English common names of reptiles
Family Gerrhopilidae (Indo-Malayan Blind Snakes)
Names of genera and species are listed alphabetically under their current scientific (Latin) name under Genus / Species. The recommended common name is listed under English common name. Alternative and previously used names are listed under Other common names. Some names are given in parentheses. The use of these should be avoided, either because the may lead to confusion with other species or because they are patronyms, matronyms, or eponyms (see explanatory note).


Genus / Species
English common name
Other common names
Gerrhopilus Indo-Malayan Blind Snakes
Gerrhopilus andamanensis Andaman Blind Snake
Gerrhopilus ater Black Blind Snake
Irian Worm Snake
Gerrhopilus beddomii Anaimalai Blind Snake
(Beddome's Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus bisubocularis Javanese Blind Snake
Gerrhopilus ceylonicus Sri Lankan Blind Snake
Gerrhopilus depressiceps Lowland Beaked Blind Snake
Gerrhopilus floweri Thai Blind Snake
(Flower’s Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus fredparkeri Korobosea Blind Snake
(Fred Parker's Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus hades Bibikea Blind Snake
Gerrhopilus hedraeus Negros Blind Snake
Gerrhopilus inornatus Papuan Montane Blind Snake
Gerrhopilus mcdowelli Southern Papuan Blind Snake
(McDowell's Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus mirus Peradeniya Blind Snake
(Jan's Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus oligolepis Nagri Valley Blind Snake
(Wall's Blind Snake)
Gerrhopilus tindalli Malabar Blind Snake
Nilambur Blind Snake, (Tindall's Blind Snake)