Snake
Dendrelaphis girii Belgaum Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis grandoculis Large-eyed Bronzeback
Large-eyed Brown Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis grismeri Moluccan Painted Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis hollinrakei Shek Kwu Chau Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis humayuni Nicobar Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis haasi Greater Sundas Bronzeback
(Haas' Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis inornatus Lesser Sundas Painted Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis kopsteini Johore Bronzeback
(Kopstein's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis levitoni Palawan Stripe-tailed Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis lorentzi Lorentz River Bronzeback
Lorentz River Tree Snake
Dendrelaphis luzonensis Luzon Stripe-tailed Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis marenae Philippine Painted Bronzeback
(Maren's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis modestus Moluccan Stripe-tailed Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis ngansonensis Nganson Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis nigroserratus Umphang Bronzeback
Saw-tooth-necked Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis olivieri Trincomalee Bronzeback
(Oliver's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis papuensis Eastern Papuan Bronzeback
Papuan Tree Snake
Dendrelaphis philippinensis Mindanao Stripe-tailed Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis pictus Southern Painted Bronzeback
(Painted Bronzeback, Common Bronzeback, Eastern Bronzeback, Black Tree Snake, Himalo-Malayan Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis proarchos Northern Painted Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis punctulatus Common Australian Bronzeback
Common Australian Tree Snake, (Golden Tree Snake, Green Tree Snake)
Dendrelaphis salomonis Solomons Bronzeback
Solomon Islands Tree Snake
Dendrelaphis schokari Common Sri Lanka Bronzeback
Dendrelaphis striata Banded Bronzeback
Striated Bronzeback, (Cohn's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis subocularis Burmese Mountain Bronzeback
Burmese Green Snake
Dendrelaphis terrificus Sulawesi Stripe-tailed Bronzeback
(Terrifying Striped Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis tristis Common Indian Bronzeback
(Common Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis underwoodi Javanese Bronzeback
(Underwood's Bronzeback)
Dendrelaphis walli Southern Burmese Bronzeback
Dendrolycus Central African Banded Snake
Dendrolycus elapoides Central African Banded Snake
(Günther's Banded Snake)
Dendrophidion Forest Racers
Dendrophidion apharocybe Central American Barred Forest Racer
Dendrophidion atlantica Alagoas Forest Racer
Dendrophidion bivittatum Two-lined Forest Racer
Dendrophidion boshelli Cundinamarca Forest Racer
Dendrophidion brunneum Brown Forest Racer
Dendrophidion clarkii Southern Black-naped Forest Racer
Dendrophidion crybelum Costa Rican Barred Forest Racer
Dendrophidion dendrophis Tawny Forest Racer
Olive Forest Racer
Dendrophidion graciliverpa El Oro Forest Racer
Dendrophidion nuchale Venezuelan Black-naped Forest Racer
Pink-tailed Forest Racer
Dendrophidion paucicarinatum Talamanca Forest Racer
Dendrophidion percarinatum South American Forest Racer
Dendrophidion prolixum Cauca Forest Racer
Dendrophidion rufiterminorum Northern Black-naped Forest Racer
Dendrophidion vinitor Northern Barred Forest Racer
Barred Forest Racer, Barred Keeled Racer, Lowland Forest Racer
Diadophis Ring-necked Snake
Diadophis punctatus Ring-necked Snake
Diaphorolepis Frog Eaters
Frog-eating Snakes
Diaphorolepis laevis Colombian Frog Eater
Diaphorolepis wagneri Ecuadorian Frog Eater
Dieurostus Kerala Mud Snake
Dieurostus dussumierii Kerala Mud Snake
(Dussumier's Smooth Water Snake)
Dinodon Big-toothed Snakes
Large-toothed Snakes, Odd-toothed Snakes, False Wolf Snakes
Dinodon flavozonatum Yellow Big-toothed Snake
Dinodon gammiei Sikkim False Wolf Snake
Dinodon meridionale Vietnamese Big-toothed Snake
Southern Big-toothed Snake
Dinodon orientale White-banded Snake
Eastern False Wolf Snake, Oriental Big-toothed Snake, Shiromadara
Dinodon rosozonatum Rosy-banded Big-toothed Snake
Rose Big-toothed Snake, Pink Big-toothed Snake
Dinodon rufozonatum Red-banded Big-toothed Snake
Red Big-toothed Snake, Red-banded Snake, Red-banded Odd-tooth Snake, Chinese Red-banded Snake, Banded Red Snake, Sakishima King Snake, Asian King Snake
Dinodon semicarinatum Tricolor Banded Snake
Dinodon septentrionale Northern Big-toothed Snake
White-banded Wolf Snake, Northern Large-toothed Snake, Hill Wolf Snake, (Günther's False Wolf Snake
Dipsadoboa Nocturnal Tree Snakes
Cat-eyed Tree Snakes, Rear-fanged Tree Snakes
Dipsadoboa aulica Cross-barred Nocturnal Tree Snake
Southern Marbled Tree Snake, (Cross-barred Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa brevirostris Short-headed Nocturnal Tree Snake
Short-head Rear-fanged Tree Snake
Dipsadoboa duchesnei Blue-tailed Nocturnal Tree Snake
Blue-tailed Tree Snake, (Duchesne's Nocturnal Tree Snake, Duchesne's Rear-fanged Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa flavida Northern Marbled Nocturnal Tree Snake
Northern Marbled Tree Snake, (Cross-barred Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa shrevei Angolan Nocturnal Tree Snake
Angolan Tree Snake, (Shreve's Marbled Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa underwoodi Cameroon Nocturnal Tree Snake
(Underwood's Nocturnal Tree Snake, Underwood's Rear-fanged Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa unicolor Unicoloured Nocturnal Tree Snake
Unicoloured Rear-fanged Tree Snake, Green Tree Snake, (Günther's Green Tree Snake, Green Nocturnal Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa viridis Green Nocturnal Tree Snake
Gracile Nocturnal Tree Snake, Green Rear-fanged Tree Snake, (Laurent's Green Tree Snake, Green Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa weileri Grey Nocturnal Tree Snake
(Black-tailed Green Tree Snake, Weiler's Tree Snake)
Dipsadoboa werneri Tanzanian Nocturnal Tree Snake
(Werner’s Nocturnal Tree Snake, Werner's Green Tree Snake)
Dipsas Neotropical Snail Eaters
Neotropical Snail-eating Snakes, American Snail Suckers, Thirst Snakes
Dipsas albifrons White-fronted Snail Eater
Dipsas alternans Santos Snail Eater
Dipsas andiana Andean Snail Eater
Dipsas articulata Veraguas Snail Eater
Dipsas baliomelas Macarena Mountains Snail Eater
Dipsas bicolor Bicoloured Snail Eater
Dipsas brevifacies Short-faced Snail Eater
Snail-eating Thirst Snake
Dipsas bucephala Brazilian Snail Eater
Dipsas catesbyi Ornate Snail Eater
Brown-saddled Snake
Dipsas chaparensis Chapare Snail Eater
Dipsas copei Guianan Snail Eater
Dipsas elegans Elegant Snail Eater
Dipsas ellipsifera Ibarra Snail Eater
Dipsas gaigeae Colima Snail Eater
(Gaige's Snail Eater, Gaige's Thirst Snake)
Dipsas gracilis Graceful Snail Eater
Dipsas incerta South American Banded Snail Eater
Dipsas indica Big-headed Snail Eater
Neotropical Snail Eater
Dipsas maxillaris Tabasco Snail Eater
(Werner's Snail Eater, Werner's Thirst Snake)
Dipsas nicholsi Panamanian Snail Eater
Dipsas oreas Quito Snail Eater
Dipsas pakaraima Pakaraima Mountains Snail Eater
Dipsas pavonina Northern Snail Eater
Dipsas peruana Peruvian Snail Eater
Dipsas praeornata Venezuelan Snail Eater
Dipsas pratti Colombian Snail Eater
Dipsas sanctijohannis Chocó Snail Eater
(Tropical Snail Eater)
Dipsas sazimai Atlantic Forest Snail Eater
Dipsas schunkii Chanchamayo Snail Eater
Dipsas temporalis Esmeraldes Snail Eater
Temporal Snail Eater
Dipsas tenuissima Slender Snail Eater
Dipsas trinitatis Trinidad Snail Eater
Dipsas variegata Many-banded Snail Eater
Variegated Snail Eater
Dipsas vermiculata Vermiculate Snail Eater
Dipsas viguieri Darien Snail Eater
Dipsina Dwarf Beaked Snake
Dipsina multimaculata Dwarf Beaked Snake
Dispholidus Boomslang
Dispholidus typus Boomslang
Green/Brown/Black/Cape/Back-fanged Tree Snake
Ditaxodon South Brazilian Striped Savanna Snake
Ditaxodon taeniatus South Brazilian Striped Savanna Snake
Ditypophis Socotra Night Snake
Ditypophis vivax Socotra Night Snake
(Günther's Racer)
Djokoiskandarus Trans-Fly Mangrove Snake
Djokoiskandarus annulatus Trans-Fly Mangrove Snake
Banded Mangrove Snake, Banded Water Snake
Dolichophis Greater Whip Snakes
Dolichophis caspius Caspian Whip Snake
Yellow-bellied Wood Snake, European Whip Snake, (Large Whip Snake)
Dolichophis jugularis Large Whip Snake
Persian Large Whip Snake, (Green Whip Snake)
Dolichophis schmidti Red-bellied Whip Snake
Armenian Whip Snake, Red-bellied Wood Snake, (Schmidt's Whip Snake)
Drepanoides Amazon Egg Eater
Drepanoides anomalus Amazon Egg Eater
Black-collared Snake
Dromicodryas Madagascar Striped Snakes
Dromicodryas bernieri Madagascar Three-striped Snake
Dromicodryas quadrilineatus Madagascar Four-striped Snake
Drymarchon Indigo Snakes and Cribos
Drymarchon caudomaculatus Spot-tailed Cribo
Drymarchon corais Yellow-tailed Cribo
Tropical Indigo Snake
Drymarchon couperi Indigo Snake
Eastern Indigo Snake
Drymarchon margaritae Margarita Island Cribo
Drymarchon melanurus Central American Indigo Snake
Black-tailed Indigo Snake, Black-tailed Cribo, Grey Cribo
Drymobius Central American Racers
Neotropical Racers
Drymobius chloroticus Green Highland Racer
Drymobius margaritiferus Speckled Racer
Drymobius melanotropis Lower-montane Green Racer
Drymobius rhombifer Diamondback Racer
Esmarald Racer
Drymoluber Glossy Racers
Drymoluber apurimacensis Peruvian Glossy Racer
Drymoluber brazili Southern Glossy Racer
Brazilian Forest Racer, Brazilian Woodland Racer
Drymoluber dichrous Northern Glossy Racer
Common Glossy Racer, Northern Woodland Racer
Dryocalamus Bridle Snakes
Bridal Snakes
Dryocalamus davisoni Burmese Bridle Snake
(Blanford's Bridal Snake, Common Bridal Snake)
Dryocalamus gracilis Slender Bridle Snake
Scarce Bridal Snake, (Günther's Bridal Snake)
Dryocalamus nympha Vellore Bridle Snake
(Common Bridal Snake)
Dryocalamus philippinus Philippine Bridle Snake
Dryocalamus subannulatus Malayan Bridle Snake
Half-banded Bridled Snake
Dryocalamus tristrigatus Three-banded Bridle Snake
Dryophiops Malayan Vine Snakes
Dryophiops philippina Philippine Vine Snake
Dryophiops rubescens Keel-bellied Vine Snake
Keel-bellied Whip Snake, Brown Whip Snake
Duberria African Slug Eaters
Duberria lutrix Common Slug Eater
Russet Slug Eater
Duberria shirana Shire Slug Eater
Duberria variegata Spotted Slug Eater
Variegated Slug Eater, Northern Slug Eater
Echinanthera Neotropical Leaf-litter Snakes
Echinanthera amoena East Brazilian Leaf-litter Snake
Echinanthera cephalomaculata Head-spotted Leaf-litter Snake
Echinanthera cephalostriata Head-striped Leaf-litter Snake
Echinanthera cyanopleura Blue-flanked Leaf-litter Snake
Echinanthera melanostigma Black-marked Leaf-litter Snake
Echinanthera undulata South Brazilian Leaf-litter Snake
Eirenis Northern Dwarf Snakes
Dwarf Racers, Peace Snakes
Eirenis africanus African Dwarf Snake
Eirenis aurolineatus Golden-striped Dwarf Snake
Eirenis barani Adana Dwarf Snake
(Baran's Dwarf Snake)
Eirenis collaris Collared Dwarf Snake
Ringhals Dwarf Snake
Eirenis coronella Crowned Dwarf Snake
Crowned Peace Snake
Eirenis coronelloides Sinai Dwarf Snake
Sinai Dwarf Racer
Eirenis decemlineatus Narrow-striped Dwarf Snake
Ten-lined Dwarf Snake, Ten-lined Peace-snake, Lined Dwarf Racer
Eirenis eiselti Urfa Dwarf Snake
(Eiselt's Dwarf Snake)
Eirenis kermanensis Kerman Dwarf Snake
Eirenis levantinus Levant Dwarf Snake
Asia Minor Dwarf Racer
Eirenis lineomaculata Spotted-line Dwarf Snake
(Striped Dwarf Snake, Crowned Dwarf Racer)
Eirenis meda Turkmenian Dwarf Snake
(Striped Dwarf Snake)
Eirenis modestus Ring-headed Dwarf Snake
Asia Minor Dwarf Snake, Mild Dwarf Snake
Eirenis persicus Persian Dwarf Snake
Dark-headed Dwarf Snake, Persian False Dwarf Snake
Eirenis punctatolineatus Armenian Dwarf Snake
Dotted Dwarf Snake
Eirenis rechingeri Iranian Dwarf Snake
Eirenis rothi Israelian Dwarf Snake
(Roth's Dwarf Snake, Roth's Snake)
Eirenis thospitis Kurdistan Dwarf Snake
Elachistodon Indian Egg Eater
Elachistodon westermanni Indian Egg Eater
Elaphe Palearctic-Oriental Rat Snakes
Elaphe bella Elegant Rat Snake
Dice-like Trinket Snake
Elaphe bimaculata Twin-spotted Rat Snake
Elaphe carinata East Asian Keeled Rat Snake
King Rat Snake, Stink Snake, Taiwan Stink Snake, Stinking Green Snake, Stinking Goddess
Elaphe climacophora Japanese Green Rat Snake
Japanese Rat Snake
Elaphe davidi North Chinese Rat Snake
(David's Rat Snake)
Elaphe dione Dione Rat Snake
Dione Snake, Eastern Leopard Snake
Elaphe quadrivirgata Japanese Four-lined Rat Snake
Japanese Striped Rat Snake
Elaphe quatuorlineata Western Four-lined Rat Snake
Four-lined Snake, Four-rayed Snake
Elaphe sauromates Eastern Four-lined Rat Snake
Blotched Rat Snake
Elaphe schrenkii Northern Amur Rat Snake
Russian Rat Snake, (Amur Rat Snake)
Elaphe zoigeensis Zoige Rat Snake
Elapoidis Dark Grey Ground Snake
Elapoidis fusca Dark Grey Ground Snake
Elapomorphus Brazilian Lizard Eaters
Lizard-eating Snakes
Elapomorphus quinquelineatus Five-lined Lizard Eater
(Raddi's Lizard-eating Snake)
Elapomorphus wuchereri Bahia Lizard Eater
Elapotinus African White-collared Snake
Elapotinus picteti African White-collared Snake
(Jan's Snake)
Emmochliophis Pichincha Snake and Paramba Fishing Snake
Emmochliophis fugleri Pichincha Snake
Emmochliophis miops Paramba Fishing Snake
Enhydris Asian Mud Snakes
River Snakes, Smooth-scaled Water Snakes, False Water Snakes
Enhydris albomaculata Sumatran Mud Snake
White-spotted Water Snake
Enhydris alternans Greater Sunda Mud Snake
Yellow-banded Water Snake, (Reuss' Mud Snake)
Enhydris bocourti Southeast Asian Mud Snake
(Bocourt's Mud Snake, Bocourt's River Snake, Bocourt's Water Snake)
Enhydris chanardi Thai Mud Snake
(Chanard's Mud Snake, Chanard's Water Snake)
Enhydris doriae Blotch-lipped Mud Snake
(Marquis Doria's Water Snake)
Enhydris enhydris Rainbow Mud Snake
Rainbow Water Snake, Common Smooth Water Snake
Enhydris gyii Kapuas Mud Snake
(Gyi's Water Snake)
Enhydris indica Selangor Mud Snake
(Indian Water Snake)
Enhydris innominata Tay Ninh Mud Snake
Mekong Delta Water Snake, Black-spotted Water Snake, (Morice's Water Snake)
Enhydris jagorii Bangkok Mud Snake
(Striped Water Snake, Jagor's Water Snake)
Enhydris longicauda Long-tailed Mud Snake
Long-tailed Water Snake
Enhydris maculosa Brown-spotted Mud Snake
Brown-spotted Water Snake, (Blanford's Mud Snake)
Enhydris matannensis Matanna Mud Snake
Enhydris pahangensis Pahang Mud Snake
