English common names of reptiles
Family Elapidae (Cobras, Mambas, etc.)
Names of genera and species are listed alphabetically under their current scientific (Latin) name under Genus / Species. The recommended common name is listed under English common name. Alternative and previously used names are listed under Other common names. Some names are given in parentheses. The use of these should be avoided, either because the may lead to confusion with other species or because they are patronyms, matronyms, or eponyms (see explanatory note).


Genus / Species
English common name
Other common names
Acanthophis Death Adders
Deaf Adders
Acanthophis antarcticus Common Death Adder
Southern Death Adder
Acanthophis laevis Smooth-scaled Death Adder
Acanthophis praelongus Northeastern Death Adder
(Northern Death Adder)
Acanthophis pyrrhus Desert Death Adder
Acanthophis rugosus Rough-scaled Death Adder
Acanthophis wellsi Pilbara Death Adder
Aspidelaps Shield-nosed Cobras
Shield Cobras, African Coral Snakes
Aspidelaps lubricus African Coral Snake
South African Coral Snake, Coral Cobra
Aspidelaps scutatus Shield-nosed Coral Snake
Shield-nosed Snake, Shield-nosed Cobra, Shield Snake
Aspidomorphus Papuan Crowned Snakes
Aspidomorphus lineaticollis Striped Crowned Snake
Aspidomorphus muelleri Mount Lamantsiro Crowned Snake
(Müller's Crowned Snake, Müller's Snake)
Aspidomorphus schlegeli Misool Crowned Snake
(Schlegel's Crowned Snake, Schlegel's Snake)
Austrelaps Australian Copperheads
Austrelaps labialis Pygmy Copperhead
Adelaide Hills Copperhead, (Jan's Copperhead)
Austrelaps ramsayi Highland Copperhead
(Ramsay's Copperhead)
Austrelaps superbus Lowland Copperhead
Brachyurophis Shovel-nosed Snakes
Brachyurophis approximans Northwestern Shovel-nosed Snake
Brachyurophis australis Australian Coral Snake
Brachyurophis fasciolatus Narrow-banded Shovel-nosed Snake
Narrow-banded Snake, Narrow-banded Burrowing Snake
Brachyurophis incinctus Unbanded Shovel-nosed Snake
Unbanded Burrowing Snake, (Northern Desert Banded Snake)
Brachyurophis morrisi Arnhemland Shovel-nosed Snake
Brachyurophis roperi Northern Shovel-nosed Snake
Brachyurophis semifasciatus Southern Shovel-nosed Snake
Southern Half-girdled Snake
Bungarus Kraits
Bungarus andamanensis Andaman Krait
Bungarus bungaroides Northeastern Hill Krait
Himalayan Krait, (Cantor's Krait)
Bungarus caeruleus Blue Krait
Common Krait, Indian Krait
Bungarus candidus Malayan Krait
(Blue Krait)
Bungarus ceylonicus Sri Lankan Krait
Bungarus fasciatus Banded Krait
Bungarus flaviceps Red-headed Krait
Yellow-headed Krait
Bungarus lividus Lesser Black Krait
Bungarus magnimaculatus Burmese Krait
Spotted Krait, Splendid Krait
Bungarus multicinctus Many-banded Krait
Chinese Krait, Umbrella Snake
Bungarus niger Greater Black Krait
Bungarus sindanus Sind Krait
Bungarus slowinskii Red River Krait
(Slowinski's Krait)
Bungarus wanghaotingi Yunnan Krait
(Wanghaoting's Krait)
Cacophis Australian Dwarf Crowned Snakes
Cacophis churchilli Northern Dwarf Crowned Snake
Cacophis harriettae White-crowned Snake
White-naped Snake
Cacophis kreffti Southern Dwarf Crowned Snake
(Krefft's Dwarf Snake)
Cacophis squamulosus Golden-crowned Snake
Calliophis South Asian Coral Snakes
(Oriental Coral Snakes)
Calliophis beddomei South Indian Coral Snake
(Beddome's Coral Snake)
Calliophis bibroni Western Ghats Coral Snake
(Bibron's Coral Snake, Bibron's Slender Coral Snake)
Calliophis bivirgatus Red-bellied Coral Snake
