English common names of reptiles
Family Hydrophiidae (Sea Snakes)
Names of genera and species are listed alphabetically under their current scientific (Latin) name under Genus / Species. The recommended common name is listed under English common name. Alternative and previously used names are listed under Other common names. Some names are given in parentheses. The use of these should be avoided, either because the may lead to confusion with other species or because they are patronyms, matronyms, or eponyms (see explanatory note).


Genus / Species
English common name
Other common names
Aipysurus Olive Sea Snakes
Mighty-tailed Sea Snakes
Aipysurus apraefrontalis Short-nosed Sea Snake
White-spotted Sea Snake
Aipysurus duboisii Reef Shallows Sea Snake
(Dubois’ Sea Snake)
Aipysurus eydouxii White-spotted Sea Snake
Spine-tailed Sea Snake, Stagger-banded Sea Snake, Beaded Sea Snake, (Eydoux's Sea Snake)
Aipysurus foliosquama Leaf-scaled Sea Snake
Aipysurus fuscus Dusky Sea Snake
Aipysurus laevis Olive Sea Snake
Brown Sea Snake, Olive-Brown Sea Snake, Golden Sea Snake
Aipysurus mosaicus Mosaic Sea Snake
Aipysurus pooleorum Shark Bay Sea Snake
Aipysurus tenuis Brown-lined Sea Snake
(Mjöberg's Sea Snake)
Emydocephalus Turtle-headed Sea Snakes
Emydocephalus annulatus Annulated Turtle-headed Sea Snake
Ringed Turtle-headed Sea Snake
Emydocephalus ijimae Japanese Turtle-headed Sea Snake
(Ijima's Turtle-headed Sea Snake)
Emydocephalus szczerbaki Vietnamese Turtle-headed Sea Snake
Enhydrina Beaked Sea Snakes
Enhydrina schistosa Beaked Sea Snake
Hook-nosed Sea Snake, Valakadiyan, (Common Sea Snake)
Enhydrina zweifeli Sepik Beaked Sea Snake
(Zweifel's Beaked Snake)
Ephalophis Broome Thick-tailed Sea Snake
Ephalophis greyae Broome Thick-tailed Sea Snake
Northwestern Mangrove Sea Snake, Mud Sea Snake, (Grey's Sea Snake)
Hydrelaps Port Darwin Smooth Sea Snake
Hydrelaps darwiniensis Port Darwin Smooth Sea Snake
Black-ringed Mangrove Sea Snake, Black-ringed Mud Sea Snake
Hydrophis True Sea Snakes
(Banded Sea Snakes)
Hydrophis atriceps Black-headed Sea Snake
Black-headed Banded Sea Snake
Hydrophis belcheri Faint-banded Sea Snake
(Captain Belcher's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis bituberculatus Bitubercled Sea Snake
Two-wattled Sea Snake, (Peters' Sea Snake)
Hydrophis brooki Bornean Slender-necked Sea Snake
(Brook's Slender-necked Sea Snake, Brook's Small-headed Sea Snake, Brooke’s Sea Snake, Rajah Brooke’s Sea Snake)
Hydrophis caerulescens Bluish Slender-necked Sea Snake
Dark Blue-banded Sea Snake, Many-toothed Sea Snake, Malacca Sea Snake, Dwarf Sea Snake, Blue Sea Snake, Blue-grey Sea Snake, Blue-green Sea Snake
Hydrophis coggeri Pacific Slender-necked Sea Snake
(Slender-necked Sea Snake, Black-headed Snake, Cogger's Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake)
Hydrophis curtus Short Sea Snake
Malabar Sea Snake, Spine-bellied Sea Snake, Pygmy Sea Snake, (Shaw's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis cyanocinctus Blue-banded Sea Snake
Banded Sea Snake, Ringed Sea Snake, Annulated Sea Snake, Dusky-chinned Sea Snake, Chittul
Hydrophis czeblukovi Fine-spined Sea Snake
Hydrophis donaldi Rough-scaled Sea Snake
Hydrophis elegans Bar-bellied Sea Snake
Elegant Banded Sea Snake, Elegant Sea Snake
Hydrophis fasciatus Banded Slender-necked Sea Snake
Banded Small-headed Sea Snake, Striped Sea Snake, (Banded Sea Snake)
Hydrophis hendersoni Rangoon Sea Snake
Hydrophis inornatus Plain Sea Snake
Inornate Sea Snake
Hydrophis jerdonii Cone-nosed Sea Snake
Saddle-backed Sea Snake, (Jerdon's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis kingi Spectacled Sea Snake
(King's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis klossi Selangor Sea Snake
(Kloss’ Sea Snake)