Pahang Water Snake
Enhydris pakistanica Sind River Mud Snake
Sind River Snake, Sind Ditch Snake, Striped River Snake
Enhydris plumbea Orange-bellied Mud Snake
Orange-bellied Water Snake, Yellow-bellied Water Snake, Plumbeous Water Snake, Lead Water Snake, Grey Water Snake, Common Rice Paddy Snake, Mud Creeper
Enhydris punctata Blackwater Mud Snake
Spotted Water Snake
Enhydris subtaeniata Mekong Mud Snake
Indo-Chinese Water Snake
Enhydris vorisi Ayeyarwady Mud Snake
(Voris's Water Snake)
Enuliophis White-headed Snake
Enuliophis sclateri White-headed Snake
Colombian Long-tailed Snake
Enulius Middle American Long-tailed Snakes
Enulius bifoveatus Guanaja Long-tailed Snake
Enulius flavitorques Pacific Long-tailed Snake
Enulius oligostichus Mexican Long-tailed Snake
Enulius roatanensis Roatan Long-tailed Snake
Erpeton Tentacled Snake
Erpeton tentaculatum Tentacled Snake
(Fishing Snake)
Erythrolamprus Mock Coral Snakes
False Coral Snakes
Erythrolamprus aesculapii Southern Mock Coral Snake
Necklace Snake, Aesculapian False Coral Snake
Erythrolamprus bizona Double-banded Mock Coral Snake
Erythrolamprus guentheri Ecuadorian Mock Coral Snake
Erythrolamprus mimus Central American Mock Coral Snake
Central American Coral Snake Mimic, Mimic Mock Coral Snake
Erythrolamprus pseudocorallus Venezuelan Mock Coral Snake
Maracaibo Mock Coral Snake
Etheridgeum Sumatran Burrowing Snake
Etheridgeum pulchra Sumatran Burrowing Snake
Euprepiophis East Asian Rat Snakes
Euprepiophis conspicillatus Japanese Forest Rat Snake
Japanese Burrowing Rat Snake
Euprepiophis mandarinus Mandarin Rat Snake
Mandarin Trinket Snake, Mandarin Snake
Euprepiophis perlacea Pearl-banded Rat Snake
Exallodontophis White-collared Forest Snake
Exallodontophis albignaci White-collared Forest Snake
Farancia American Mud and Rainbow Snakes
Farancia abacura American Mud Snake
Farancia erythrogramma Rainbow Snake
Ferania Bengal Mud Snake
Ferania sieboldi Bengal Mud Snake
(Siebold's Mud Snake, Siebold's Smooth Water Snake, Siebold's Water Snake)
Ficimia Eastern Hook-nosed Snakes
Southern Hook-nosed Snakes, Mexican Hook-nosed Snakes
Ficimia hardyi Hidalgo Hook-nosed Snake
(Hardy's Hook-nosed Snake)
Ficimia olivacea Brown Hook-nosed Snake
Ficimia publia Blotched Hook-nosed Snake
Ficimia ramirezi Oaxacan Hook-nosed Snake
(Ramirez's Hook-nosed Snake)
Ficimia ruspator Guerrero Hook-nosed Snake
Ficimia streckeri Tamaulipas Hook-nosed Snake
Mexican Hook-nosed Snake
Ficimia variegata Tehuantepec Hook-nosed Snake
Fimbrios Bearded Snakes
Fimbrios klossi Lesser Bearded Snake
(Kloss' Rough Water Snake, Kloss' Snake)
Fimbrios smithi Greater Bearded Snake
(Smith's Bearded Snake, Smith's Rough Water Snake, Smith's Snake)
Fordonia White-bellied Mangrove Snake
Fordonia leucobalia White-bellied Mangrove Snake
White-bellied Water Snake, Crab-eating Mangrove Snake, Crab-eating Water Snake, Crab-eating Snake
Geagras Tehuantepec Striped Snake
Geagras redimitus Tehuantepec Striped Snake
Geophis Latin American Earth Snakes
Geophis anocularis Sierra Mije Earth Snake
Geophis bellus Altos de Pacora Earth Snake
Geophis betaniensis Betania Earth Snake
Geophis bicolor Mexican Plateau Earth Snake
Geophis blanchardi Acultzingo Earth Snake
(Blanchard's Earth Snake)
Geophis brachycephalus Short-headed Earth Snake
Geophis cancellatus Chiapan Earth Snake
Geophis carinosus Keeled Earth Snake
Geophis chalybeus Veracruz Earth Snake
Geophis championi Panamanian Earth Snake
Geophis damiani Honduran Red-banded Earth Snake
Geophis downsi Puntarenas Earth Snake
Geophis dubius Mesa del Sur Earth Snake
Geophis duellmanni Sierra Juarez Earth Snake
Geophis dugesii Tangancícuaro Earth Snake
(Dugès' Earth Snake)
Geophis dunni Nicaraguan Earth Snake
Geophis fulvoguttatus Salvadoran Earth Snake
Geophis godmani Irazú Earth Snake
Geophis hoffmani Costa Rican Earth Snake
(Hoffmann's Earth Snake)
Geophis immaculatus Guatemalan Earth Snake
(Downs' Earth Snake)
Geophis incomptus Sierra Coalcoman Earth Snake
Geophis isthmicus Isthmian Earth Snake
Geophis juarezi Sierra de Juárez Earth Snake
(Benito Juarez's Earth Snake)
Geophis juliai Los Tuxtlas Earth Snake
(Zurtuche's Earth Snake)
Geophis laticinctus Mesa Central Earth Snake
Geophis laticollaris Wide-collared Earth Snake
Geophis latifrontalis San Luis Potosi Earth Snake
Geophis maculiferus Michoacan Earth Snake
Geophis mutitorques Highland Earth Snake
Geophis nasalis Coffee Earth Snake
Geophis nephodrymus Cloud Forest Earth Snake
Geophis nigroalbus Colombian Earth Snake
Geophis nigrocinctus Black-banded Earth Snake
Sierra Coalcoman Earth Snake
Geophis occabus El Molote Earth Snake
Geophis omiltemanus Guerrero Earth Snake
Geophis petersi Mexican Mountain Earth Snake
(Peters' Earth Snake)
Geophis pyburni Coalcomán Earth Snake
(Pyburn's Earth Snake)
Geophis rhodogaster Rose-bellied Earth Snake
Geophis rostralis Sierra Madre Earth Snake
Geophis russatus Red Earth Snake
Geophis ruthveni Sarapiqui Earth Snake
Geophis sallaei Oaxacan Earth Snake
(Salle's Earth Snake)
Geophis semidoliatus Coral Earth Snake
Broken-ringed Earth Snake
Geophis sieboldi West Mexican Earth Snake
(Siebold's Earth Snake)
Geophis talamancae Talamanca Earth Snake
Geophis tarascae Tarascan Earth Snake
Geophis tectus La Loma Earth Snake
Geophis zeledoni Finca Zeledón Earth Snake
Gerarda Glossy Marsh Snake
Gerarda prevostiana Glossy Marsh Snake
Cat-eyed Water Snake, (Gerard's Water Snake)
Gomesophis Brazilian Burrowing Snake
Gomesophis brasiliensis Brazilian Burrowing Snake
Gongylosoma Southeast Asian Ground Snakes
(Stripe-necked Snakes)
Gongylosoma baliodeira Orange-bellied Ground Snake
Orange-bellied Snake, Spotted Ground Snake, Striped Ringneck
Gongylosoma longicauda Striped Ground Snake
Gongylosoma mukutense Tioman Ground Snake
Pulau Tioman Ground Snake
Gongylosoma nicobariensis Nicobar Ground Snake
Nicobar Stripe-necked Snake
Gongylosoma scriptum Indo-Chinese Ground Snake
Common Ringneck
Gonionotophis African File Snakes
Gonionotophis brussauxi Eastern Forest Dwarf File Snake
(Mocquard's Dwarf File Snake, Brusseaux's Lesser File Snake)
Gonionotophis capensis Cape File Snake
Southern Cape File Snake
Gonionotophis crossii Savanna File Snake
(Crosse's File Snake)
Gonionotophis egbensis Egbe Burrowing File Snake
Gonionotophis gabouensis Gabou File Snake
Gonionotophis grantii Savanna Dwarf File Snake
Gonionotophis guirali White-speckled Forest File Snake
Speckled Forest File Snake, (Guiral's File Snake)
Gonionotophis klingi Western Forest Dwarf File Snake
(Forest Dwarf File Snake)
Gonionotophis laurenti Congo File Snake
Gonionotophis nyassae Black File Snake
Nyassa File Snake, Dwarf File Snake
Gonionotophis poensis Western Forest File Snake
Bioko File Snake
Gonionotophis savorgnani Central African Forest File Snake
Northwestern Cape File Snake
Gonionotophis stenophthalmus Small-eyed File Snake
Cape Lopez File Snake
Gonionotophis unicolor Black Cape File Snake
Gonionotophis vernayi Angolan File Snake
Gonyophis Rainbow Tree Snake
Gonyophis margaritatus Rainbow Tree Snake
Royal Tree Snake
Gonyosoma Oriental Green Rat Snakes
Gonyosoma frenatum Khasi Hills Rat Snake
Khasi Hills Trinket Snake, Assam Trinket Snake, Rein Snake
Gonyosoma janseni Sulawesi Black-tailed Rat Snake
(Jansen's Rat Snake, Jansen's Racer)
Gonyosoma oxycephalum Red-tailed Green Rat Snake
Red-tailed Rat Snake, Mangrove Rat Snake, Red-tailed Racer, Red-tailed Trinket Snake, Brown-tailed Racer, Grey-tailed Racer
Gonyosoma prasinum Green Bush Rat Snake
Green Tree Racer, Green Mountain Racer, Green Trinket Snake
Grayia Equatorial African Water Snakes
Grayia caesar Long-tailed Water Snake
(Caesar's Water Snake)
Grayia ornata Ornate Water Snake
Grayia smythii Equatorial Water Snake
(Smyth's Water Snake)
Grayia tholloni Nandi Water Snake
(Thollon's Water Snake)
Gyalopion Western Hook-nosed Snakes
Plateau Hook-nosed Snakes
Gyalopion canum Western Hook-nosed Snake
Chihuahuan Hook-nosed Snake
Gyalopion quadrangulare Desert Hook-nosed Snake
Thornscrub Hook-nosed Snake
Haitiophis Hispaniolan Brown Racer
Haitiophis anomalus Hispaniolan Brown Racer
Hapsidophrys Emerald Snakes
Hapsidophrys lineatus Black-lined Green Snake
Green-lined Snake, Striated Tree Snake, Striped Emerald Snake
Hapsidophrys principis Principe Green Snake
Hapsidophrys smaragdina Common Emerald Snake
Keel-scaled Green Snake
Helicops South American Keelbacks
South American Water Snakes, Neotropical Water Snakes
Helicops angulatus Brown-banded Keelback
Banded South American Water Snake
Helicops apiaka Apiaká Keelback
Helicops carinicaudus Keel-tailed Keelback
Helicops danieli Colombian Keelback
Helicops gomesi Sao Paulo Keelback
Helicops hagmanni Amazonian Keelback
Helicops hogei Venezuelan Keelback
Helicops infrataeniatus Surinam Keelback
Helicops leopardinus Leopard Keelback
Spotted Keelback
Helicops modestus Brazilian Olive Keelback
Helicops pastazae Pastaza River Keelback
Helicops petersi Napo Keelback
Helicops polylepis South American Many-scaled Keelback
Helicops scalaris Ladder Keelback
Helicops tapajonicus Tapajós River Keelback
Helicops trivittatus Three-striped Keelback
Helicops yacu Loreto Keelback
Helophis Congo Sun Snake
Helophis schoutedeni Congo Sun Snake
(Schouteden's Sun Snake)
Hemerophis Socotra Whip Snake
Hemerophis socotrae Socotra Whip Snake
Socotra Racer
Hemirhagerrhis Bark Snakes
Mopane Snakes
Hemirhagerrhis hildebrandtii Kenyan Bark Snake
Hemirhagerrhis kelleri Stripe-bellied Bark Snake
Striped Bark Snake, Stripe-bellied Snake
Hemirhagerrhis nototaenia Southeastern Bark Snake
Mopane Snake, Mopani Snake, Dusky-bellied Snake, Eastern Spot-striped Snake, Southern Spot-striped Snake, Striped Thread Bark Snake, Dark-spotted Snake
Hemirhagerrhis viperina Viperine Bark Snake
Viperine Rock Snake, Western Bark Snake, Western Mopane Snake
Hemorrhois Palearctic Whip Snakes
Hemorrhois algirus Algerian Whip Snake
Algerian Grass Snake
Hemorrhois hippocrepis Horseshoe Whip Snake
Horseshoe Snake
Hemorrhois nummifer Coin-marked Whip Snake
Coin-marked Snake, Coin Snake, Leaden-coloured Racer, Lead Wood Snake, (Asian Racer, Reuss' Whip Snake)
Hemorrhois ravergieri Mountain Whip Snake
Variegated Whip Snake, Versicolored Wood Snake, (Spotted Whip Snake, Ravergier's Whip Snake)
Heterodon American Hognose Snakes
Heterodon kennerlyi Mexican Hognose Snake
Heterodon nasicus Western Hognose Snake
Heterodon platyrhinos Eastern Hognose Snake
Heterodon simus Southern Hognose Snake
Heteroliodon Madagascar Dwarf Snakes
Heteroliodon fohy Stout Dwarf Snake
Heteroliodon lava Ankarana Dwarf Snake
Heteroliodon occipitalis Light-banded Dwarf Snake
Heurnia Mamberamo River Water Snake
Heurnia ventromaculata Mamberamo River Water Snake
Hierophis Eurasian Whip Snakes
Hierophis andreanus Persian Whip Snake
(Andreas' Racer)
Hierophis cypriensis Cyprus Whip Snake
Hierophis gemonensis Balkan Whip Snake
Hierophis spinalis Asian Striped Whip Snake
Striped Wood Snake
Hierophis viridiflavus Western Whip Snake
European Whip Snake, Yellow-green Whip Snake, (Green Whip Snake)
Hologerrhum Philippine Cylindrical Snakes
Hologerrhum dermali Panay Cylindrical Snake
(Dermal's Cylindrical Snake)
Hologerrhum philippinum Luzon Cylindrical Snake
Homalopsis Masked Water Snakes
Puff-faced Water Snakes
Homalopsis buccata Malayan Masked Water Snake
Puff-faced Water Snake, Banded Swamp Snake, Asian False Water Boa, (Linne's Water Snake)
Homalopsis hardwickii Northwestern Masked Water Snake
Homalopsis mereljcoxi Thai Masked Water Snake
Homalopsis nigroventralis Mekong Masked Water Snake
Cambodian Puff-faced Water Snake, (Deuve's Water Snake)
Homalopsis semizonata Burmese Masked Water Snake
Homoroselaps African Harlequin Snakes
Dwarf Garter Snakes
Homoroselaps dorsalis Striped Harlequin Snake
Homoroselaps lacteus Spotted Harlequin Snake
South African Dwarf Garter Snake
Hormonotus Yellow Forest Snake
Hormonotus modestus Yellow Forest Snake
Brown File Snake, (Modest Snake)
Hydrablabes Bornean Water Snakes
Hydrablabes periops Yellow-spotted Water Snake
Hydrablabes praefrontalis Kinabalu Water Snake
Hydraethiops Central African Water Snakes
Hydraethiops laevis Smooth-scaled Water Snake
Ocellate Water Snake
Hydraethiops melanogaster Black-bellied Water Snake
Black Water Snake
Hydrodynastes False Water Cobras
Hydrodynastes bicinctus Two-banded False Water Cobra
Hydrodynastes gigas Giant False Water Cobra
Brazilian False Water Cobra, Brazilian Smooth Snake
Hydrodynastes melanogigas Black False Water Cobra
Hydromorphus Central American Water Snakes
Hydromorphus concolor Common Central American Water Snake
Costa Rican Water Snake, Tropical Seep Snake
Hydromorphus dunni Panamanian Water Snake
(Dunn's Water Snake)
Hydrops South American Mud Snakes
Neotropical Mud Snakes
Hydrops caesurus Southern Mud Snake
Hydrops martii Coral Mud Snake
Amazon Water Snake
Hydrops triangularis Red-sided Mud Snake
Red-and-Black Banded False Coral Snake, (Triangle Water Snake, Red-sided Water Snake)
Hypoptophis Wedge-snouted Burrowing Snake
Hypoptophis wilsoni Wedge-snouted Burrowing Snake
Hypsiglena North American Night Snakes
Hypsiglena affinis Rio Grande de Santiago Night Snake
(Boulenger's Night Snake)
Hypsiglena chlorophaea Desert Night Snake
Hypsiglena gularis Partida Norte Island Night Snake
Hypsiglena janii Chihuahuan Night Snake
Hypsiglena ochrorhyncha Coast Night Snake
Hypsiglena slevini Baja California Night Snake
(Slevin's Night Snake)
Hypsiglena tanzeri Rio Verde Night Snake
(Tanzer's Night Snake)
Hypsiglena torquata Sinaloan Night Snake
(Collared Night Snake, Common Night Snake)
Hypsirhynchus Hognose Racers
Hypsirhynchus ferox Common Hognose Racer
Hypsirhynchus scalaris Tiburon Hognose Racer
Ialtris Hispaniolan Racers
Ialtris agyrtes Southern Desert Racer
Ialtris dorsalis W-headed Racer
Ialtris parishi Tiburon Banded Racer
Iguanognathus Iguana-jawed Snake
Iguanognathus werneri Iguana-jawed Snake
Imantodes American Blunt-headed Tree Snakes
Blunt-headed Vine Snakes, Chunk-headed Snakes
Imantodes cenchoa Common Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Brown Blunt-headed Vine Snake
Imantodes chocoensis Chocó Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Chocoan Blunt-headed Vine Snake
Imantodes gemmistratus Central American Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Spotted Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Imantodes inornatus Yellow Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Yellow Blunt-headed Vine Snake
Imantodes lentiferus Amazon Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Imantodes phantasma Panamanian Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Imantodes tenuissimus Yucatan Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Inyoka Swazi Rock Snake