Blue Malaysian Coral Snake, White-striped Coral Snake, Blue Long-glanded Coral Snake, Blue Coral Snake, Striped Oriental Coral Snake
Calliophis castoe Amboli Coral Snake
(Castoe's Coral Snake)
Calliophis gracilis Graceful Coral Snake
Spotted Coral Snake, Gray’s Coral Snake
Calliophis haematoetron Blood-bellied Coral Snake
Calliophis intestinalis Malayan Striped Coral Snake
Banded Coral Snake, Banded Malaysian Coral Snake, Belted Coral Snake, Common Long-glanded Snake, Brown Long-glanded Coral Snake, (Striped Coral Snake)
Calliophis maculiceps Small-spotted Coral Snake
Speckled Coral Snake
Calliophis melanurus South Asian Slender Coral Snake
(Indian Coral Snake)
Calliophis nigrescens Black Slender Coral Snake
Black Coral Snake, Common Indian Coral Snake, Günther's Coral Snake, (Striped Coral Snake)
Demansia Australian-Papuan Whip Snakes
Demansia angusticeps Narrow-headed Whip Snake
Demansia calodera Black-necked Whip Snake
Western Collared Whip Snake
Demansia flagellatio Carpentarian Whip Snake
Demansia olivacea Olive Whip Snake
Marble-headed Whip Snake
Demansia papuensis Greater Black Whip Snake
(Papuan Black Whip Snake - see remarks)
Demansia psammophis Yellow-faced Whip Snake
Demansia quaesitor Sombre Whip Snake
Demansia rimicola Channel Country Whip Snake
Demansia rufescens Rufous Whip Snake
Demansia shinei Frewena Whip Snake
Demansia simplex Grey Whip Snake
Demansia torquatus Queensland Collared Whip Snake
(Collared Whip Snake)
Demansia vestigiata Lesser Black Whip Snake
Black Whip Snake
Dendroaspis Mambas
Dendroaspis angusticeps Eastern Green Mamba
Common Green Mamba, White-mouthed Mamba
Dendroaspis jamesoni Central African Green Mamba
Green Forest Mamba, (Jameson's Mamba)
Dendroaspis polylepis Black Mamba
Black-mouthed Mamba, Brown Mamba
Dendroaspis viridis Western Green Mamba
West African Green Mamba
Denisonia Mud Adder & Ornamental Snake
Denisonia devisi Mud Adder
(De Vis' Banded Snake)
Denisonia maculata Ornamental Snake
Drysdalia Australian Crowned Snakes
White-lipped Snakes
Drysdalia coronoides White-lipped Snake
Drysdalia mastersii Southern Crowned Snake
(Masters' Snake)
Drysdalia rhodogaster Rose-bellied Whip Snake
Mustard-bellied Snake, Red-bellied Crowned Snake, Blue Mountains Crowned Snake
Echiopsis Bardick
Echiopsis curta Bardick
Elapognathus Western Crowned Snake & Large-eyed Sedge Snake
Elapognathus coronatus Western Australian Crowned Snake
Slender Crowned Snake
Elapognathus minor Large-eyed Sedge Snake
Little Brown Snake, Short-nosed Snake
Elapsoidea African Garter Snakes
Elapsoidea boulengeri Zambezi Garter Snake
(Boulenger's Garter Snake)
Elapsoidea broadleyi Jilib Garter Snake
(Broadley's Garter Snake)
Elapsoidea chelazziorum Southern Somali Garter Snake
Elapsoidea guentheri Western Garter Snake
Uganda Garter Snake, (Günther's Garter Snake)
Elapsoidea laticincta Sudanese Garter Snake
Central African Garter Snake
Elapsoidea loveridgei Northeastern Garter Snake
East African Garter Snake
Elapsoidea nigra Usambara Garter Snake
Eastern Garter Snake
Elapsoidea semiannulata Half-banded Garter Snake
Angola Garter Snake, Common African Garter Snake
Elapsoidea sundevallii Southern African Garter Snake
Kalahari Garter Snake, (Sundevall's Garter Snake)
Elapsoidea trapei Senegal Garter Snake
(Trape's Garter Snake)
Furina Australian Naped Snakes
Furina barnardi Yellow-naped Snake
Furina diadema Red-naped Snake
Furina dunmalli Patternless Brown Snake