Hydrophis laboutei New Caledonian Sea Snake
Hydrophis lamberti Siamese Sea Snake
(Lambert’s Sea Snake)
Hydrophis lapemoides Persian Gulf Sea Snake
Arabian Gulf Sea Snake
Hydrophis macdowelli Small-headed Sea Snake
(McDowell's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis major Olive-headed Sea Snake
Common Sea Snake, Greater Sea Snake
Hydrophis mamillaris Bombay Gulf Sea Snake
Bombay Broad-banded Sea Snake
Hydrophis melanocephalus Black-headed Slender-necked Sea Snake
(Black-headed Sea Snake, Slender-necked Sea Snake)
Hydrophis melanosoma Black-banded Robust Sea Snake
Black Sea Snake, Black-bodied Sea Snake, Lesser Dusky Sea Snake
Hydrophis nigrocinctus Black-banded Sea Snake
Black-ringed Sea Snake
Hydrophis obscurus Northern Estuarine Sea Snake
Obscure-patterned Sea Snake, (Daudin’s Sea Snake)
Hydrophis ocellatus Spotted Sea Snake
Hydrophis ornatus Reef Sea Snake
Ornate Sea Snake, Ornate Reef Sea Snake, Cochin Banded Sea Snake, (Gray's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis pachycercos Broad-headed Sea Snake
Hydrophis pacificus Pacific Sea Snake
(Large-headed Sea Snake)
Hydrophis parviceps Short-headed Sea Snake
(Smith's Slender-necked Sea Snake, Smith's Small-headed Sea Snake)
Hydrophis peronii Horned Sea Snake
(Spiny-headed Sea Snake, Peron's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis platurus Yellow-bellied Sea Snake
Pelagic Sea Snake, Black and Yellow Sea Snake
Hydrophis semperi Lake Taal Sea Snake
(Semper's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis sibauensis Sibau River Sea Snake
Hydrophis spiralis Narrow-banded Sea Snake
Spiral Sea Snake, Yellow Sea Snake, Blotched-backed Giant Sea Snake
Hydrophis stokesii Large-headed Sea Snake
(Spiny-headed Sea Snake, Stoke's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis stricticollis Bengal Sea Snake
Collared Sea Snake, Narrow-necked Sea Snake, (Günther's Sea Snake)
Hydrophis torquatus Grey Sea Snake
Garlanded Sea Snake, West Coast Black-headed Sea Snake, (Black-headed Sea Snake)
Hydrophis viperinus Viperine Sea Snake
Spotted Viperine Sea Snake, Viperine Ruddertail, Grey Sea Snake (Schmidt's Sea Snake, Olive Sea Snake)
Hydrophis vorisi Southern Estuarine Sea Snake
Kolpophis Granular Sea Snake
Kolpophis annandalei Granular Sea Snake
Big-headed Sea Snake, (Annandale's Sea Snake)
Laticauda Sea Kraits
Laticauda colubrina Common Yellow-lipped Sea Krait
White-lipped Sea Krait, Amphibious Sea Snake, Colubrine Amphibious Sea Snake, Banded Yellow-lipped Sea Snake, White-faced Sea Krait, (Common Banded Sea Snake)
Laticauda crockeri Rennell Island Sea Krait
Lake Te-Nggano Sea Krait, (Crocker's Krait, Crocker's Sea Snake)
Laticauda frontalis Vanuatu Sea Krait
Laticauda guineai Papuan Sea Krait
Laticauda laticaudata Blue-lipped Sea Krait
Banded Sea Krait, Black-banded Sea Krait, Common Amphibious Sea Snake, Large-scaled Sea Krait, Black-lipped Sea Krait, Brown-lipped Sea Krait, Common Sea Krait
Laticauda saintgironsi New Caledonian Yellow-lipped Sea Krait
Laticauda schistorhynchus Flat-tailed Sea Krait
Laticauda semifasciata Erabu Sea Krait
Half-banded Sea Krait, Broad-banded Blue Sea Snake, Large Sea Krait
Microcephalophis Small-headed Sea Snakes
Narrow-headed Sea Snakes
Microcephalophis cantoris Spotted Small-headed Sea Snake
(Cantor's Small-headed Sea Snake, Günther’s Sea Snake)
Microcephalophis gracilis Graceful Small-headed Sea Snake
Common Small-headed Sea Snake, Small-headed Slender Sea Snake, Slender Sea Snake, Banded Small-headed Sea Snake, Gracile Small-headed Sea Snake, Graceful Sea Snake, (John's Sea Snake)
Parahydrophis Arafura Smooth Sea Snake
Parahydrophis mertoni Arafura Smooth Sea Snake
Northern Mangrove Sea Snake
Thalassophis Scale-snouted Sea Snake
Thalassophis anomalus Scale-snouted Sea Snake
Anomalous Sea Snake