Inyoka swazicus Swazi Rock Snake
Ithycyphus Madagascar Night Snakes
Ithycyphus blanci Marojejy Night Snake
Marojezy Night Snake
Ithycyphus goudoti Forest Night Snake
Ithycyphus miniatus Tiny Night Snake
Ithycyphus oursi Southwestern Night Snake
Ithycyphus perineti Périnet Night Snake
Lampropeltis King Snakes & Milk Snakes
Lampropeltis alterna Grey-banded Kingsnake
Lampropeltis californiae California Kingsnake
Lampropeltis calligaster Prairie Kingsnake
Lampropeltis catalinensis Santa Catalina Island Kingsnake
Lampropeltis elapsoides Scarlet Kingsnake
Lampropeltis extenuata Short-tailed King Snake
American Short-tailed Snake
Lampropeltis getula Eastern Kingsnake
Lampropeltis herrerae Todos Santos Island Kingsnake
Todos Santos Sur Island Mountain Kingsnake
Lampropeltis holbrooki Speckled Kingsnake
Lampropeltis knoblochi Chihuahuan Mountain Kingsnake
(Knobloch's Mountain Kingsnake)
Lampropeltis mexicana San Luis Potosi Kingsnake
Lampropeltis nigra Eastern Black Kingsnake
Lampropeltis pyromelana Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake
Pyro Mountain Kingsnake
Lampropeltis ruthveni Michoacan King Snake
(Ruthven's Kingsnake)
Lampropeltis splendida Desert Kingsnake
Lampropeltis triangulum Milk Snake
Lampropeltis webbi Sinaloan Mountain King Snake
Lampropeltis zonata California Mountain Kingsnake
Lamprophis SubSaharan House Snakes
Lamprophis abyssinicus Abyssinian House Snake
Ethiopian House Snake
Lamprophis aurora Aurora House Snake
Lamprophis erlangeri Ethiopian Montane House Snake
(Erlanger's House Snake)
Lamprophis fiskii Cape House Snake
(Fisk's House Snake)
Lamprophis fuscus Yellow-bellied House Snake
Lamprophis geometricus Seychelles House Snake
Lamprophis guttatus Spotted House Snake
Langaha Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snakes
Langaha alluaudi Southwestern Leaf-nosed Snake
Langaha madagascariensis Common Leaf-nosed Snake
Langaha pseudoalluaudi Ambilobe Leaf-nosed Snake
Leioheterodon Madagascar Hognose Snakes
Leioheterodon geayi Reticulated Hognose Snake
Leioheterodon madagascariensis Giant Hognose Snake
Leioheterodon modestus Brown Hognose Snake
Leptodeira Cat-eyed Snakes
Leptodeira annulata South American Banded Cat-eyed Snake
Annulated Cat-eyed Snake, Common Cat-eyed Snake, Southern Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira bakeri Aruba Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira cussiliris Mexican Banded Cat-eyed Snake
(Duellman's Cat-eyed Snake)
Leptodeira frenata Rain Forest Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira maculata Southwestern Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira nigrofasciata Black-banded Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira polysticta Small-spotted Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira punctata Western Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira rhombifera Central American Banded Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira rubricata Costa Rican Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira septentrionalis Northern Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira splendida Splendid Cat-eyed Snake
Leptodeira uribei Chamela Cat-eyed Snake
(Uribe's False Cat-eyed Snake)
Leptodrymus Green-headed Lowland Racer
Leptodrymus pulcherrimus Green-headed Lowland Racer
Green-headed Racer, Striped Lowland Snake
Leptophis Neotropical Parrot Snakes
Leptophis ahaetulla Green Parrot Snake
Common Parrot Snake, Green Frogger
Leptophis cupreus Copper Parrot Snake
Leptophis depressirostris Satiny Parrot Snake
(Pacific Coast Parrot Snake)
Leptophis diplotropis Twin-keeled Parrot Snake
Twin-keeled Snake, (Pacific Coast Parrot Snake)
Leptophis mexicanus Mexican Parrot Snake
Bronze-backed Parrot Snake
Leptophis modestus Cloud Forest Parrot Snake
Leptophis nebulosus Striped Parrot Snake
Leptophis riveti Oblique Parrot Snake
Oblique Tree Snake
Leptophis stimsoni Trinidad Parrot Snake
Lepturophis Slender Wolf Snake
Lepturophis albofuscus Slender Wolf Snake
Slender-tailed Wolf Snake
Limnophis Striped Swamp Snakes
Limnophis bangweolicus Eastern Striped Swamp Snake
Bangweulu Swamp Snake, Bangweulu Water Snake
Limnophis bicolor Angolan Striped Swamp Snake
Lioheterophis Paraiba Black-naped Snake
Lioheterophis iheringi Paraiba Black-naped Snake
(Ihering's Snake)
Liopeltis Stripe-necked Snakes
Liopeltis calamaria Lesser Stripe-necked Snake
Faintly Stripe-necked Snake, (Reed Snake)
Liopeltis frenatus Common Stripe-necked Snake
Frenated Ringneck, (Günther's Stripe-necked Snake, Günther's Reed Snake)
Liopeltis philippina Culion Stripe-necked Snake
Liopeltis rappii Himalayan Stripe-necked Snake
Liopeltis stoliczkae Northeast Indian Stripe-necked Snake
(Stoliczka's Stripe-necked Snake, Stoliczka's Ringneck)
Liopeltis tricolor Malayan Stripe-necked Snake
Malayan Ringneck Snake, Three-coloured Ring-necked Snake, Tricoloured Ring-necked Snake
Liophidium Madagascar Smooth Snakes
Liophidium apperti Befandriana Smooth Snake
Liophidium chabaudi Toliara Smooth Snake
Liophidium maintikibo Madagascar Black-bellied Smooth Snake
Liophidium mayottensis Mayotte Smooth Snake
(Peters' Bright Snake)
Liophidium pattoni Red-striped Smooth Snake
Liophidium rhodogaster Gold-collared Smooth Snake
Liophidium therezieni Anatelo Forest Smooth Snake
Liophidium torquatus White-lipped Smooth Snake
Liophidium trilineatum Three-lined Smooth Snake
Liophidium vaillanti Madagascar Black-backed Smooth Snake
Liophis Neotropical Smooth Snakes
Neotropical Ground Snakes, (Neotropical Swamp Snakes)
Liophis almadensis Almada Smooth Snake
Almaden Ground Snake
Liophis andinus Andean Smooth Snake
Liophis atraventer Brazilian Black-bellied Smooth Snake
Liophis breviceps Short-headed Smooth Snake
Tricolored Swamp Snake, Short Ground Snake, (Red-bellied Burrowing Snake)
Liophis carajasensis Carajás Smooth Snake
Liophis ceii Tucumán Smooth Snake
Liophis cobellus Red-bellied Smooth Snake
Red-bellied Ground Snake, (Banded Tricolored Snake, Mangrove Snake)
Liophis cursor Martinique Smooth Snake
Martinique Ground Snake
Liophis dorsocorallinus Barinas Smooth Snake
Liophis epinephelus Fire-bellied Smooth Snake
Fire-bellied Snake
Liophis festae Santiago River Smooth Snake
Drab Ground Snake
Liophis frenatus Paraguayan Smooth Snake
Liophis guentheri Bolivian Green Smooth Snake
(Günther's Ground Snake)
Liophis ingeri Chimantá Tepui Smooth Snake
Liophis jaegeri Southern Green Smooth Snake
(Jaeger's Ground Snake)
Liophis janaleeae Moyobamba Smooth Snake
Liophis juliae Leeward Smooth Snake
Leeward Ground Snake
Liophis leucogaster White-bellied Smooth Snake
Liophis longiventris Mato Grosso Smooth Snake
Long Ground Snake
Liophis maryellenae Goias Smooth Snake
Liophis melanotus South American Black-backed Smooth Snake
Black-backed Snake, Squirrel Snake, (Shaw's Black-backed Snake)
Liophis miliaris Military Smooth Snake
Military Ground Snake
Liophis oligolepis Para Smooth Snake
Liophis ornatus Saint Lucia Smooth Snake
Saint Lucia Ground Snake
Liophis perfuscus Barbados Smooth Snake
Barbados Ground Snake
Liophis poecilogyrus Yellow-bellied Smooth Snake
Yellow-bellied Liophis, (Wied's Ground Snake)
Liophis problematicus Puno Smooth Snake
Liophis reginae Royal Smooth Snake
Common Swamp Snake, Royal Ground Snake, Reticulate Snake)
Liophis sagittifer Spotted Smooth Snake
Arrow Ground Snake
Liophis semiaureus Golden Smooth Snake
Liophis steinbachi Santa Cruz Smooth Snake
Liophis subocularis Paramba Smooth Snake
Liophis taeniogaster Banded Smooth Snake
Liophis taeniurus Thin Smooth Snake
Thin Ground Snake
Liophis torrenicola Guaiquinima Tepui Smooth Snake
Liophis trebbaui Bolivar Smooth Snake
Liophis triscalis Curacao Smooth Snake
Curacao Island Snake, Three-scaled Ground Snake
Liophis typhlus Velvety Smooth Snake
Velvety Swamp Snake, Pink Ground Snake, Blind Ground Snake
Liophis viridis Brazilian Green Smooth Snake
Liophis vitti Maldonado Smooth Snake
Liophis williamsi Venezuelan Smooth Snake
Liophis zweifeli Yellow-speckled Smooth Snake
Liopholidophis Madagascar Smooth Water Snakes
Liopholidophis dimorphus Mount Ambre Smooth Snake
Liopholidophis dolicocercus Eastern Rainforest Smooth Snake
Liopholidophis grandidieri Ranomafana Smooth Snake
(Grandidier's Water Snake)
Liopholidophis rhadinaea Slender Smooth Snake
Liopholidophis sexlineatus Six-lined Water Snake
Liopholidophis varius Antsihanaka Water Snake
Lycodon Oriental Wolf Snakes
Asian Wolf Snakes
Lycodon alcalai Batan Wolf Snake
Lycodon aulicus Common Wolf Snake
Indian Wolf Snake, (White-spotted Wolf Snake, House Snake)
Lycodon bibonius Camiguin Norte Wolf Snake
Lycodon butleri Malaysian Mountain Wolf Snake
(Butler's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon capucinus Island Wolf Snake
Oriental House Snake, Asian House Snake, Indian Wolf Snake, (Common Wolf Snake)
Lycodon cardamomensis Cardamom Mountains Wolf Snake
Lycodon carinatus Sri Lankan Wolf Snake
Lycodon chrysoprateros Dalupiri Wolf Snake
Lycodon davidi Vientiane Wolf Snake
(David's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon dumerili Mindanao Wolf Snake
Lycodon effraenis Scarce Wolf Snake
Brown Wolf Snake
Lycodon fasciatus Yellow-banded Wolf Snake
Indian Banded Wolf Snake, (Anderson's Wolf Snake, Banded Wolf Snake)
Lycodon fausti Panay Wolf Snake
(Faust's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon ferroni Samar Wolf Snake
Lycodon flavicollis Yellow-collared Wolf Snake
Lycodon flavomaculatus Yellow-spotted Wolf Snake
Lycodon futsingensis Fujian Wolf Snake
Lycodon gongshan Gaoligong Mountains Wolf Snake
Lycodon jara Twin-spotted Wolf Snake
Yellow-striped Wolf Snake, Yellow-speckled Wolf Snake
Lycodon kundui Burmese Wolf Snake
(Kundu's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon laoensis Laotian Wolf Snake
Indo-Chinese Wolf Snake
Lycodon liuchengchaoi Tangjiahe Wolf Snake
Lycodon mackinnoni Musoorie Wolf Snake
(Mackinnon's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon mulleri Luzon Wolf Snake
Lycodon multifasciatus Ryukyu Mountain Wolf Snake
Sakishima Plum Blossom Snake
Lycodon ophiophagus Snake-eater Wolf Snake
Lycodon osmanhilli Flowered Wolf Snake
Lycodon paucifasciatus Annam Wolf Snake
(Rendahl's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon ruhstrati Taiwanese Wolf Snake
Mountain Wolf Snake, Formosa Wolf Snake, (Ruhstrat's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon solivagus Pale-banded Wolf Snake
Lycodon stormi Sulawesi Wolf Snake
Lycodon striatus Striped Wolf Snake
Barred Wolf Snake, (Shaw's Wolf Snake, White-spotted Wolf Snake)
Lycodon subcinctus Malayan Banded Wolf Snake
White-banded Wolf Snake
Lycodon synaptor Dongchuan Wolf Snake
(Böhme's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon tesselatus Manila Wolf Snake
Lycodon tiwarii Nicobar Wolf Snake
(Tiwari's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon travancoricus Travancore Wolf Snake
South Indian Wolf Snake, (Beddome's Wolf Snake)
Lycodon zawi Sagaing Wolf Snake
(Zaw's Wolf Snake)
Lycodonomorphus Southern African Water Snakes
White-lipped Water Snakes
Lycodonomorphus bicolor Tanganyika White-bellied Water Snake
Lake Tanganyika Water Snake
Lycodonomorphus inornatus Olive-brown House Snake
(Olive House Snake, Black House Snake)
Lycodonomorphus laevissimus Dusky-bellied Water Snake
(Black Water Snake)
Lycodonomorphus leleupi Dark-bellied Water Snake
Lycodonomorphus obscuriventris Floodplain Water Snake
(Southern Whyte's Water Snake)
Lycodonomorphus rufulus Common Brown Water Snake
Olive-brown Water Snake, South African Rufous Snake, (Black Water Snake)
Lycodonomorphus subtaeniatus Western White-bellied Water Snake
Lycodonomorphus upembae Upemba Water Snake
Eastern White-bellied Water Snake, Zaire White-bellied Water Snake
Lycodonomorphus whytii Malawi Water Snake
(Whyte's Water Snake)
Lycodryas Madagascar-Comoran Tree Snakes
Lycodryas carleti Manakara Tree Snake
Lycodryas citrinus Yellow-and-Black Tree Snake
Lycodryas cococola Western Comoran Tree Snake
Lycodryas gaimardi Northeastern Tree Snake
Lycodryas granuliceps Nosy Bé Tree Snake
Lycodryas guentheri Collared Tree Snake
Lycodryas inopinae Antsiranana Tree Snake
Lycodryas inornatus Plain Tree Snake
Lycodryas maculatus Eastern Comoran Tree Snake
Lycodryas pseudogranuliceps Ampijoroa Tree Snake
Lycognathophis Seychelles Cliff Snake
Lycognathophis seychellensis Seychelles Cliff Snake
Seychelles Wolf Snake
Lycophidion African Wolf Snakes
Lycophidion acutirostre Mozambique Wolf Snake
Lycophidion albomaculatum Spotted Wolf Snake
Lycophidion capense Cape Wolf Snake
Common Wolf Snake
Lycophidion depressirostre Flat-snouted Wolf Snake
Lycophidion hellmichi Kaokoveld Wolf Snake
(Hellmich's Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion irroratum Western Forest Wolf Snake
Pale Wolf Snake
Lycophidion laterale Masked Wolf Snake
Spotted Wolf Snake, (Western Forest Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion meleagre Speckled Wolf Snake
Lycophidion multimaculatum Many-spotted Wolf Snake
Spotted Wolf Snake, (Blotched Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion namibianum Namibian Wolf Snake
Lycophidion nanum Dwarf Wolf Snake
Lycophidion nigromaculatum Black-spotted Wolf Snake
(Blotched Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion ornatum Ornate Wolf Snake
(Forest Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion pembanum Pemba Wolf Snake
Lycophidion polylepis Fine-scaled Wolf Snake
Lycophidion pygmaeum Pygmy Wolf Snake
Lycophidion semiannule Eastern Wolf Snake
Northern Wolf Snake, Mozambique Wolf Snake
Lycophidion semicinctum Semi-annulated Wolf Snake
Lycophidion taylori Somali Wolf Snake
(Taylor's Wolf Snake)
Lycophidion uzungwense Red-snouted Wolf Snake
Lycophidion variegatum Variegated Wolf Snake
Lygophis South American Striped Ground Snakes
Lygophis anomalus Yellow-striped Ground Snake
Yellow-lined Snake
Lygophis dilepis Northern Striped Ground Snake
(Lined Ground Snake)
Lygophis elegantissimus Spotted Striped Ground Snake
Lygophis flavifrenatus Yellow-lined Ground Snake
(Cope's Legion Snake)
Lygophis lineatus Western Striped Ground Snake
(Lined Ground Snake)
Lygophis meridionalis Paraguayan Striped Ground Snake
Lygophis paucidens Cerrado Striped Ground Snake
Lygophis vanzolinii Argentine Striped Ground Snake
Lystrophis South American Hognose Snakes
Lystrophis dorbignyi Spotted Hognose Snake
South American Hognose Snake
Lystrophis histricus Rayed Hognose Snake
(Jan's Hognose Snake)
Lystrophis matogrossensis Mato Grosso Hognose Snake
Lystrophis nattereri Banded Hognose Snake
Lystrophis pulcher Bolivian Hognose Snake
Lystrophis semicinctus Ringed Hognose Snake
Tri-coloured Hognose Snake