(Dunmall's Snake)
Furina ornata Orange-naped Snake
Moon Snake
Furina tristis Grey-naped Snake
Brown-headed Snake
Hemachatus Ring-necked Spitting Cobra
Hemachatus haemachatus Ring-necked Spitting Cobra
Hemiaspis Australian Swamp Snakes
Hemiaspis damelii Grey Swamp Snake
Grey Snake
Hemiaspis signata Black-bellied Swamp Snake
Black-bellied Marsh Snake
Hemibungarus Beautiful Coral Snake
Hemibungarus calligaster Beautiful Coral Snake
Hoplocephalus Broad-headed Snakes
Hoplocephalus bitorquatus Pale-headed Snake
Hoplocephalus bungaroides Broad-headed Snake
Australian Yellow-spotted Snake
Hoplocephalus stephensii Grey Banded Snake
(Stephen's Banded Snake)
Leptomicrurus Black-backed Coral Snakes
Slender Coral Snakes, Thread Coral Snakes
Leptomicrurus collaris Guianan Black-backed Coral Snake
Guianan Slender Coral Snake
Leptomicrurus narduccii Andean Black-backed Coral Snake
Andean Slender Coral Snake
Leptomicrurus renjifoi Ringed Black-backed Coral Snake
Ringed Slender Coral Snake
Leptomicrurus scutiventris Pygmy Black-backed Coral Snake
Pygmy Black Coral Snake, Pygmy Slender Coral Snake, Little Black Coral Snake
Loveridgelaps Solomons Small-eyed Snake
Loveridgelaps elapoides Solomons Small-eyed Snake
Solomons Black-banded Krait, Banded Small-eyed Snake
Micropechis Papuan Small-eyed Snake
Micropechis ikaheka Papuan Small-eyed Snake
Ikaheka Snake, Pacific Coral Snake
Micruroides Western Coral Snake
Micruroides euryxanthus Western Coral Snake
Micrurus American Coral Snakes
Micrurus albicinctus White-banded Coral Snake
White-ringed Coral Snake
Micrurus alleni Arrow-headed Coral Snake
(Allen's Coral Snake)
Micrurus altirostris Uruguayan Coral Snake
(Southern Coral Snake)
Micrurus ancoralis Regal Coral Snake
Anchor Coral Snake
Micrurus annellatus Annellated Coral Snake
Micrurus averyi Black-headed Coral Snake
Micrurus baliocoryphus Mesopotamian Coral Snake
Micrurus bernadi Blotched Coral Snake
Saddled Coral Snake
Micrurus bocourti Ecuadorian Coral Snake
False Triad Coral Snake
Micrurus bogerti Coastal Coral Snake
(Bogert's Coral Snake)
Micrurus brasiliensis Brazilian Coral Snake
Brazilian Short-tailed Coral Snake
Micrurus browni Sierra Madre Coral Snake
(Brown's Coral Snake)
Micrurus camilae Cordoba Coral Snake
Micrurus catamayensis Catamayo Coral Snake
Micrurus circinalis Trinidad Coral Snake
Trinidad Northern Coral Snake
Micrurus clarki Yavisa Coral Snake
(Clark's Coral Snake)
Micrurus corallinus Painted Coral Snake
Micrurus decoratus Decorated Coral Snake
(Brazilian Coral Snake)
Micrurus diana Santa Cruz Coral Snake
(Diana's Coral Snake)
Micrurus diastema Variable Coral Snake
Diastema Coral Snake
Micrurus dissoleucus Pygmy Coral Snake
Micrurus distans West Mexican Coral Snake
Sinaloan Coral Snake, Clear-banded Coral Snake
Micrurus dumerilii Capuchin Coral Snake
(Dumeril's Coral Snake)
Micrurus elegans Elegant Coral Snake
Micrurus ephippifer Oaxacan Coral Snake
Double Black Coral Snake
Micrurus filiformis South American Slender Coral Snake
(Thread Coral Snake)
Micrurus frontalis Cerrado Coral Snake
Brazilian Giant Coral Snake, Short-tailed Coral Snake, (Southern Coral Snake)
Micrurus fulvius Harlequin Coral Snake
Eastern Coral Snake, North American Coral Snake, Northern Coral Snake
Micrurus hemprichii Worm-eating Coral Snake
(Hemprich's Coral Snake)
Micrurus hippocrepis Mayan Coral Snake
Belize Coral Snake
Micrurus ibiboboca Caatinga Coral Snake
Micrurus isozonus Venezuelan Coral Snake
Equal-banded Coral Snake
Micrurus langsdorffi Northwest Amazonian Coral Snake
Confused Coral Snake, (Langsdorff's Coral Snake)
Micrurus laticollaris Balsan Coral Snake
Double-collared Coral Snake
Micrurus latifasciatus Broad-ringed Coral Snake
Long-ringed Coral Snake, Long-banded Coral Snake
Micrurus lemniscatus Ribbon Coral Snake
South American Coral Snake, (Ibiboboca)
Micrurus limbatus Tuxtlan Coral Snake
Micrurus margaritiferus Speckled Coral Snake
Micrurus medemi Villavicencio Coral Snake
(Medem's Coral Snake)
Micrurus meridensis Merida Pygmy Coral Snake
Micrurus mertensi Pacasmayo Desert Coral Snake
(Peruvian Desert Coral Snake, Mertens' Coral Snake)
Micrurus mipartitus Red-tailed Coral Snake
Many-banded Coral Snake
Micrurus mosquitensis Misquito Coral Snake
Micrurus multifasciatus Many-banded Coral Snake
Micrurus multiscutatus Cauca Coral Snake
Micrurus nattereri Venezuelan Aquatic Coral Snake
Micrurus nebularis Cloud Forest Coral Snake
Ixtlán Coral Snake, Clouded Coral Snake, (Neblina Coral Snake)
Micrurus nigrocinctus Central American Coral Snake
Micrurus oligoanellatus Tambo Coral Snake
Micrurus ornatissimus Ornate Coral Snake
Micrurus pacaraimae Pacaraima Coral Snake#
Micrurus pachecogili Zapotitlán Coral Snake
Pueblan Coral Snake
Micrurus paraensis Para Coral Snake
Micrurus peruvianus Peruvian Coral Snake
Micrurus petersi Mountain Coral Snake
(Peters' Coral Snake)
Micrurus proximans Nayarit Coral Snake
Micrurus psyches Carib Coral Snake
Northern Coral Snake, (Daudin's Coral Snake)
Micrurus putumayensis Putumayo Coral Snake
Sooty Coral Snake
Micrurus pyrrhocryptus Argentine Coral Snake
(Southern Coral Snake)
Micrurus remotus Neblina Coral Snake
Remote Coral Snake
Micrurus ruatanus Roatan Coral Snake
Micrurus sangilensis Santander Coral Snake
San Gil Coral Snake
Micrurus serranus Bolivian Mountain Coral Snake
(Bolivian Coral Snake)
Micrurus silviae Passo Fundo Coral Snake
Micrurus spixii Central Amazonian Coral Snake
Giant Coral Snake
Micrurus spurrelli Colombian Coral Snake
Butterfly-headed Coral Snake
Micrurus steindachneri Piedmont Coral Snake
(Steindachner's Coral Snake)
Micrurus stewarti Panamanian Coral Snake
Micrurus stuarti Volcano Coral Snake
(Stuart's Coral Snake)
Micrurus surinamensis Amazonian Aquatic Coral Snake
Micrurus tamaulipensis Tamaulipas Coral Snake
Micrurus tener Texas Coral Snake
Micrurus tschudii Desert Coral Snake
Naja True Cobras
Naja anchietae Southwest African Cobra
(Anchieta's Cobra)
Naja annulata Ringed Water Cobra
Banded Water Cobra
Naja annulifera African Banded Cobra
Snouted Cobra
Naja arabica Arabian Cobra
Naja ashei East African Spitting Cobra
(Ashe's Spitting Cobra)
Naja atra Chinese Spitting Cobra
Chinese Cobra, (Indochinese Spitting Cobra)
Naja christyi Congo Water Cobra
(Christy's Water Cobra)
Naja crawshayi Katanga Black-necked Spitting Cobra
Naja haje Egyptian Cobra
Brown Cobra, (Black Cobra)
Naja kaouthia Monocellate Cobra
Bengal Cobra, Monocled Cobra, (Siamese Cobra, Thai Cobra)
Naja katiensis Brown Spitting Cobra
West African Brown Spitting Cobra, Katian Spitting Cobra, Western Pallid Spitting Cobra
Naja mandalayensis Burmese Spitting Cobra
Mandalay Cobra
Naja melanoleuca Forest Cobra
Black-and-white-lipped Cobra, Black-lipped Cobra, Black-and-white Cobra, (Black Cobra)
Naja mossambica Mozambique Spitting Cobra
Naja multifasciata Burrowing Cobra
Fossorial Cobra
Naja naja Indian Spectacled Cobra