Lytorhynchus Awl-headed Snakes
Old World Leaf-nosed Snakes, Long-nosed Sand Snakes
Lytorhynchus diadema Common Awl-headed Snake
Crowned Leaf-nosed Snake, (Diademed Sand Snake)
Lytorhynchus gasperetti Arabian Awl-headed Snake
(Gasparetti's Leaf-nosed Snake)
Lytorhynchus maynardi Baluch Awl-headed Snake
(Maynard's Awl-headed Snake)
Lytorhynchus paradoxus Sind Awl-headed Snake
Lytorhynchus ridgewayi Afghan Awl-headed Snake
Macrelaps Natal Black Snake
Macrelaps microlepidotus Natal Black Snake
Macrocalamus Peninsular Mountain Reed Snakes
Macrocalamus chanardi Larut Hills Mountain Reed Snake
(Chanard's Mountain Reed Snake)
Macrocalamus gentingensis Genting Highlands Reed Snake
Macrocalamus jasoni Mount Benom Mountain Reed Snake
(Jason's Mountain Reed Snake)
Macrocalamus lateralis Striped Mountain Reed Snake
Malayan Mountain Reed Snake
Macrocalamus schulzi Cameron Highlands Mountain Reed Snake
(Schulz's Mountain Reed Snake)
Macrocalamus tweediei Mount Batu Berinchang Mountain Reed Snake
(Tweedie's Mountain Reed Snake)
Macrocalamus vogeli Mount Tahan Mountain Reed Snake
(Vogel's Mountain Reed Snake)
Macropisthodon Hooded Keelbacks
Macropisthodon flaviceps Orange-necked Keelback
Orange-lipped Keelback, Yellow-headed Keelback, Red-headed Keelback
Macropisthodon plumbicolor Green Keelback
(Olive Keelback)
Macropisthodon rhodomelas Blue-necked Keelback
Blue-necked Water Snake
Macropisthodon rudis False Habu
Macroprotodon False Smooth Snakes
Hooded Snakes
Macroprotodon abubakeri Oran False Smooth Snake
Macroprotodon brevis Western False Smooth Snake
Iberian False Smooth Snake
Macroprotodon cucullatus Eastern False Smooth Snake
African False Smooth Snake, Hooded Snake, Mediterranean Hooded Snake, Cowl Snake
Macroprotodon mauritanicus Algerian False Smooth Snake
Madagascarophis Madagascar Cat Snakes
Madagascarophis colubrinus Common Madagascar Cat Snake
Madagascarophis fuchsi Antsiranana Cat Snake
Madagascarophis meridionalis Karimbola Cat Snake
Madagascarophis ocellatus Ocellated Cat Snake
Magliophis Puerto Rican Bank Ground Snakes
Magliophis exiguus Virgin Islands Ground Snake
Virgin Islands Racer, (Puerto Rican Ground Snake)
Magliophis stahli Puerto Rican Ground Snake
Malpolon Montpellier Snakes
Malpolon insignitus Eastern Montpellier Snake
Malpolon monspessulanus Western Montpellier Snake
Manolepis Thin-scaled Snake
Manolepis putnami Thin-scaled Snake
Ridge-headed Snake
Masticophis North American Whip Snakes & Coachwhips
Masticophis anthonyi Clarion Island Whip Snake
Masticophis aurigulus Baja California Striped Whip Snake
Cape Striped Whip Snake
Masticophis barbouri Espiritu Santo Striped Whip Snake
Masticophis bilineatus Sonoran Whip Snake
Masticophis flagellum Coachwhip
Masticophis fuliginosus Baja California Coachwhip
Masticophis lateralis Pacific Striped Racer
(Striped Racer)
Masticophis mentovarius Neotropical Whip Snake
Tropical Whip Snake, Central American Coachwhip
Masticophis schotti Eastern Striped Whip Snake
(Schott's Whip Snake)
Masticophis slevini San Esteban Island Whip Snake
Masticophis taeniatus Western Striped Whip Snake
(Striped Whip Snake)
Mastigodryas Neotropical Lizard Eaters
Saurophiles, (Neotropical Racers)
Mastigodryas alternatus Central American Lizard Eater
Mastigodryas amarali Venezuelan Lizard Eater
Yellow-necked Tropical Racer
Mastigodryas bifossatus Eastern Lizard Eater
Rio Tropical Racer, Swamp Racer
Mastigodryas boddaerti Brown Lizard Eater
Brown Lined Snake, Tan Racer
Mastigodryas bruesi Lesser Antilles Lizard Eater
Windward Tree Racer, (White Snake)
Mastigodryas cliftoni West Mexican Lizard Eater
(Clifton's Lizard Eater)
Mastigodryas danieli Colombian Lizard Eater
Mastigodryas dorsalis Striped Lizard Eater
Mastigodryas heathi Peruvian Lizard Eater
Mastigodryas melanolomus Salmon-bellied Lizard Eater
Common Lizard Eater, Dryad Snake, Salmon-bellied Racer, Middle American Smooth-scaled Racer
Mastigodryas moratoi Amazon Lizard Eater
Mastigodryas pleei Many-lined Lizard Eater
Many-lined Tropical Racer
Mastigodryas pulchriceps Quito Lizard Eater
Mastigodryas reticulatus Guayaquil Lizard Eater
Meizodon African Smooth Snakes
Bush Snakes
Meizodon coronatus West African Crowned Snake
Coroneted Smooth Snake
Meizodon krameri Tana Delta Smooth Snake
Meizodon plumbiceps Black-headed Smooth Snake
Meizodon regularis Eastern Crowned Smooth Snake
Eastern Crowned Snake
Meizodon semiornatus Semi-ornate Smooth Snake
Semi-ornate Snake, Southern Semi-ornate Snake, Barred Bush Snake
Micrelaps Afro-Asian Black-headed Snakes
Micrelaps bicoloratus Kenyan Two-coloured Snake
Kenya Two-headed Snake
Micrelaps muelleri Israelian Black-headed Snake
(Mueller's Ground Viper, Müller's Two-headed Snake)
Micrelaps tchernovi Jordanian Black-headed Snake
(Chernov's Chainling)
Micrelaps vaillanti Somali Black-headed Snake
Micropisthodon Chevron-necked Snake
Micropisthodon ochraceus Chevron-necked Snake
Mimophis Madagascar Sand Snake
Mimophis mahafalensis Madagascar Sand Snake
Montaspis Cream-spotted Mountain Snake
Montaspis gilvomaculata Cream-spotted Mountain Snake
Mussurana Brazilian Snake Eaters
Brazilian Mussuranas
Mussurana bicolor Two-coloured Snake Eater
Mussurana montana Mountain Snake Eater
Mussurana quimi South Brazilian Snake Eater
Myersophis Luzon Alpine Snake
Myersophis alpestris Luzon Alpine Snake
Myron Indo-Australian Mangrove Snakes
Myron karnsi Aru Islands Mangrove Snake
Myron resetari Broome Mangrove Snake
Myron richardsoni Eastern Mangrove Snake
(Richardson's Mangrove Snake, Richardson's Grey Mangrove Snake)
Myrrophis Indo-Chinese Mud Snakes
Myrrophis bennetti Mangrove Mud Snake
Mangrove Water Snake, (Bennett's Mud Snake, Bennett's Water Snake)
Myrrophis chinensis Chinese Mud Snake
Chinese Rice Paddy Snake, Chinese Water Snake, Tang Water Snake
Natriciteres African Marsh Snakes
Natriciteres bipostocularis Southwestern Forest Marsh Snake
Natriciteres fuliginoides Collared Marsh Snake
Brown Marsh Snake
Natriciteres olivacea Olive Marsh Snake
Collarless Marsh Snake, Olive Grass Snake, Black-backed Grass Snake, Black-backed Water Snake, (Common Water Snake, Olive Water Snake)
Natriciteres pembana Pemba Marsh Snake
Dwarf Marsh Snake
Natriciteres sylvatica Eastern Forest Marsh Snake
(Forest Marsh Snake)
Natriciteres variegata Variable Marsh Snake
Variegated Marsh Snake, (Forest Marsh Snake)
Natrix Eurasian Keelbacks
Eurasian Water Snakes, Common Water Snakes, True Keelbacks, Eurasian Grass Snakes
Natrix maura Viperine Grass Snake
Viperine Snake, Viperine Water Snake, Lizard Grass Snake
Natrix megalocephala Big-headed Grass Snake
Large-headed Water Snake, Colchis Water Snake
Natrix natrix Common European Grass Snake
Natrix tesselata Dice Snake
Diced Water Snake, Tesselated Water Snake, Blotched Water Snake
Nerodia North American Water Snakes
Nerodia clarkii Salt Marsh Water Snake
Salt Marsh Snake
Nerodia cyclopion Mississippi Green Water Snake
Nerodia erythrogaster Plain-bellied Water Snake
Nerodia fasciata Southern Water Snake
Nerodia floridana Eastern Green Water Snake
Florida Green Water Snake
Nerodia harteri Brazos River Water Snake
(Harter's Water Snake)
Nerodia paucimaculata Concho Water Snake
Nerodia rhombifera Diamondback Water Snake
Nerodia sipedon Northern Water Snake
Nerodia taxispilota American Brown Water Snake
Ninia Coffee Snakes
Ninia atrata Red-naped Coffee Snake
Ninia celata Pale-collared Coffee Snake
Ninia diademata Ring-necked Coffee Snake
Black Coffee Snake
Ninia espinali Honduran Dark Coffee Snake
Ninia hudsoni Guyana White-collared Coffee Snake
Ninia maculata Spotted Coffee Snake
Spotted Woodsnake
Ninia pavimentata Guatemalan Coffee Snake
Ninia psephota Checkered Coffee Snake
Ninia sebae Red-backed Coffee Snake
Red Coffee Snake
Nothopsis Rugose Litter Snake
Nothopsis rugosus Rugose Litter Snake
Rough Coffee Snake
Ocyophis Jamaican & Hispaniolan Green Racers
Ocyophis ater Jamaican Racer
Ocyophis melanichnus Hispaniolan Green Racer
Oligodon Kukri Snakes
Oligodon affinis Western Kukri Snake
Oligodon albocinctus White-barred Kukri Snake
Light-barred Kukri Snake, White-striped Kukri Snake, Ladderback
Oligodon ancorus Luzon Kukri Snake
Oligodon annamensis Annam Kukri Snake
(Leviton's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon annulifer Indonesian Spotted Kukri Snake
Oligodon arnensis Russet Kukri Snake
Common Kukri Snake, (Banded Kukri Snake)
Oligodon barroni Chonburi Kukri Snake
(Barron’s Kukri Snake)
Oligodon bitorquatus Javanese Mountain Kukri Snake
(Boie's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon booliati Tioman Kukri Snake
(Boo Liat's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon brevicauda Short-tailed Kukri Snake
(Striped Kukri Snake)
Oligodon calamarius Reed Kukri Snake
Reed-like Kukri Snake, (Templeton's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon catenatus Chain-banded Kukri Snake
Assam Kukri Snake, Northeastern Kukri Snake, (Blyth's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon chinensis Chinese Kukri Snake
Oligodon cinereus Black-barred Kukri Snake
Black-striped Kukri Snake, Grey Kukri Snake, Ashy Kukri Snake, Golden Kukri Snake
Oligodon cruentatus Pegu Kukri Snake
Oligodon cyclurus Northeast Indian Kukri Snake
(Cantor's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon deuvei Orange-striped Kukri Snake
(Deuve's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon dorsalis Spot-tailed Kukri Snake
Red-tailed Kukri Snake
Oligodon dorsolateralis Side-striped Kukri Snake
Oligodon eberhardti Tam Dao Kukri Snake
(Eberhardt's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon erythrogaster Red-bellied Kukri Snake
Oligodon erythrorhachis Red-striped Kukri Snake
Oligodon everetti Jewelled Kukri Snake
Oligodon fasciolatus Small-banded Kukri Snake
Fasciolated Kukri Snake, (Banded Kukri Snake)
Oligodon forbesi Tanimbar Striped Kukri Snake
Oligodon formosanus Taiwan Kukri Snake
Beautiful Kukri Snake
Oligodon hamptoni Sagaing Kukri Snake
(Hampton's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon inornatus Southeast Asian Plain Kukri Snake
Inornate Kukri Snake, Unicoloured Kukri Snake
Oligodon jintakunei Krabi Kukri Snake
(Jintakune's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon joynsoni Grey Kukri Snake
(Joynson's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon juglandifer Darjeeling Kukri Snake
Walnut Kukri Snake
Oligodon kampucheaensis Phnom Samkos Kukri Snake
Oligodon kheriensis Coral Kukri Snake
Oligodon lacroixi Lao Cai Kukri Snake
(Lacroix' Kukri Snake)
Oligodon lungshenensis Longsheng Kukri Snake
Oligodon macrurus Long-tailed Kukri Snake
Oligodon maculatus Philippine Spotted Kukri Snake
Barred Short-headed Snake
Oligodon mcdougalli Arakan Kukri Snake
Oligodon melaneus Black Kukri Snake
Oligodon melanozonatus Adi Kukri Snake
(Wall's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon meyerinkii Sulu Kukri Snake
(Meyerink's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon modestus Spotted-bellied Kukri Snake
Spotted-bellied Short-headed Snake
Oligodon moricei Khanh Hoa Kukri Snake
(Morice's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon mouhoti Cambodian Kukri Snake
(Mouhot's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon multizonatus Luding Kukri Snake
Oligodon nagao Lang Son Kukri Snake
Nagao Kukri Snake
Oligodon nikhili Kodaikanal Kukri Snake
(Nikhil's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon ningshaanensis Ningshaan Kukri Snake
Oligodon ocellatus Ocellated Kukri Snake
Eyed Kukri Snake
Oligodon octolineatus Eight-lined Kukri Snake
(Striped Kukri Snake)
Oligodon ornatus Ornate Kukri Snake
Oligodon perkinsi Culion Kukri Snake
Oligodon petronellae Sumatran Kukri Snake
(Petronella's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon planiceps Flat-headed Kukri Snake
Oligodon praefrontalis Weh Island Kukri Snake
Oligodon propinquus Javanese Kukri Snake
Oligodon pseudotaeniatus Khorat Kukri Snake
False Striped Kukri Snake
Oligodon pulcherrimus Padang Kukri Snake
Oligodon purpurascens Purple Kukri Snake
Brown Kukri Snake
Oligodon saintgironsi Dong Nai Blotched Kukri Snake
(Saint Girons' Kukri Snake)
Oligodon signatus Barred Kukri Snake
(Half-keeled Kukri Snake)
Oligodon splendidus Splendid Kukri Snake
Oligodon subcarinatus Half-keeled Kukri Snake
Oligodon sublineatus Streaked Kukri Snake
(Dumeril's Kukri Snake)
Oligodon taeniatus Striped Kukri Snake
Oligodon taeniolatus Variegated Kukri Snake
(Russell's Kukri Snake, Streaked Kukri Snake)
Oligodon theobaldi Mandalay Kukri Snake
Burmese Kukri Snake, (Theobald’s Kukri Snake)
Oligodon torquatus Garlanded Kukri Snake
Oligodon travancoricus Travancore Kukri Snake
Oligodon trilineatus Three-lined Kukri Snake
Oligodon unicolor Tanimbar Plain Kukri Snake
Oligodon venustus Black-spotted Kukri Snake
Oligodon vertebralis Dark-spined Kukri Snake
Oligodon wagneri Nias Kukri Snake
Oligodon woodmasoni Yellow-striped Kukri Snake
Oligodon waandersi Sulawesi Kukri Snake
(Bleeker's Kukri Snake)
Omoadiphas Honduran Mountain Forest Snakes
Omoadiphas aurula Yellow-bellied Mountain Forest Snake
Omoadiphas cannula Agalta Mountain Forest Snake
Omoadiphas texiguatensis Yoro Mountain Forest Snake
Oocatochus Red-backed Rat Snake
Oocatochus rufodorsata Red-backed Rat Snake
Viviparous Rat Snake
Opheodrys North American Green Snakes
Opheodrys aestivus Rough Green Snake
Opheodrys vernalis Smooth Green Snake
Opisthotropis Mountain Stream Snakes
Mountain Water Snakes
Opisthotropis alcalai Mindanao Stream Snake
Opisthotropis andersoni Hong Kong Stream Snake
(Anderson's Stream Snake, Anderson's Mountain Keelback)
Opisthotropis atra (no common name)
Opisthotropis balteata Banded Stream Snake
Hainan Stream Snake, Hainan Mountain Keelback
Opisthotropis cheni Guangdong Stream Snake
Opisthotropis cucae Kon Tum Stream Snake
(Cuc's Mountain Snake)
Opisthotropis daovantieni Gia Lai Stream Snake
(Dao Van Tien's Stream Snake, Dao Van Tien's Mountain Keelback)
Opisthotropis guangxiensis Guangxi Stream Snake
Opisthotropis jacobi Chapa Mountain Keelback
(Jacob's Stream Snake, Jacob's Mountain Keelback)
Opisthotropis kikuzatoi Ryukyu Stream Snake
(Kikuzato's Stream Snake, Kikuzato's Brook Snake)
Opisthotropis kuatunensis Striped Stream Snake
Opisthotropis lateralis Bicoloured Stream Snake
Man-Son Mountain Stream Snake, Tonkin Mountain Keelback, Bicoloured Keelback
Opisthotropis latouchii South Chinese Stream Snake
(Sichuan Mountain Keelback)
Opisthotropis laui Mount Gudou Stream Snake
Opisthotropis maculosa Yellow-spotted Mountain Stream Snake
Opisthotropis maxwelli Fujian Stream Snake
Opisthotropis rugosa Sumatran Stream Snake
(Javanese Stream Snake)
Opisthotropis spenceri Lampang Stream Snake
(Spencer’s Stream Snake, Spencer’s Mountain Keelback)
Opisthotropis tamdaoensis Tam Dao Mountain Stream Snake
Opisthotropis typica Olive Stream Snake
Corrugated Water Snake
Oreocalamus Malaysian Mountain Reed Snake
Oreocalamus hanitschi Malaysian Mountain Reed Snake
(Hanitsch's Reed Snake, Mountain Reed Snake)
Oreocryptophis Red Mountain Rat Snake
Oreocryptophis porphyraceus Red Mountain Rat Snake
Black-striped Trinket Snake, Black-banded Trinket Snake, Banded Trinket Snake, Red Mountain Racer, Red Bamboo Trinket Snake, Red Bamboo Snake
Orthriophis Trinket Rat Snakes
Orthriophis cantoris Eastern Trinket Snake
Darjeeling Trinket Snake, (Cantor's Rat Snake)
Orthriophis hodgsonii Himalayan Trinket Snake
(Hodgson's Rat Snake)
Orthriophis moellendorffi Red-headed Rat Snake
Hundred Flower Snake, Flower Snake, (Moellendorff's Rat Snake, Moellendorff's Trinket Snake)
Orthriophis taeniurus Stripe-tailed Rat Snake
Striped Trinket Snake, Stripe-tailed Racer, Black-tailed Racer, Beauty Snake, (Striped Racer, Cave Racer)
Oxybelis Neotropical Vine Snakes
American Vine Snakes, Horsewhip Snakes
Oxybelis aeneus Brown Vine Snake
Narrow-headed Brown Vine Snake, Neotropical Vine Snake, Ashy Tree Snake
Oxybelis brevirostris Short-nosed Vine Snake
Oxybelis fulgidus Green Vine Snake
Green Whip Snake, Emerald Tree Snake
Oxybelis wilsoni Yellow Vine Snake
Oxyrhabdium Philippine Burrowing Snakes
Oxyrhabdium leporinum Philippine Banded Burrowing Snake
Oxyrhabdium modestum Philippine Plain Burrowing Snake
Philippine Shrub Snake
Oxyrhopus Calico Snakes
Calico False Coral Snakes
Oxyrhopus clathratus Southern Brazilian Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus doliatus Venezuelan Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus erdisii Cusco Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus fitzingeri Peruvian Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus formosus Yellow-headed Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus guibei Parana Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus leucomelas Tolima Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus marcapatae Marcapata Valley Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus melanogenys Black-headed Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus occipitalis Northern Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus petolarius Banded Calico Snake
Calico False Coral Snake, White-bellied False Coral Snake, Narrow-banded False Coral Snake, Red-banded Snake
Oxyrhopus rhombifer Rhombic Calico Snake
Amazon Calico Snake
Oxyrhopus trigeminus Northern Brazilian Calico Snake
Brazilian False Coral Snake
Oxyrhopus vanidicus Leticia Calico Snake
Pantherophis North American Rat Snakes
Pantherophis alleghaniensis Eastern Rat Snake
(Black Rat Snake, Pilot Black Snake, Chicken Snake)
Pantherophis bairdi Rio Grande Rat Snake
(Baird's Rat Snake)
Pantherophis emoryi Great Plains Rat Snake
Pantherophis guttatus Red Corn Snake
Pantherophis obsoletus Texas Rat Snake
Pantherophis ramspotti Western Fox Snake
Pantherophis slowinskii Kisatchie Corn Snake
(Slowinski's Corn Snake)
Pantherophis spiloides Grey Rat Snake
Central Rat Snake
Pantherophis vulpinus Eastern Fox Snake (previously known as Western Fox Snake
see remarks)
Parahelicops Oriental Stream Snakes
Parahelicops annamensis Annam Stream Snake
Annam Keelback
Parahelicops boonsongi Thai Stream Snake
(Boonsong’s Stream Snake, Boonsong’s Keelback)
Paraphimophis Rusty Snake Eater
Paraphimophis rusticus Rusty Snake Eater
Pararhabdophis Chapa Flat-nosed Snake
Pararhabdophis chapaensis Chapa Flat-nosed Snake
Sapa Flat-nosed Snake
Pararhadinaea Black-bellied Burrowing Snake
Pararhadinaea melanogaster Black-bellied Burrowing Snake
Parastenophis Betsileo White-banded Tree Snake
Parastenophis betsileanus Betsileo White-banded Tree Snake
Paratapinophis Brown Stream Snake
Paratapinophis praemaxillaris Brown Stream Snake
(Angel’s Mountain Keelback)
Pareas Oriental Slug Eaters
Oriental Slug-eating Snakes, Oriental Slug Snakes, Asian Snail-eating Snakes, Oriental Blunt-headed Snakes, Oriental Chunk-headed Snakes, Oriental Night Snakes, (Broad-headed Snakes)
Pareas boulengeri Guizhou Slug Eater
Pareas carinatus Keeled Slug Eater
Keeled Slug Snake
Pareas chinensis Chinese Slug Eater
Pareas formosensis Taiwanese Slug Eater
Pareas hamptoni Burmese Slug Eater
(Hampton's Slug Eater)
Pareas iwasakii Ryukyu Slug Eater
(Iwasaki's Snail-eating Snake)
Pareas macularius Black-spotted Slug Eater
Spotted Slug Eater, Darjeeling Slug Eater
Pareas margaritophorus White-spotted Slug Eater
Northern Mountain Slug Snake
Pareas monticola Assam Slug Eater
(Mountain Slug Snake)
Pareas nigriceps Black-headed Slug Eater
Pareas nuchalis Barred Slug Eater
Pareas stanleyi Fujian Slug Eater
Phalotris South American Collared Snakes
Phalotris bilineatus Two-lined White-collared Snake
Phalotris concolor Plain White-collared Snake
Phalotris cuyanus Mendoza White-collared Snake
Phalotris labiomaculatus Lip-spotted White-collared Snake
Phalotris lativittatus Broad-striped White-collared Snake
Phalotris lemniscatus Southern Black-sided White-collared Snake
(Dumeril's Diadem Snake)
Phalotris matogrossensis Mato Grosso White-collared Snake
Phalotris mertensi Sao Paulo Reticulated White-collared Snake
Phalotris multipunctatus Many-spotted White-collared Snake
Phalotris nasutus Snouted Collared Snake
Phalotris nigrilatus Paraguayan Black-sided White-collared Snake
Phalotris reticulatus Southern Reticulated White-collared Snake
Phalotris sansebastiani Bolivian White-collared Snake
Phalotris tricolor Tricolor White-collared Snake
Philodryas South American Bush Racers
South American Green Racers, South American Green Snakes, Pampas Racers, Palm Snakes
Philodryas aestiva East Brazilian Green Bush Racer
Brazilian Green Racer
Philodryas arnaldoi Brazilian Speckled Racer
(Arnaldo's Bush Racer)
Philodryas baroni Long-nosed Bush Racer
(Baron's Racer, Baron's Bush Racer)
Philodryas boliviana Bolivian Striped Bush Racer
Bolivian Racer
Philodryas chamissonis Chilean Bush Racer
Chilean Racer
Philodryas cordata Guaiquinima Bush Racer
Philodryas laticeps Bolivian Green Bush Racer
Bolivian Green Tree Snake
Philodryas livida Blue Bush Racer
Philodryas mattogrossensis Mato Grosso Bush Racer
Two-coloured Racer, Miranda Green Racer
Philodryas nattereri Paraguayan Bush Racer
Brown Racer
Philodryas olfersii Common Green Bush Racer
(Lichtenstein's Bush Racer, Lichtenstein's Green Racer)
Philodryas patagoniensis Patagonian Bush Racer
Patagonian Green Racer, Savanna Racer
Philodryas psammophidea South American Striped Racer
(Günther's Bush Racer, Günther's Green Racer)
Philodryas simonsii Cajamarca Bush Racer
(Simons' Racer, Simons' Bush Racer)
Philodryas tachymenoides Arequipa Bush Racer
Peruvian Bush Racer, Twin-spotted Racer
Philodryas trilineata Argentine Racer
Argentine Mousehole Snake, (Burmeister's Bush Racer)
Philodryas varia Variegated Bush Racer
Philodryas viridissima Emerald Bush Racer
Emerald Palm Snake, Two-colored Green Tree Snake, Green Bush Racer, Common Bush Racer, Common Green Racer, Northern Green Tree Snake
Philothamnus African Green Snakes
African Bush Snakes
Philothamnus angolensis Angolan Green Snake
Western Green Snake
Philothamnus battersbyi Northeastern Green Snake
Common Green Snake, Green Water Snake, Green Bush Snake, (Battersby's Green Snake)
Philothamnus bequaerti Uganda Green Snake
(Bequaert's Green Snake)
Philothamnus carinatus Barred Green Snake
Grey Bush Snake, (Strange-scaled Green Snake, Thirteen-scaled Green Snake)
Philothamnus dorsalis Brown-snouted Green Snake
Stripe-backed Bush Snake, Striped Wood Snake
Philothamnus girardi Annobon Green Snake
Pagalu Wood Snake
Philothamnus heterodermus Emerald Green Snake
Forest Green Snake, Variable Tree Snake, Variable Green Snake, Gabon Bush Snake
Philothamnus heterolepidotus Slender Green Snake
(Strange-scaled Green Snake)
Philothamnus hoplogaster Southeastern Green Snake
Green Water Snake, Short-tailed Green Snake
Philothamnus hughesi Congo Green Snake
(Hughes' Green Snake)
Philothamnus irregularis Irregular Green Snake
Western Green Snake, (Emin's Green Snake)
Philothamnus macrops Usambara Green Snake
Philothamnus natalensis Natal Green Snake
Eastern Green Snake
Philothamnus nitidus Shiny Forest Green Snake
Cameroon Wood Snake
Philothamnus ornatus Ornate Green Snake
Ornate Water Snake, Stripe-backed Green Snake
Philothamnus punctatus Speckled Green Snake
(Spotted Bush Snake, Spotted Green Snake)
Philothamnus ruandae Rwanda Emerald Green Snake
Rwanda Forest Green Snake
Philothamnus semivariegatus Variegated Bush Snake
Variegated Green Snake, (Spotted Bush Snake, Spotted Wood Snake)
Philothamnus thomensis Sao Thome Green Snake
Sao Thome Wood Snake
Phimophis South American Shovel-nosed Snakes
(Pampas Snakes)
Phimophis guerini Argentine Shovel-nosed Snake
(Argentine Pampas Snake)
Phimophis guianensis Northern Tropical Shovel-nosed Snake
(Troschel's Pampas Snake)
Phimophis vittatus Striped Shovel-nosed Snake
Phisalixella Madagascar Banded Tree Snakes
Phisalixella arctifasciatus Black-naped Banded Tree Snake
Phisalixella iarakaensis Iaraka Banded Tree Snake
Phisalixella tulearensis Western Banded Tree Snake
Phisalixella variabilis Northern Banded Tree Snake
Phyllorhynchus American Leaf-nosed Snakes
Phyllorhynchus browni Saddled Leaf-nosed Snake
Phyllorhynchus decurtatus Spotted Leaf-nosed Snake
Pituophis Bullsnakes
Pine Snakes, and Gopher Snakes
Pituophis catenifer Gopher Snake
Pituophis deppei Mexican Bullsnake
(Deppe's Gopher Snake)
Pituophis insulanus Cedros Island Gopher Snake
Pituophis lineaticollis Middle American Gopher Snake
Pituophis melanoleucus Common Pine Snake
Pituophis ruthveni Louisiana Pine Snake
Pituophis vertebralis Cape Gopher Snake
San Lucan Gopher Snake
Plagiopholis Blotch-necked Snakes
Asian Mountain Snakes
Plagiopholis blakewayi Burmese Blotch-necked Snake
(Blakeway's Blotch-necked Snake, Blakeway's Mountain Snake)
Plagiopholis delacouri Laotian Blotch-necked Snake
(Delacour's Blotch-necked Snake, Delacour's Mountain Snake)
Plagiopholis nuchalis Common Blotch-necked Snake
(Assam Mountain Snake)
Plagiopholis styani Fujian Blotch-necked Snake
(Common Mountain Snake)
Plagiopholis unipostocularis Yunnan Blotch-necked Snake
Platyceps Flat-headed Whip Snakes
Platyceps afarensis Djibouti Whip Snake
Platyceps brevis Somali Dwarf Whip Snake
Somali Dwarf Racer, Somali Racer
Platyceps collaris Red Whip Snake
Reddish Whip Snake, Red-headed Whip Snake
Platyceps elegantissimus Elegant Whip Snake
Most Beautiful Whip Snake, Elegant Racer
Platyceps florulentus Egyptian Whip Snake
Flowered Snake, Flowered Racer, (Geoffroy's Racer)
Platyceps insulanus Farasan Whip Snake
Farasan Racer
Platyceps karelini Spotted Desert Whip Snake
Banded Desert Racer
Platyceps ladacensis Ladakh Whip Snake
Ladakh Racer, Eastern Cliff Racer, Stripeless Wood Snake
Platyceps largeni Dahlak Whip Snake
Platyceps manseri Arabian Whip Snake
(Manser's Whip Snake, Manser's Black Snake)
Platyceps messanai Nogal Valley Whip Snake
(Messana's Racer)
Platyceps mintonorum Pakistani Whip Snake
(Mintons' Racer)
Platyceps najadum European Slender Whip Snake
Light Green Whip Snake, Olive Slender Racer
Platyceps rhodorachis Wadi Whip Snake
Wadi Racer, Cliff Whip Snake, Desert Racer, Red-striped Wood Snake, Braid Snake, (Jan's Cliff Racer, Jan's Whip Snake
Platyceps rogersi Western Spotted Whip Snake
Spotted Racer, (Anderson's Whip Snake, Roger's Whip Snake)
Platyceps sinai Sinai Whip Snake
Sinai Banded Snake
Platyceps somalicus Ogaden Whip Snake
Ogaden Racer, Audo Racer
Platyceps subnigra Blackish Whip Snake
Platyceps taylori Somali Whip Snake
(Taylor's Whip Snake, Taylor's Racer)
Platyceps tesselata Sarahan Cliff Racer
Saraha Racer
Platyceps thomasi Oman Whip Snake
(Thomas' Whip Snake, Thomas' Racer)
Platyceps variabilis Yemen Whip Snake
Variable Racer
Platyceps ventromaculatus Eastern Spotted Whip Snake
Glossy-bellied Whip Snake, Glossy-bellied Racer, (Gray's Racer, Hardwick's Rat Snake)
Platyceps zebrinus Kunene Whip Snake
Cunene Racer, Zebra Racer
Plesiodipsas Sierra de Perijá Snail Eater
Plesiodipsas perijanensis Sierra de Perijá Snail Eater
(Alemán's Snail Eater)
Pliocercus Big-scaled False Coral Snakes
Pliocercus andrewsi Yucatan False Coral Snake
(Andrews' False Coral Snake)
Pliocercus bicolor Northern False Coral Snake
Pliocercus dimidiatus Central American False Coral Snake
Pliocercus elapoides Variegated False Coral Snake
Long-tailed False Coral Snake
Pliocercus euryzonus Southern False Coral Snake
Black Halloween Snake, Halloween Snake, (Cope's False Coral Snake)
Poecilopholis Efulen Burrowing Snake
Poecilopholis cameronensis Efulen Burrowing Snake
Polemon African Snake Eaters
Polemon acanthias Five-striped Snake Eater
Polemon barthii Guinea Snake Eater
Polemon bocourti Lambaréné Snake Eater
(Bocourt's Snake Eater)
Polemon christyi Eastern Snake Eater
(Christy's Snake Eater)
Polemon collaris Fawn-headed Snake Eater
(Pale-collared Snake Eater, Collared Snake Eater)
Polemon fulvicollis Yellow-necked Snake Eater
Franceville Snake Eater, (Collared Snake Eater)
Polemon gabonensis Gabon Snake Eater
Three-striped Snake Eater
Polemon gracilis Slender Snake Eater
Polemon graueri Central Lakes Snake Eater
Central Lake Region Snake Eater, (Pale-collared Snake Eater)
Polemon griseiceps Grey-headed Snake Eater
Polemon leopoldi Rwanda Snake Eater
Polemon neuwiedi West African Snake Eater
(Neuwied's Snake Eater)
Polemon notatus African Spotted Snake Eater
Cameroon Snake Eater
Polemon robustus Robust Snake Eater
Zaire Snake Eater
Prosymna Shovel-snout Snakes
Prosymna ambigua Central African Shovel-snout
(East African Shovel-snout), (Angolan Shovel-snout)
Prosymna angolensis Angolan Shovel-snout
Prosymna bivittata Two-striped Shovel-snout
Twin-striped Shovel-snout
Prosymna frontalis Southwestern Shovel-snout
Prosymna greigerti Sudanese Savanna Shovel-snout
(Greigert's Shovel-snout)
Prosymna janii Mozambique Shovel-snout
Black-headed Shovel-snout, Keel-scaled Shovel-snout
Prosymna meleagris Speckled Shovel-snout
Ghana Shovel-snout, White-spotted Snake, Western Wet Savanna Shovel-snout
Prosymna ornatissima Ornate Shovel-snout
Prosymna pitmani Multi-scaled Shovel-snout
(Pitman's Shovel-snout)
Prosymna ruspolii Southern Somali Shovel-snout
(Prince Ruspolii's Shovel-snout)
Prosymna semifasciata Banded Shovel-snout
Prosymna somalica Northern Somali Shovel-snout
Northern Somaliland Shovel-snout
Prosymna stuhlmannii East African Shovel-snout
Prosymna sundevalli Southern African Shovel-snout
Coppery Snake, South African Shovel-snout, (Sundevall's Shovel-snout)