Spectacled Cobra, Indian Cobra, Common Cobra, Binocellate Cobra
Naja nigricincta Western Barred Spitting Cobra
Barred Spitting Cobra, Zebra Spitting Cobra, Zebra Snake
Naja nigricollis Black-necked Spitting Cobra
Black-necked Cobra
Naja nivea Yellow Cobra
Cape Cobra
Naja nubiae Nubian Spitting Cobra
Naja oxiana Central Asian Cobra
Transcaspian Cobra, Oxus Cobra, Acellate Cobra, (Black Cobra)
Naja pallida Eastern Pallid Spitting Cobra
Pink Spitting Cobra, Red Spitting Cobra, Pale Cobra
Naja philippinensis Northern Philippine Cobra
Naja sagittifera Andaman Cobra
Naja samarensis Southeastern Philippine Spitting Cobra
Visayan Cobra
Naja senegalensis Senegal Cobra
Naja siamensis Siamese Spitting Cobra
Siamese Cobra, (Indochinese Spitting Cobra)
Naja sputatrix Southern Indonesian Spitting Cobra
Javanese Spitting Cobra, (Equatorial Spitting Cobra)
Naja subfulva Savanna Black-and-White Cobra
Naja sumatrana Sumatran Spitting Cobra
Sumatran Cobra, Sumatran Black Cobra, (Equatorial Spitting Cobra)
Neelaps Australian Black-naped Snake & Western Black-striped Snake
Neelaps bimaculatus Western Black-naped Snake
Black-naped Burrowing Snake
Neelaps calonotos Western Black-striped Snake
Black-striped Burrowing Snake
Notechis Australian Tiger Snake
Notechis scutatus Australian Tiger Snake
Ogmodon Fijian Burrowing Snake
Ogmodon vitianus Fijian Burrowing Snake
Fiji Snake, Bola
Ophiophagus King Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah King Cobra
Oxyuranus Taipans
Oxyuranus microlepidotus Western Taipan
Inland Taipan, Small-scaled Snake, Fierce Snake
Oxyuranus scutellatus Eastern Taipan
Common Taipan, (Taipan)
Oxyuranus temporalis Central Ranges Taipan
Parapistocalamus Bougainville Coral Snake
Parapistocalamus hedigeri Bougainville Coral Snake
(Hediger's Coral Snake, Hediger's Snake)
Parasuta Australian Hooded Snakes
Parasuta dwyeri Eastern Hooded Snake
(Dwyer’s Black-headed Snake, Dwyer’s Snake)
Parasuta flagellum Little Whip Snake
Parasuta gouldii Southwestern Black-headed Snake
(Black-headed Snake, Gould’s Hooded Snake)
Parasuta monachus Inland Hooded Snake
Monk Snake
Parasuta nigriceps Mallee Black-backed Snake
Black-backed Hooded Snake, Black-backed Curl Snake, Black-backed Snake, Southern Black-striped Snake, Short-tailed Snake, (Mitchell's Short-tailed Snake)
Parasuta spectabilis Spectacled Hooded Snake
Mallee Black-headed Snake, Port Lincoln Snake, (Black-headed Snake, Krefft's Curl Snake)
Paroplocephalus Lake Cronin Snake
Paroplocephalus atriceps Lake Cronin Snake
Pseudechis Australian Black Snakes and King Brown Snakes
Pseudechis australis King Brown Snake
Common Mulga Snake
Pseudechis butleri Spotted Mulga Snake
Yellow-bellied Black Snake, (Butler's Snake)
Pseudechis colletti Reddish Black Snake
(Collett's Snake, Down's Tiger Snake)
Pseudechis guttatus Spotted Black Snake
Blue-bellied Black Snake
Pseudechis pailsei False King Brown Snake
Pseudechis papuanus Papuan Black Snake
Pseudechis porphyriacus Red-bellied Black Snake
Pseudechis rossignolii Papuan Brown Snake
Pseudechis weigeli Dwarf Brown Snake
Pseudohaje Tree Cobras
False Cobras, Hoodless Cobras, (Forest Cobras)
Pseudohaje goldii Central African Tree Cobra
(Goldie's False Cobra, Goldie's Tree Cobra, Gold's Tree Cobra, Golden Tree Cobra, Black Forest Cobra, Black Tree Cobra)
Pseudohaje nigra Black Tree Cobra
Black False Cobra, Western False Cobra
Pseudonaja Australian Brown Snakes
Pseudonaja affinis Dugite
Spotted Brown Snake
Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha Shield-fronted Brown Snake
Strap-snouted Brown Snake, Patch-nosed Brown Snake
Pseudonaja guttata Speckled Brown Snake
Pseudonaja inframacula Peninsula Brown Snake
Pseudonaja ingrami Blue-mouthed Brown Snake
(Ingram's Brown Snake)
Pseudonaja mengdeni Western Brown Snake
Pseudonaja modesta Ringed Brown Snake
Five-ringed Snake
Pseudonaja nuchalis Northern Brown Snake
Collared Brown Snake, (Gwardar, Western Brown Snake)
Pseudonaja textilis Eastern Brown Snake
Common Brown Snake
Rhinoplocephalus Australian Small-eyed Snakes
Rhinoplocephalus bicolor Square-nosed Snake
(Muller’s Snake)
Rhinoplocephalus boschmai Carpentaria Whip Snake
Eastern Carpentaria Snake, Carpentaria Small-eyed Snake
Rhinoplocephalus incredibilis Pink Snake
Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens Eastern Small-eyed Snake
Rhinoplocephalus nigrostriatus Australian Black-striped Snake
Rhinoplocephalus pallidiceps Northern Small-eyed Snake
Western Small-eyed Snake, Secretive Snake
Salomonelaps Solomons Coral Snake
Salomonelaps par Solomons Coral Snake
Solomons Red Krait, (Guppy's Snake)
Simoselaps Australian Coral Snakes
Simoselaps anomalus Northern Desert Banded Snake
Centralian Banded Snake
Simoselaps bertholdi Southern Desert Banded Snake
Banded Sand Snake, (Jan’s Banded Snake)
Simoselaps littoralis West Coast Banded Snake
Coastal Burrowing Snake
Simoselaps minimus Dampierland Burrowing Snake
(Worrell's Snake)
Simoselaps warro Robust Burrowing Snake
Orange Coral Snake
Sinomicrurus East Asian Coral Snakes
Sinomicrurus hatori South Taiwanese Coral Snake
(Hatori Coral Snake)
Sinomicrurus japonicus Ryukyu Coral Snake
(Japanese Coral Snake, Striped Coral Snake)
Sinomicrurus kelloggi Indo-Chinese Coral Snake
(Kellogg's Coral Snake)
Sinomicrurus macclellandi Southeast Asian Coral Snake
(MacClelland's Coral Snake)
Sinomicrurus sauteri North Taiwanese Coral Snake
(Sauter's Coral Snake)
Suta Curl Snakes
Suta fasciata Western Curl Snake
(Rosen's Curl Snake, Rosen's Snake)
Suta ordensis Ord Curl Snake
Ord Snake
Suta punctata Little Spotted Snake
Suta suta Eastern Curl Snake
Myall Snake, Common Curl Snake
Toxicocalamus Papuan Forest Snakes
Toxicocalamus buergersi North Papuan Forest Snake
(Buerger's Forest Snake)
Toxicocalamus grandis Setekwa River Forest Snake
Toxicocalamus holopelturus Mount Rossel Forest Snake
Toxicocalamus longissimus Woodlark Forest Snake
Fergusson Island Forest Snake, Elongate Snake
Toxicocalamus loriae Haveri Forest Snake
(Loria's Forest Snake)
Toxicocalamus mintoni Sudest Forest Snake
Toxicocalamus misimae Misima Forest Snake
Toxicocalamus pachysomus Milne Bay Forest Snake
Toxicocalamus preussi Sepik Forest Snake
(Preuss's Forest Snake)
Toxicocalamus spilolepidotus Spotted Forest Snake
Toxicocalamus stanleyanus Mount Stanley Forest Snake
Owen-Stanley Range Forest Snake
Tropidechis Rough-scaled Snake
Tropidechis carinatus Rough-scaled Snake
Clarence River Snake
Vermicella Bandy-bandys
Vermicella annulata Eastern Bandy-bandy
Vermicella intermedia Northern Bandy-bandy
Vermicella multifasciata Narrow-banded Bandy-bandy
(Northern Bandy-bandy)
Vermicella snelli Western Bandy-bandy
Vermicella vermiformis Alice Springs Bandy-bandy
Walterinnesia Black Desert Cobras
Walterinnesia aegyptia Western Black Desert Cobra
Desert Black Snake, Sinai Desert Cobra, (Innes' Snake)
Walterinnesia morgani Eastern Black Desert Cobra
(Morgan's Desert Cobra)