Prosymna visseri Kaokoveld Shovel-snout
(Visser's Shovel-snout)
Psammodynastes Asian Mock Vipers
Psammodynastes pictus Painted Mock Viper
Psammodynastes pulverulentus Common Asian Mock Viper
Dark-spotted Mock Viper
Psammophis Old World Sand Snakes and Grass Snakes
Sun Snakes, Sand Racers, (Whip Snakes)
Psammophis aegyptius Sahara Sand Snake
Egyptian Sand Snake
Psammophis angolensis Dwarf Sand Snake
Angola Sand Snake, Pygmy Sand Snake
Psammophis ansorgii Benguela Sand Snake
(Ansorge's Whip Snake)
Psammophis biseriatus Eastern Link-marked Sand Snake
Two-striped Sand Snake
Psammophis brevirostris Short-snouted Grass Snake
Psammophis condanarus Oriental Sand Snake
Indo-Burmese Sand Snake, Condanarus Sand Snake, (Indian Sand Snake, Himalayan Sand Snake)
Psammophis crucifer Cross-marked Grass Snake
Montane Grass Snake
Psammophis elegans Elegant Sand Snake
Psammophis indochinensis Indo-Chinese Sand Snake
Psammophis jallae Zimbabwe Sand Snake
(Jalla's Sand Snake)
Psammophis leightoni Cape Sand Snake
(Leighton's Sand Snake)
Psammophis leithii Pakistani Sand Snake
Pakistan Ribbon Snake, Indian Ribbon Snake, Indian Ribbon Snake, (Leith's Sand Snake)
Psammophis leopardinus Leopard Sand Snake
Leopard Grass Snake, Chain-marked Grass Snake
Psammophis lineatus Lined Olympic Snake
Striped Olympic Snake (Buff-striped Grass Snake)
Psammophis lineolatus Steppe Sand Snake
Steppe Ribbon Snake
Psammophis longifrons Stout Sand Snake
Psammophis mossambicus East African Olive Grass Snake
(Olive Grass Snake, Hissing Sand Snake)
Psammophis namibensis Namib Sand Snake
Psammophis notostictus Karoo Sand Snake
Dapple-backed Sand Snake
Psammophis occidentalis Central African Olive Grass Snake
Psammophis orientalis Eastern Stripe-bellied Sand Snake
Psammophis phillipsi West African Olive Grass Snake
(Phillips' Sand Snake, Olive Grass Snake)
Psammophis praeornatus Ornate Olympic Snake
Ornate Grass Snake
Psammophis pulcher Beautiful Sand Snake
Psammophis punctulatus Northern Speckled Sand Snake
Psammophis rukwae Lake Rukwa Sand Snake
Psammophis schokari Arabian Sand Snake
Asian Sand Snake, Variable Sand Snake, Desert Sand Snake, Saharo-Sindian Ribbon Snake, (Schokari Sand Snake, Forskål's Sand Snake)
Psammophis sibilans Hissing Sand Snake
African Hissing Snake, Striped Sand Snake, African Beauty Snake, Large Brown Grass Snake, Olive Grass Snake, Olive Sand Snake, Sun Snake
Psammophis subtaeniatus Western Stripe-bellied Sand Snake
Southern Stripe-bellied Sand Snake
Psammophis sudanensis Sudanese Sand Snake
(Eastern Stripe-bellied Sand Snake)
Psammophis tanganicus Tanganyika Sand Snake
Western Link-marked Sand Snake
Psammophis trigrammus Western Sand Snake
Psammophis trinasalis Kalahari Sand Snake
Fork-marked Sand Snake
Psammophis trivirgatus Southern Speckled Sand Snake
Psammophis zambiensis Zambian Sand Snake
Zambian Whip Snake
Psammophylax Skaapstekers
African Grass Snakes
Psammophylax multisquamis Kenyan Striped Skaapsteker
Many-scaled Grass Snake
Psammophylax rhombeatus Spotted Skaapsteker
Rhombic Skaapsteker, Rhombic Grass Snake
Psammophylax tritaeniatus Southern Striped Skaapsteker
Striped Grass Snake, Three-lined Grass Snake, White-bellied Grass Snake
Psammophylax variabilis Grey-bellied Skaapsteker
Grey-bellied Grass Snake, Montane Grass Snake, Striped Grass Snake, Common Skaapsteker, (Striped Skaapsteker)
Pseudablabes Burrowing Night Snake
Pseudablabes agassizii Burrowing Night Snake
Pseudalsophis Galapagos & South American Elegant Racers
Pseudalsophis biserialis Eastern Galapagos Racer
Charles Island Racer
Pseudalsophis dorsalis Central Galapagos Racer
Galapagos Snake
Pseudalsophis elegans South American Elegant Racer
Pseudalsophis hoodensis Española Racer
Española Snake, Españolan Galapagos Racer
Pseudalsophis occidentalis Western Galapagos Racer
Narborough Island Racer, Fernandina Snake
Pseudalsophis slevini Banded Galapagos Racer
(Slevin's Racer, Slevin's Snake)
Pseudalsophis steindachneri Striped Galapagos Racer
(Steindachner's Racer, Steindachner's Snake)
Pseudaspis African Mole Snake
Pseudaspis cana African Mole Snake
Pseudelaphe Mexican Rat Snakes
Pseudelaphe flavirufa Mexican Rat Snake
Red-blotched Rat Snake, Yellow-red Rat Snake, Tropical Rat Snake, (Mexican Night Snake)
Pseudelaphe phaescens Yucatan Rat Snake
Yucatan Night Snake
Pseudoboa Neotropical Scarlet Snakes
Crowned False Boas
Pseudoboa coronata Black-headed Scarlet Snake
Amazon Scarlet Snake, Crowned False Boa
Pseudoboa haasi Parana Scarlet Snake
Pseudoboa martinsi Pale-collared Scarlet Snake
Pseudoboa neuwiedii Northern Scarlet Snake
Brown-and-Yellow Snake, (Eastern Scarlet Snake, Eastern Neotropical Scarlet Snake)
Pseudoboa nigra Blackish Scarlet Snake
Black False Boa
Pseudoboa serrana Southeastern Scarlet Snake
Pseudoboodon Ethiopian Labial-pitted Snakes
Pseudoboodon boehmei Slender Labial-pitted Snake
(Böhme's Ethiopian Snake)
Pseudoboodon gascae Eritrean Labial-pitted Snake
(Gasca's Ethiopian Snake)
Pseudoboodon lemniscatus Striped Labial-pitted Snake
Striped Ethiopian Snake
Pseudoboodon sandfordorum Central Highlands Labial-pitted Snake
(Sandfords' Ethiopian Snake)
Pseudoeryx Dusky Mud Snakes
Pseudoeryx plicatilis Dusky Mud Snake
South American Pond Snake
Pseudoeryx relictualis Lake Maracaibo Mud Snake
Pseudoferania Australian Mud Snake
Pseudoferania polylepis Australian Mud Snake
(Macleay's Mud Snake, Macleay's Smooth Water Snake, Macleay's Water Snake)
Pseudoficimia False Hook-nosed Snake
Pseudoficimia frontalis False Hook-nosed Snake
False Ficimia
Pseudoleptodeira False Cat-eyed Snake
Pseudoleptodeira latifasciata False Cat-eyed Snake
Pseudorabdion Dwarf Reed Snakes
(Burrowing Snakes)
Pseudorabdion albonuchalis White-collared Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion ater Zamboanga Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion collaris Red-necked Dwarf Reed Snake
(Mocquard's Reed Snake)
Pseudorabdion eiselti Sumatran Dwarf Reed Snake
(Eiselt's Dwarf Reed Snake)
Pseudorabdion longiceps Long-headed Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion mcnamarae Negros Dwarf Reed Snake
(McNamara's Burrowing Snake)
Pseudorabdion modiglianii Padang Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion montanum Mountain Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion oxycephalum Sharp-nosed Dwarf Reed Snake
(Günther's Dwarf Reed Snake)
Pseudorabdion sarasinorum Sulawesi Dwarf Reed Snake
(Sarasin's Reed Snake)
Pseudorabdion saravacensis Sarawak Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion sirambense Sirambi Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion talonuran Panay Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudorabdion taylori Mindanao Dwarf Reed Snake
Pseudotomodon Argentine Mock Lancehead
Pseudotomodon trigonatus Argentine Mock Lancehead
Pseudoxenodon False Cobras
Pseudoxenodon bambusicola Bamboo False Cobra
Bamboo Snake
Pseudoxenodon baramensis Baram False Cobra
Pseudoxenodon inornatus Javanese False Cobra
Pseudoxenodon jacobsonii Sumatran False Cobra
(Jacobson's False Cobra)
Pseudoxenodon karlschmidti Common Chinese False Cobra
Chinese Bamboo Snake, (Karl Schmidt's False Cobra, Schmidt's Mountain Keelback)
Pseudoxenodon macrops Common Large-eyed False Cobra
Big-eyed Mountain Keelback, Big-eyed Bamboo Snake, Darjeeling False Cobra
Pseudoxenodon stejnegeri Chinese Large-eyed False Cobra
Pseudoxyrhopus Madagascar Ground Snakes
Brook Snakes
Pseudoxyrhopus ambreensis Mount Ambre Ground Snake
Ambre Brook Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus analabe Anjanaharibe Ground Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus ankafinaensis Ankafina Ground Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus heterurus Night Ground Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus imerinae Imerina Ground Snake
Plateau Brook Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus kely Mandena Ground Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus microps Betsileo Ground Snake
Brown Brook Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus oblectator Ranomafana Ground Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus quinquelineatus Five-striped Ground Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus sokosoko Sokosoko Ground Snake
Pseudoxyrhopus tritaeniatus Three-striped Ground Snake
Pseustes Puffing Snakes
Neotropical Bird Snakes
Pseustes poecilonotus Common Puffing Snake
Mahogany Puffing Snake, Common Bird Snake, Bird-eating Tree Snake
Pseustes sexcarinatus Para Puffing Snake
Pseustes shropshirei Panamanian Puffing Snake
Pseustes sulphureus Yellow-bellied Puffing Snake
Amazon Puffing Snake, Yellow-throated Puffing Snake, Black-tailed Golden Snake, Giant Bird Snake
Psomophis Smooth Ground Snakes
Psomophis genimaculatus Spirit Ground Snake
Paraguayan Ground Snake
Psomophis joberti Brazilian Ground Snake
Psomophis obtusus Red-bellied Ground Snake
Wide Ground Snake
Ptyas Giant Rat Snakes
(Asian Rat Snakes)
Ptyas carinata Malayan Keeled Rat Snake
Black Giant Rat Snake, Carinated Rat Snake
Ptyas dhumnades Black-striped Rat Snake
Big-eyed Rat Snake, Dhamin Rat Snake
Ptyas dipsas Sulawesi Black Rat Snake
Ptyas fusca White-bellied Rat Snake
(Brown Rat Snake)
Ptyas korros Indo-Chinese Rat Snake
(Chinese Rat Snake, Schlegel's Rat Snake, Javan Rat Snake)
Ptyas luzonensis Smooth-scaled Mountain Rat Snake
Ptyas mucosa Common Oriental Rat Snake
Common Indian Rat Snake, Common Rat Snake, Dhaman, Greater Rat Snake, Rope Snake, (Oriental Rat Snake)
Ptyas nigromarginata Oriental Green Rat Snake
Black-bordered Rat Snake
Ptychophis Brazilian Yellow-striped Water Snake
Ptychophis flavovirgatus Brazilian Yellow-striped Water Snake
Fanged Water Snake
Pythonodipsas Western Keeled Snake
Pythonodipsas carinata Western Keeled Snake
Rabdion Sulawesi Pointed Snake
Rabdion forsteni Sulawesi Pointed Snake
(Forsten's Pointed Snake)
Regina Crayfish Snakes
Crawfish Snakes
Regina alleni Striped Crayfish Snake
Striped Swamp Snake
Regina grahami Mississippi Crayfish Snake
(Graham's Crayfish Snake)
Regina rigida Glossy Crayfish Snake
Regina septemvittata Queen Snake
Rhabdophis Asian Keelbacks
Rhabdophis adleri Hainan Keelback
(Adler's Keelback)
Rhabdophis angeli Tam Dao Keelback
(Angel's Keelback)
Rhabdophis auriculata White-lined Keelback
Rhabdophis barbouri Luzon Keelback
(Barbour's Keelback)
Rhabdophis callichroma Bavi Keelback
Black-barred Keelback, Coloured Keelback
Rhabdophis callistus Minahassa Keelback
(Boettger's Keelback)
Rhabdophis chrysargoides Javanese Keelback
Sahul Keelback, (Günther's Keelback)
Rhabdophis chrysargos Speckled-bellied Keelback
Speckled Keelback, Spotted Keelback, (Schlegel's Keelback)
Rhabdophis conspicillata Red-bellied Keelback
Rhabdophis himalayana Himalayan Keelback
Rhabdophis leonardi Burmese Mountain Keelback
(Leonard's Keelback)
Rhabdophis lineata Philippine Striped Keelback
Zigzag-lined Keelback
Rhabdophis murudensis Fire-lipped Keelback
Mount Murud Keelback, Gunung Murud Keelback
Rhabdophis nigrocincta Black-banded Keelback
Banded Keelback, (Green Keelback)
Rhabdophis nuchalis Collared Keelback
Groove-necked Keelback, Hubei Keelback, (Green Keelback)
Rhabdophis pentasupralabialis Mount Gongga Keelback
Rhabdophis spilogaster Northern Philippine Keelback
Rhabdophis subminiata Red-necked Keelback
Rhabdophis swinhonis Taiwanese Black-necked Keelback
(Swinhoe's Keelback)
Rhabdophis tigrina Tiger Keelback
Japanese Keelback, Asian Tiger Snake, Chinese Tiger Snake, Yamakagashi, (Red-sided Water Snake)
Rhabdops South Asian Forest Snakes
Rhabdops bicolor Black-and-Yellow Forest Snake
Yellow-bellied Forest Snake, Two-coloured Forest Snake
Rhabdops olivaceus Olive Forest Snake
Rhachidelus Brazilian Bird Snake
Rhachidelus brazili Brazilian Bird Snake
Rhadinaea Graceful Brown Snakes
Litter Snakes
Rhadinaea bogertorum Oaxacan Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea calligaster Thick Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea cuneata Veracruz Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea decorata Adorned Graceful Brown Snake
Pink-bellied Litter Snake, Striped Forest Snake
Rhadinaea flavilata Pine Woods Snake
Rhadinaea forbesi Jalapa Graceful Brown Snake
(Forbes' Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea fulvivittis Ribbon Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea gaigeae San Luis Potosí Graceful Brown Snake
(Gaige's Pine Forest Snake)
Rhadinaea hesperia Western Graceful Brown Snake
Evening Litter Snake
Rhadinaea laureata Crowned Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea macdougalli Buena Vista Graceful Brown Snake
(MacDougall's Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea marcellae Xilitla Graceful Brown Snake
(Marcella's Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea montana Nuevo Leon Graceful Brown Snake
Nuevo Leon Yellow-lipped Snake
Rhadinaea myersi Sierra Madre del Sur Graceful Brown Snake
(Myers' Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinaea omiltemana Guerrero Pine Woods Snake
Rhadinaea pulveriventris Black-naped Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea quinquelineata Pueblan Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea sargenti Panamanian Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinaea taeniata Pine-Oak Snake
Rhadinaea vermiculaticeps Vermiculate Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinella Dwarf Brown Snakes
Rhadinella anachoreta Izabal Dwarf Brown Snake
Reclusive Forest Snake
Rhadinella godmani Central American Dwarf Brown Snake
(Godman's Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinella hannsteini Spot-lipped Dwarf Brown Snake
(Hannstein's Spotted-lipped Snake)
Rhadinella hempsteadae Alta Verapaz Dwarf Brown Snake
(Hempstead's Pine Woods Snake)
Rhadinella kanalchutchan Kanalchutchan Dwarf Brown Snake
Kanalchutchan Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinella kinkelini Nicaraguan Dwarf Brown Snake
(Kinkelin's Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinella lachrymans Tearful Pine-Oak Snake
Rhadinella montecristi Salvadoran Dwarf Brown Snake
Rhadinella pegosalyta Solid-striped Dwarf Brown Snake
Rhadinella pilonaorum Santa Rosa Dwarf Brown Snake
Rhadinella posadasi Volcán Zunil Dwarf Brown Snake
(Posada's Graceful Brown Snake)
Rhadinella rogerromani Saslaya Mountains Dwarf Brown Snake
Rhadinella schistosa Broken-collared Dwarf Brown Snake
Broken-collared Graceful Brown Snake
Rhadinella serperaster Costa Rican Dwarf Brown Snake
Rhadinella stadelmani Todos Santos Dwarf Brown Snake
Rhadinella tolpanorum Atlántida Dwarf Brown Snake
Rhadinophanes Graceful Mountain Snake
Rhadinophanes monticola Graceful Mountain Snake
Rhagerhis Moila Snake
Rhagerhis moilensis Moila Snake
Hooded Malpolon, (False Cobra)
Rhamnophis Dagger-tooth Tree Snakes
Rhamnophis aethiopissa Large-eyed Green Tree Snake
Green-and-black Tree Snake, Splendid Dagger-tooth Tree Snake, Rainbow Tree Snake
Rhamnophis batesii Spotted Dagger-tooth Tree Snake
(Bates' Tree Snake)
Rhamphiophis Beaked Snakes
Rhamphiophis acutus Eastern Striped Beaked Snake
Southern Striped Beaked Snake
Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus Western Beaked Snake
Western Brown Beaked Snake, Rufous Beaked Snake, Sharp-nosed Snake
Rhamphiophis rostratus Rufous Beaked Snake
Eastern Brown Beaked Snake
Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus Red-spotted Beaked Snake
Rhamphiophis togoensis Western Striped Beaked Snake
Rhinechis Ladder Snake
Rhinechis scalaris Ladder Snake
Rhinobothryum Ringed Snakes
Rhinobothryum bovallii False Tree Coral
Rhinobothryum lentiginosum Amazon Ringed Snake
Amazon Banded Snake
Rhinocheilus Long-nosed Snakes
Rhinocheilus etheridgei Cerralvo Island Long-nosed Snake
Rhinocheilus lecontei Long-nosed Snake
Rhynchocalamus Middle East Black-headed Snakes
Rhynchocalamus arabicus Aden Black-headed Snake
Aden Kukri Snake
Rhynchocalamus barani Turkish Black-headed Snake
Rhynchocalamus melanocephalus Palestinian Black-headed Snake
Black-headed Dwarf Snake, Black-headed Ground Snake, Palestine Kukri Snake
Rhynchophis Rhinoceros Rat Snake
Rhynchophis boulengeri Rhinoceros Rat Snake
Rhinoceros Snake, Rostellated Snake, Vietnamese Horned Snake
Rodriguesophis Collared Sharp-nosed Snakes
Rodriguesophis chui Santo Inácio Sharp-nosed Snake
Rodriguesophis iglesiasi Piaui Sharp-nosed Snake
Rodriguesophis scriptorcibatus Ibiraba Sharp-nosed Snake
Salvadora Patch-nosed Snakes
Salvadora bairdii Central Mexican Patch-nosed Snake
(Baird's Patch-nosed Snake)
Salvadora deserticola Big Bend Patch-nosed Snake
Salvadora grahamiae Eastern Patch-nosed Snake
Mountain Patch-nosed Snake
Salvadora hexalepis Western Patch-nosed Snake
Salvadora intermedia Oaxacan Patch-nosed Snake
Salvadora lemniscata Pacific Patch-nosed Snake
Salvadora mexicana Mexican Patch-nosed Snake
Saphenophis Andean Smooth Ground Snakes
Saphenophis antioquiensis Antioquia Smooth Ground Snake
Saphenophis atahuallpae Atahualpa Smooth Ground Snake
Saphenophis boursieri Quito Smooth Ground Snake
Saphenophis sneiderni Cauca Smooth Ground Snake
Saphenophis tristriatus Three-striped Smooth Ground Snake
Scaphiodontophis Neck-banded Snakes
American Many-toothed Snakes, Shovel-toothed Snakes
Scaphiodontophis annulatus Northern Neck-banded Snake
Skink Eater, Shovel-toothed Snake, Half Coral Snake
Scaphiodontophis venustissimus Southern Neck-banded Snake
Common Neck-banded Snake
Scaphiophis African Hook-nosed Snakes
(Beaked Snakes)
Scaphiophis albopunctatus Common African Hook-nosed Snake
Grey Beaked Snake, Sharp-nosed Snake
Scaphiophis raffreyi Ethiopian Hook-nosed Snake
Ethiopian Beaked Snake
Schwartzophis Jamaican Ground Snakes
Schwartzophis callilaemum Jamaican Red Ground Snake
Schwartzophis funereum Jamaican Black Ground Snake
Schwartzophis polylepis Jamaican Long-tailed Ground Snake
Scolecophis Central American Harlequin Snake
Scolecophis atrocinctus Central American Harlequin Snake
(Black-banded Snake)
Seminatrix Black Swamp Snake
Seminatrix pygaea Black Swamp Snake
Senticolis American Green Rat Snake
Senticolis triaspis American Green Rat Snake
Mountain Rat Snake, (Neotropical Rat Snake)
Sibon Central American Snail Eaters
Middle American Snail-eating Snakes, Neotropical Snail Suckers, Neotropical Slug Eaters
Sibon annulatus Ringed Snail Eater
Sibon anthracops White-naped Snail Eater
Sibon argus Argus Snail Eater
Sibon carri Tegucigalpa Snail Eater
Sibon dimidiatus Coral-backed Snail Eater
(Slender Snail Eater)
Sibon dunni Imbabura Snail Eater
Sibon lamari Costa Rican Snail Eater
Sibon linearis Lined Snail Eater
Sibon longifrenis Drab Snail Eater
Lichen-colored Snail Eater
Sibon manzanaresi Northeast Honduran Snail Eater
Sibon merendonensis Merendón Mountains Snail Eater
Sibon miskitus Mosquitia Snail Eater
Sibon nebulatus Clouded Snail Eater
Cloudy Snail Sucker, Speckled Snail Sucker
Sibon noalamina West Panamanian Snail Eater
Sibon perissostichon Fine-scaled Snail Eater
Sibon sanniolus Pygmy Snail Eater
Yucatan Snail Eater, Pygmy Snail Sucker
Sibynomorphus South American Slug Eaters
Sibynomorphus inaequifasciatus (no common name)
Sibynomorphus lavillai Argentine Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus mikanii Brazilian White-collared Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus neuwiedi Brazilian Banded Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus oligozonatus Azuay Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus oneilli Peruvian Amazon Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus petersi Zhila Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus turgidus Bolivian Slug Eater
Bolivian Tree Snake
Sibynomorphus vagrans Cajamarca Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus vagus Huancabamba Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus ventrimaculatus Southern Slug Eater
Sibynomorphus williamsi Lima Slug Eater
Sibynophis Oriental Black-headed Snakes
Oriental Blackheads, Asian Many-toothed Snakes
Sibynophis bistrigatus Pegu Black-headed Snake
Twin-streaked Black-headed Snake, (Günther's Black-headed Snake)
Sibynophis bivittatus Palawan Black-headed Snake
Sibynophis chinensis Chinese Black-headed Snake
(Chinese Mountain Snake)
Sibynophis collaris Collared Black-headed Snake
Common Black-headed Snake, Common Many-toothed Snake
Sibynophis geminatus Striped Black-headed Snake
Striped Litter Snake, (Boie's Many-toothed Snake)
Sibynophis melanocephalus Malayan Black-headed Snake
White-lipped Black-headed Snake, (Black-headed Collared Snake)
Sibynophis sagittarius Bengal Black-headed Snake
(Golden Snake, Cantor's Black-headed Snake)
Sibynophis subpunctatus Malabar Black-headed Snake
(Dumeril's Black-headed Snake)
Sibynophis triangularis Triangled Black-headed Snake
Triangle Many-tooth Snake
Simophis False Coral Snake
Simophis rhinostoma False Coral Snake
Sinonatrix Asian Water Snakes
Sinonatrix aequifasciata Equal-banded Water Snake
Chinese Spotted Keelback, Diamond-backed Water Snake, Blotched Water Snake, (Asian Water Snake)
Sinonatrix annularis Banded Water Snake
Ringed Keelback, Banded Ground Snake
Sinonatrix percarinata Chinese Keelback
Mountain Water Snake, Eastern Water Snake, (Boulenger's Water Snake, Olive Keelback)
Sinonatrix yunnanensis Yunnan Keelback
Siphlophis Liana Snakes
Siphlophis cervinus Common Liana Snake
Checker-bellied Snake, Checkerbelly
Siphlophis compressus Red-headed Liana Snake
Red-headed Water Snake, Red Vine Snake, Tropical Flat Snake
Siphlophis leucocephalus White-headed Liana Snake
Common Spotted Night Snake
Siphlophis longicaudatus Long-tailed Liana Snake
Siphlophis pulcher Guanabara Liana Snake
Guanabara Spotted Night Snake
Siphlophis worontzowi Amazon Liana Snake
(Worontzow's Spotted Night Snake)
Sonora North American Ground Snakes
Sonora aemula File-tailed Ground Snake
File-tailed Snake, (False Coral Snake)
Sonora aequalis Zacatecas Ground Snake
(Jalisco-Zacatecas Ground Snake)
Sonora michoacanensis Michoacan Ground Snake
Sonora mutabilis Mexican Ground Snake
Sonora semiannulata Western Ground Snake
Common Ground Snake
Sordellina Brazilian Yellow-lipped Snake
Sordellina punctata Brazilian Yellow-lipped Snake
Dotted Brown Snake
Spalerosophis Diadem Snakes
Royal Snakes
Spalerosophis arenarius Red-spotted Diadem Snake
Red-spotted Royal Snake
Spalerosophis atriceps Black-headed Diadem Snake
Black-headed Royal Snake, Variegated Diadem Snake
Spalerosophis diadema Common Diadem Snake
Common Royal Snake, (Clifford’s Rat Snake, Diademed Sand Snake)
Spalerosophis dolichospilus Mograbin Diadem Snake
Long-marked Diadem Snake, Long Marked Snake
Spalerosophis josephscorteccii Somali Diadem Snake
Spalerosophis microlepis Small-scaled Diadem Snake
(Jan's Diadem Snake)
Spilotes Chicken Snake
Spilotes pullatus Chicken Snake
Tiger Tree Snake, Tropical Tree Snake, Thunder and Lightning Snake, (Tiger Rat Snake, Yellow Rat Snake, Black and Yellow Rat Snake)
Stegonotus Indo-Australian Ground Snakes
Stegonotus batjanensis Batjan Ground Snake
Stegonotus borneensis Bornean Ground Snake
Bornean Red Snake, Bornean Black Snake
Stegonotus cucullatus Slaty-grey Ground Snake
Slate-grey Snake
Stegonotus diehli Madang Ground Snake
(Diehl's Small Ground Snake)
Stegonotus florensis Flores Ground Snake
Stegonotus guentheri Milne Bay Ground Snake
Stegonotus heterurus Bismarck Ground Snake
Stegonotus modestus Indo-Papuan Ground Snake
East Indonesian Ground Snake, Northern New Guinea Ground Snake
Stegonotus muelleri Philippine Ground Snake
Stegonotus parvus Slaty-brown Ground Snake
Slate-brown Snake, Common Ground Snake
Stenorrhina Scorpion Eaters
Scorpion-eating Snakes, Scorpion-hunters
Stenorrhina degenhardtii South American Scorpion Eater
(Degenhardt's Scorpion Eater)
Stenorrhina freminvillii Central American Scorpion Eater
Blood Snake, (Freminville's Scorpion Eater)
Stoliczkia Asian Earth Snakes
Stoliczkia borneensis Bornean Earth Snake
(Stoliczka's Stream Snake)
Stoliczkia khasiensis Khasi Earth Snake
Storeria North American Brown Snakes
Storeria dekayi Common Brown Snake
(Dekay's Brown Snake, Dekay's Snake)
Storeria hidalgoensis Mexican Yellow-bellied Brown Snake
(Taylor's Brown Snake)
Storeria occipitomaculata Red-bellied Snake
Storeria storerioides Mexican Brown Snake
Storeria victa Florida Brown Snake
Symphimus Mexican White-lipped Snakes
Symphimus leucostomus Tehuantepec White-lipped Snake
Isthmian White-lipped Snake
Symphimus mayae Yucatan White-lipped Snake
Mayan Golden-backed Snake
Sympholis Mexican Short-tailed Snake
Sympholis lippiens Mexican Short-tailed Snake
Banded Burrowing Snake
Synophis South American Fishing Snakes
Synophis bicolor Two-coloured Fishing Snake
Synophis calamitus Ecuadorian Fishing Snake
Synophis lasallei Cundinamarca Fishing Snake
Synophis plectovertebralis Cauca Fishing Snake
Tachymenis South American Scrub Snakes
South American Slender Snakes
Tachymenis affinis Huánuco Scrub Snake
(Boulenger's Scrub Snake)
Tachymenis attenuata Madre de Dios Scrub Snake
(Walker's Scrub Snake)
Tachymenis chilensis Chilean Scrub Snake
Tachymenis elongata Piura Scrub Snake
Tachymenis peruviana Peruvian Scrub Snake
Tachymenis tarmensis Tarma Scrub Snake
Taeniophallus Lowland Dwarf Leaf-litter Snakes
Taeniophallus affinis Atlantic Forest Leaf-litter Snake
Taeniophallus bilineatus Two-striped Leaf-litter Snake
Taeniophallus brevirostris Short-nosed Leaf-litter Snake
Taeniophallus nebularis Venezuelan Leaf-litter Snake
Taeniophallus nicagus Northern Leaf-litter Snake
Taeniophallus occipitalis Bahia Leaf-litter Snake
(Jan's Forest Snake)
Taeniophallus persimilis Rio de Janeiro Leaf-litter Snake
Taeniophallus poecilopogon Uruguayan Leaf-litter Snake
Taeniophallus quadriocellatus Four-spotted Leaf-litter Snake
Tantalophis Oaxacan Cat-eyed Snake
Tantalophis discolor Oaxacan Cat-eyed Snake
Tantilla Centipede Snakes
Centipede Eaters, American Black-headed Snakes, American Crowned Snakes, Flat-headed Snakes
Tantilla albiceps Panamanian Centipede Snake
(Barbour's Centipede Snake)
Tantilla alticola Santa Rita Centipede Snake
(Boulenger's Centipede Snake)
Tantilla andinista Andean Centipede Snake
Tantilla armillata Black-necked Centipede Snake
Black-necked Crowned Snake
Tantilla atriceps Mexican Black-headed Centipede Snake
(Mexican Black-headed Snake)
Tantilla bairdi Alta Verapaz Centipede Snake
(Baird's Black-headed Snake)
Tantilla bocourti Guanajuato Centipede Snake
(Bocourt's Black-headed Snake)
Tantilla boipiranga Minas Gerais Centipede Snake
Tantilla brevicauda Short-tailed Centipede Snake
Tantilla briggsi Tehuantepec Centipede Snake
(Brigg's Centipede Snake)
Tantilla calamarina Pacific Coast Centipede Snake
Tantilla capistrata Jequetepeque Centipede Snake
Capistrata Centipede Snake
Tantilla cascadae Michoacan Centipede Snake
Tantilla ceboruca Volcán Ceboruco Centipede Snake
Tantilla coronadoi Guerrero Centipede Snake
Tantilla coronata Southeastern Centipede Snake
Southeastern Crowned Snake
Tantilla cucullata Trans-Pecos Centipede Snake
Trans-Pecos Black-headed Snake, (Big Bend Black-headed Snake, Blackhood Snake)
Tantilla cuniculator Peten Centipede Snake
Yucatan Centipede Snake, Mayan Black-headed Centipede Snake
Tantilla deppei Morelos Centipede Snake
(Deppe's Centipede Snake)
Tantilla flavilineata Yellow-lined Centipede Snake
Tantilla gracilis Flat-headed Centipede Snake
Flat-headed Snake
Tantilla hendersoni Belize Centipede Snake
(Peten Centipede Snake)
Tantilla hobartsmithi Southwestern Centipede Snake
Southwestern Black-headed Snake, (Smith's Black-headed Snake)
Tantilla impensa Central Guatemalan Centipede Snake
Tantilla insulamontana Azuay Centipede Snake
Mountain Centipede Snake
Tantilla jani Southern Guatemalan Centipede Snake
(Jan's Centipede Snake)
Tantilla johnsoni Chiapan Centipede Snake
Tantilla lempira Honduran Centipede Snake
Tantilla marcovani Paraiba Centipede Snake
Tantilla melanocephala South American Centipede Snake
Tantilla miyatai Pichincha Centipede Snake
Tantilla moesta Black-bellied Centipede Snake
Tantilla nigra Black Centipede Snake
Tantilla nigriceps Plains Centipede Snake
Plains Black-headed Snake
Tantilla oaxacae Oaxacan Centipede Snake
Tantilla oolitica Rim Rock Centipede Snake
Rim Rock Crowned Snake
Tantilla petersi Imbabura Centipede Snake
Tantilla planiceps Western Centipede Snake
Western Black-headed Snake
Tantilla psittaca Rawa Kiamp Centipede Snake
Tantilla relicta Florida Centipede Snake
Florida Crowned Snake
Tantilla reticulata Reticulated Centipede Snake
Reticulated Crowned Snake, Lined Crowned Snake
Tantilla robusta Robust Centipede Snake
Tantilla rubra Red Centipede Snake
Red Black-headed Snake, (Big Bend Black-headed Snake)
Tantilla ruficeps Orange-bellied Centipede Snake
Orange-bellied Crowned Snake
Tantilla schistosa Red Earth Centipede Snake
Lesser Centipede Snake
Tantilla semicincta Ringed Centipede Snake
Tantilla sertula Balsas Centipede Snake
Tantilla shawi San Luis Potosi Centipede Snake
Sierra Madre Centipede Snake
Tantilla slavensi Veracruz Centipede Snake
(Slaven's Centipede Snake)
Tantilla striata Striped Centipede Snake
Twin-spotted Centipede Snake
Tantilla supracincta Banded Centipede Snake
Tricolored Crowned Snake
Tantilla taeniata Central American Centipede Snake
Tantilla tayrae Volcán Tacaná Centipede Snake
(Tayra's Centipede Snake)
Tantilla tecta White-striped Centipede Snake
Tantilla trilineata (no common name)
Tantilla triseriata Mexican Three-striped Centipede Snake
Tantilla tritaeniata Guanaja Centipede Snake
Striped Ground Snake
Tantilla vermiformis Nicaraguan Centipede Snake
Tantilla vulcani Volcanic Highland Centipede Snake
Tantilla wilcoxi Chihuahuan Centipede Snake
Chihuahuan Black-headed Snake
Tantilla yaquia Yaqui Centipede Snake
Yaqui Black-headed Snake
Tantillita Dwarf Short-tailed Snakes
Dwarf Centipede Snakes
Tantillita brevissima Speckled Dwarf Short-tailed Snake
Tantillita canula Yucatan Dwarf Short-tailed Snake
Yucatan Dwarf Centipede Snake
Tantillita lintoni Guatemalan Dwarf Short-tailed Snake
(Linton's Dwarf Short-tailed Snake, Linton's Dwarf Centipede Snake)
Telescopus Cat Snakes and Tiger Snakes
Telescopus beetzii Namib Tiger Snake
Namaqua Tiger Snake, (Beetz's Tiger Snake)
Telescopus dhara Large-eyed Cat Snake
Israelian Cat Snake, Egyptian Cat Snake, Arabian Cat Snake, Arabian Tiger Snake
Telescopus fallax European Cat Snake
European Tiger Snake
Telescopus gezirae Blue Nile Cat Snake
Telescopus hoogstraali Sinai Cat Snake
Desert Tiger Snake, (Hoogstraal's Cat Snake)
Telescopus nigriceps Black-headed Cat Snake
Telescopus pulcher Somali Cat Snake
Beautiful Cat Snake
Telescopus rhinopoma Iranian Cat Snake
(Indian Desert Cat Snake)
Telescopus semiannulatus Southern Tiger Snake
Eastern Tiger Snake
Telescopus tesselatus Iraqi Cat Snake
Telescopus tripolitanus North African Cat Snake
Western Cat Snake
Telescopus variegatus Variable Cat Snake
Variegated Tiger Snake, Variable Tiger Snake
Tetralepis Javanese Mountain Snake
Tetralepis fruhstorferi Javanese Mountain Snake
(Fruhstorfer's Mountain Snake)
Thalesius Guianan Green Snake
Thalesius viridis Guianan Green Snake
Thamnodynastes South American Mock Vipers
Thamnodynastes almae Jararaca Mock Viper
Jararaca False Snake
Thamnodynastes ceibae La Ceiba Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes chaquensis Chaco Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes chimanta Chimantá Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes corocoroensis Corocoro Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes dixoni Apure Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes duida Cerro Duida Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes gambotensis Gambote Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes hypoconia Argentine Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes lanei Pantanal Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes longicaudus Long-tailed Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes marahuaquensis Marahuaca Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes pallidus Common South American Mock Viper
(Coastal House Snake)
Thamnodynastes paraguanae Paraguana Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes ramonriveroi Turimiquire Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes rutilus Sao Paulo Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes sertanejo Sertao Mock Viper
Thamnodynastes strigatus Southern Striped Mock Viper
Coastal House Snake
Thamnodynastes yavi Cerro Yaví Mock Viper
Thamnophis North American Garter Snakes & Ribbon Snakes
Thamnophis atratus Aquatic Garter Snake
Pacific Coast Aquatic Garter Snake
Thamnophis bogerti Mesa del Sur Garter Snake
(Bogert's Garter Snake)
Thamnophis brachystoma Short-headed Garter Snake
Thamnophis butleri Northeastern Garter Snake
(Butler's Garter Snake)
Thamnophis chrysocephalus Golden-headed Garter Snake
Thamnophis conanti Pueblan Garter Snake
(Conant's Garter Snake)
Thamnophis couchi Sierra Garter Snake
(Western Aquatic Garter Snake)
Thamnophis cyrtopsis Black-necked Garter Snake
Thamnophis elegans Terrestrial Garter Snake
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake, Elegant Garter Snake
Thamnophis eques Mexican Garter Snake
Thamnophis errans Mexican Terrestrial Garter Snake
Mexican Wandering Garter Snake
Thamnophis exsul Exiled Garter Snake
Montane Garter Snake
Thamnophis fulvus Mesoamerican Highlands Garter Snake
Thamnophis gigas Giant Garter Snake
Thamnophis godmani Guerrero Garter Snake
(Godman's Garter Snake)
Thamnophis hammondi Two-striped Garter Snake
Thamnophis lineri Sierra de Juárez Garter Snake
(Liner's Garter Snake)
Thamnophis marcianus Checkered Garter Snake
Thamnophis melanogaster Mexican Black-bellied Garter Snake
Thamnophis mendax Tamaulipas Montane Garter Snake
Thamnophis nigronuchalis Southern Durango Spotted Garter Snake
Durango Narrow-headed Garter Snake
Thamnophis ordinoides Northwestern Garter Snake
Thamnophis postremus Tepalcatepec Valley Garter Snake
Tepalcatepec Valley Black-necked Garter Snake
Thamnophis proximus Western Ribbon Snake
(Central American Ribbon Snake)
Thamnophis pulchrilatus Yellow-throated Garter Snake
Mexican Highland Black-necked Garter Snake
Thamnophis radix Plains Garter Snake
Thamnophis rossmani Nayarit Garter Snake
(Rossman's Garter Snake)
Thamnophis rufipunctatus Narrow-headed Garter Snake
Thamnophis sauritus Eastern Ribbon Snake
Thamnophis scalaris Mexican Alpine Blotched Garter Snake
Long-tailed Alpine Garter Snake
Thamnophis scaliger Mesa Central Blotched Garter Snake
Short-tailed Alpine Garter Snake
Thamnophis sirtalis Common Garter Snake
Thamnophis sumichrasti Orizaba Garter Snake
(Sumichrast's Garter Snake)
Thamnophis validus Mexican West Coast Garter Snake
Mexican Pacific Lowlands Garter Snake, Pacific Water Snake, Natricine Garter Snake
Thamnosophis Madagascar Thicket Water Snakes
Thamnosophis epistibes Eastern Madagascar Water Snake
Thamnosophis infrasignatus Ankafina Water Snake
Thamnosophis lateralis Striped Water Snake
Thamnosophis martae Antsiranana Water Snake
Thamnosophis mavotenda Yellow-throated Water Snake
Thamnosophis stumpffi Madagascar Yellow-striped Water Snake
Thelotornis African Vine Snakes
African Bird Snakes, Twig Snakes
Thelotornis capensis Southern Vine Snake
Southern Bird Snake, Southern Twig Snake, Savanna Vine Snake
Thelotornis kirtlandii Northern Vine Snake
Northern Bird Snake, Northern Twig Snake, Forest Vine Snake, Forest Twig Snake, Green-headed Vine Snake
Thelotornis mossambicanus Eastern Vine Snake
Mozambique Vine Snake, Eastern Twig Snake
Thelotornis usambaricus Usambara Vine Snake
Thermophis Hot-Spring Snakes
Thermophis baileyi Tibetan Hot-Spring Snake
Xizang Hot-Spring Snake
Thermophis zhaoermii Sichuan Hot-Spring Snake
Thrasops Black Tree Snakes
Thrasops flavigularis Yellow-throated Black Tree Snake
Yellow-throated Bold-eyed Tree Snake
Thrasops jacksonii Common Black Tree Snake
(Jackson's Bold-eyed Tree Snake, Jackson's Tree Snake, Jackson's Black Tree Snake, Western Common Black Tree Snake)
Thrasops occidentalis Western Black Tree Snake
Western Bold-eyed Tree Snake
Thrasops schmidti Eastern Black Tree Snake
(Schmidt's Bold-eyed Tree Snake, Eastern Common Black Tree Snake)
Tomodon Pampas Snakes
Tomodon dorsatus Brazilian Pampas Snake
Tomodon ocellatus Ocellated Pampas Snake
Tomodon orestes Bolivian Pampas Snake
Toxicodryas African Tree Cat Snakes
Toxicodryas blandingii Black-and-Yellow Tree Snake
Brown Tree Snake, (Blanding's Tree Snake, Powdered Tree Snake)
Toxicodryas pulverulenta Powdered Cat Snake
Powdered Tree Snake, Powdery Tree Snake, Orange Tree Snake, Blotchy Tree Snake, (Fischer's Cat Snake)
Trachischium Oriental Slender Snakes
Oriental Worm Snakes
Trachischium fuscum Darjeeling Slender Snake
Trachischium guentheri Rose-bellied Slender Snake
(Günther's Oriental Worm Snake)
Trachischium laeve Olive Slender Snake
Trachischium monticola Assam Slender Snake
Trachischium tenuiceps Orange-bellied Slender Snake
Tretanorhinus Neotropical Swamp Snakes
Tretanorhinus mocquardi Panama Swamp Snake
Tretanorhinus nigroluteus Orange-bellied Swamp Snake
Black Water Snake
Tretanorhinus taeniatus Striped Swamp Snake
Tretanorhinus variabilis West Indian Swamp Snake
Cuban Water Snake
Trimetopon Central American Dwarf Snakes
Trimetopon barbouri Panamanian Dwarf Snake
Trimetopon gracile Cartago Dwarf Snake
Trimetopon pliolepis Faded Dwarf Snake
Trimetopon simile Costa Rican Dwarf Snake
Trimetopon slevini Chiriqui Dwarf Snake
(Slevin's Tropical Ground Snake)
Trimetopon viquezi Siquirres Dwarf Snake
(Viquez's Dwarf Snake)
Trimorphodon Lyre Snakes
Trimorphodon biscutatus Western Lyre Snake
Oaxaca Lyre Snake, (Common Lyre Snake)
Trimorphodon lambda Sonoran Lyre Snake
Trimorphodon lyrophanes Peninsular Lyre Snake
Trimorphodon paucimaculatus Sinaloan Lyre Snake
Trimorphodon quadruplex Central American Lyre Snake
Nicaragua Lyre Snake
Trimorphodon tau Mexican Lyre Snake
Collared Lyre Snake
Trimorphodon vilkinsonii Chihuahuan Lyresnake
Chihuahua Desert Lyresnake, Texas Lyre Snake
Tropidoclonion Lined Snake
Tropidoclonion lineatum Lined Snake
Tropidodipsas Northern Snail Eaters
False Middle American Snail Eaters, Neotropical Snail Suckers
Tropidodipsas annulifera West Mexican Snail Eater
Western Snail Eater
Tropidodipsas fasciata Central American Banded Snail Eater
Tropidodipsas fischeri Guatemalan Snail Eater
(Fischer's Snail Eater)
Tropidodipsas philippi Sinaloan Snail Eater
(Philippi's Snail Eater)
Tropidodipsas repleta Sonoran Snail Eater
Banded Black Snake
Tropidodipsas sartorii Terrestrial Snail Eater
(Ringed Snail Eater)
Tropidodipsas zweifeli Guerrero Snail Eater
(Zweifel's Snail Eater)
Tropidodryas Atlantic Forest Tree Snakes
Tropidodryas serra Atlantic Forest Lowland Tree Snake
Serra Snake
Tropidodryas striaticeps Atlantic Forest Highland Tree Snake
Tropidonophis Indo-Australian Keelbacks
Tropidonophis aenigmaticus East Papuan Keelback
Tropidonophis dahli New Britain Keelback
Tropidonophis dendrophiops Mindanao Keelback
Tropidonophis dolasii d'Entrecasteaux Islands Keelback
Tropidonophis doriae Barred Keelback
Tropidonophis elongatus Moluccan Keelback
Tropidonophis halmahericus Red-spotted Keelback
Tropidonophis hypomelas Bismarck Keelback
Tropidonophis mairii Australian Keelback
Australian Freshwater Snake, (Mair's Keelback)
Tropidonophis mcdowelli Northern Papuan Keelback
Tropidonophis montanus North Irian Montane Keelback
(Mountain Keelback)
Tropidonophis multiscutellatus Papuan Many-scaled Keelback
Tropidonophis negrosensis Negros Spotted Keelback
Negros Spotted Water Snake
Tropidonophis novaeguineae Common Papuan Keelback
Tropidonophis parkeri Highland Keelback
Tropidonophis picturatus Papuan Painted Keelback
(Painted Keelback)
Tropidonophis punctiventris Spot-bellied Keelback
Tropidonophis statisticus Papuan Montane Keelback
Tropidonophis truncatus Halmahera Keelback
Umbrivaga Northwestern Tropical Forest Snakes
Umbrivaga mertensi Venezuelan Forest Snake
Umbrivaga pyburni Colombian Forest Snake
(Pyburn's Tropical Forest Snake)
Umbrivaga pygmaea Amazon Dwarf Forest Snake
Amazon Tropical Forest Snake
Uromacer Hispaniolan Vine Snakes
Uromacer catesbyi Blunt-headed Green Tree Snake
Uromacer frenatus Sharp-nosed Vine Snake
Uromacer oxyrhynchus Sharp-nosed Tree Snake
Uromacerina Atlantic Forest Liana Snake
Uromacerina ricardinii Atlantic Forest Liana Snake
Sao Paulo Sharp Snake
Urotheca Glass-tailed Snakes
Glasstails, False Coral Snakes, Brittle Snakes
Urotheca decipiens Collared Glass-tailed Snake
Long-tailed Litter Snake, Pale Ground Snake
Urotheca dumerilii Colombian Glass-tailed Snake
Urotheca fulviceps Tawny-headed Glass-tailed Snake
Urotheca guentheri Orange-bellied Glass-tailed Snake
(Striped Glass-tailed Snake, Orange-bellied Litter Snake)
Urotheca lateristriga Ribboned Glass-tailed Snake
Ribboned Brittle Snake
Urotheca multilineata Many-striped Glass-tailed Snake
Urotheca myersi Costa Rican Glass-tailed Snake
Urotheca pachyura Thick-tailed Glass-tailed Snake
Virginia North American Earth Snakes
Virginia striatula Rough Earth Snake
Virginia valeriae Smooth Earth Snake
Waglerophis Toad-eating Mock Lancehead
Waglerophis merremi Toad-eating Mock Lancehead
Toad-eating Snake, (Wagler's Snake)
Xenelaphis Asian Brown Snakes
Xenelaphis ellipsifer Ocellated Brown Snake
Ornate Brown Snake
Xenelaphis hexagonotus Malaysian Brown Snake
Malayan Brown Snake
Xenocalamus Quill-snouted Snakes
Xenocalamus bicolor Bicoloured Quill-snouted Snake
Variable Quill-snouted Snake
Xenocalamus mechowii Elongate Quill-snouted Snake
Xenocalamus michelli Katanga Quill-snouted Snake
Xenocalamus sabiensis Sabi Quill-snouted Snake
Xenocalamus transvaalensis Transvaal Quill-snouted Snake
Xenochrophis Oriental Painted Keelbacks
(Striped Water Snakes)
Xenochrophis asperrimus Sri Lankan Painted Keelback
Xenochrophis bellula Burmese Lowland Keelback
(Burmese Keelback)
Xenochrophis cerasogaster Dark-bellied Marsh Snake
Red-bellied Marsh Snake, (Painted Keelback)
Xenochrophis flavipunctatus Yellow-spotted Keelback
Common Keelback
Xenochrophis maculatus Malayan Spotted Keelback
(Spotted Keelback)
Xenochrophis melanzostus Southern Keelback
Javan Keelback
Xenochrophis piscator Checkered Keelback
Common Pond Snake, Asian Fishing Snake, Fish Snake
Xenochrophis punctulatus Burmese Spotted Keelback
(Spotted Keelback)
Xenochrophis schnurrenbergi Bar-necked Keelback
(Kramer's Keelback)
Xenochrophis trianguligera South Asian Triangle Keelback
Triangle Water Snake, Triangle-spotted Keelback, (Red-sided Keelback, Red-sided Water Snake)
Xenochrophis tytleri Andaman Keelback
Xenochrophis vittata Indonesian Striped Keelback
(Striped Keelback Water Snake, Striped Keelback)
Xenodermus javanicus Rough-backed Litter Snake
Strange-scaled Snake, Javan White-bellied Snake
Xenodon Northern Mock Lanceheads
False Fer-de-Lances, False Vipers
Xenodon guentheri Santa Catarina Mock Lancehead
Xenodon neuwiedii East Brazilian Mock Lancehead
Xenodon rabdocephalus Common Mock Lancehead
Common False Viper, False Terciopelo
Xenodon severus Giant Mock Lancehead
Giant False Viper, Amazon False Viper
Xenopholis South American Flat-headed Snakes
Xenopholis scalaris Northern Flat-headed Snake
Xenopholis undulatus Southern Flat-headed Snake
(Jensen's Ground Snake)
Xenopholis werdingorum Bolivian Flat-headed Snake
Xenoxybelis South American Vine Snakes
Xenoxybelis argenteus Green-striped Vine Snake
Xenoxybelis boulengeri Amazonian Vine Snake
Xyelodontophis Dagger-tooth Vine Snake
Xyelodontophis uluguruensis Dagger-tooth Vine Snake
Xylophis Narrow-headed Snakes
Small-headed Snakes
Xylophis captaini Kannam Narrow-headed Snake
Xylophis perroteti Spotted Narrow-headed Snake
Striped Narrow-headed Snake
Xylophis stenorhynchus Striped Narrow-headed Snake
(Günther's Narrow-headed Snake)
Zamenis West Palearctic Rat Snakes
Zamenis hohenackeri Transcaucasian Rat Snake
Caucasian Snake
Zamenis lineatus Italian Rat Snake
Italian Aesculapian Snake, Striped Aesculapian Snake
Zamenis longissimus Common Aesculapian Snake
Zamenis persicus Persian Rat Snake
Zamenis situla Leopard Snake